Top 10 Most Bizarre Toothpastes

When it comes to toothpaste, we all want the basics. Something that will clean our mouths, keep out teeth white and keep our breath fresh. Keeping these three points in mind, we all look for and use the plain toothpastes. But what happens when we decide we want a bit more than the simple toothpaste? What if we want flavors while we brush our teeth? What kind of flavors would be in demand? This list is all about the toothpastes available all around the world with a real weird twist. These are the top ten most bizarre toothpastes. You may also like the list; 10 most bizarre uses of toothpaste. Happy brushing!

Top Ten Most Bizarre Toothpastes Flavors:

10. Ice Cream Flavor Toothpaste

Ice Cream Flavor Toothpaste
Getting children to brush their teeth once a day is hard enough, leave alone twice. Making sure they keep their mouths clean before and after bedtime can be a daunting task but Tanner’s Tasty Paste; you can kiss your worries goodbye. Created by Janelle Holden, this toothpaste is a favorite for kids everywhere. There are three flavors available, Banilla Bling, Cha Cha Chocolate and Blingsicle. For smaller kids, Baby Bling is an option and all the toothpastes are naturally made which makes it safe even when swallowed.

9. Charcoal Toothpaste

10 Most Bizarre Toothpastes
Not many people would actually associate charcoal with a clean mouth. Actually, no one would. Just picturing charcoal all over your mouth is more than enough to make you sick. Charcoal is supposed to be used in barbecues and to filter water, not to clean our teeth. Right? Wrong. Charcoal actually is amazing when it comes to cleaning teeth. It helps in whitening and removing any dirt from the teeth and gums. This toothpaste has actually been around from early 2003 when Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals introduced Sumigaki in Japan.

8. Champagne Flavored Toothpaste

Champagne Flavored Toothpaste
We saw toothpaste for kids, so it’s time to turn to the adults. Have you ever been out and had an unbelievable glass of champagne and just could not get the taste of it off your mind and wished it never left your taste buds? Well, now you can take a shot (not literally) at keeping that champagne taste in your mouth as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. The Champagne toothpaste is flavored with; yes you guessed it, champagne. It costs around $10 for a tube but it is worth it. Enjoy the bubbly without the fizz.

7. E-Mail Diamant Rouge Toothpaste

10 Most Bizarre Toothpastes
Yes, the name does not really seem like a toothpaste name but it is something quite extraordinary. It has been produced in France since 1893 but is now being sold in a select few stores across the world. The toothpaste has an intense mix of mint, licorice and clove flavor to it. The paste itself is a deep red color which is a bit alarming to the new users. If you can get past the taste and color, the toothpaste actually has remarkable whitening abilities. If you are looking for instant, white and sparkling teeth, this is the toothpaste for you. The paste has light reflecting elements and the red color coats the gums which makes the teeth look whiter.

6. Monkey Brand Black Toothpaste

10 Most Bizarre Toothpastes
Okay so we are back to using charcoal for cleaning teeth. As discussed before, charcoal is really effective when it comes to being toothpaste. Now, imagine toothpaste made from crushed charcoal infused with vapor rub (not really used). That sounds unbearable in the mouth and most people actually do but this toothpaste does wonders. Although the toothpaste is not really a paste, it works just as well. The charcoal powder helps in cleaning the teeth and the intense mint leaves the mouth fresh all day. If that does not attract you, the brand name should.

5. The Two Way Toothpaste

10 Most Bizarre Toothpastes
Setting aside all the weird flavors and ingredients for a second, we look at a toothpaste that is weird not for its contents but for the container. We have all had issues with toothpaste tubes and people squeezing from the top and middle instead of the bottom. Enter the Two Way Toothpaste. This tube has two openings which mean no one is ever wrong. If someone squeezed the bottom, just turn it around and pop open the other end and you’re good to go – A clever way to avoid arguments in the morning.

4. Whiskey Flavored Toothpaste

10 Most Bizarre Toothpastes
Back to the adult toothpastes. So, if you are not a champagne person and like something a little bit stronger, this is the flavor for you. Introduced in America, the whiskey toothpaste has bourbon or scotch flavors incorporated into it. This means you can go to bed with your favorite drink and wake up to the same taste. What else can you ask for? How about a Jack Daniel’s tube? And the cherry on the top is that the toothpaste is not expensive at all. For a little over $1, you can have this boozy doozey.

3. Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

Bacon Flavored Toothpaste
Most of us love bacon for breakfast, some even for lunch and dinner. Bacon is slowly becoming a food the entire world is taking to. It is now being used in ice creams as well. So, since bacon is surrounding us slowly but surely, it only seems fit that what we brush our teeth with something just as important. Bacon flavored toothpaste might not be something for the faint hearted but it has taken the world by storm. It leaves your mouth with that delicious bacon taste that lasts you the whole day. All you can do is smack your lips. What will they think of next, fried eggs?

2. Chocolate Toothpaste

10 Most Bizarre Toothpastes
And back to the kids again. We saw the chocolate flavored toothpaste and loved the idea of it. Now, what about actual chocolate toothpaste? Impossible? Not at all. In 2005, Unilever in the Philippines introduced Close-up Flavorlicious. It is chocolate infused toothpaste called Choco Loco. Unlike the flavor of chocolate, this toothpaste uses the extract of cocoa. This extract helps is protecting the teeth and is even better than fluoride in preventing cavities. Children everywhere should try this toothpaste and you will not need to ask them to brush. They might even brush their teeth thrice a day.

1. Is That Toothpaste?

10 Most Bizarre Toothpastes

Our final entry is something that comes from a country that thrives on “weird”. Whether it is food, restaurants, activities or even hotels, Thailand knows how to surprise people. This is one surprise people might take some time getting used to. The Twin Lotus Original Toothpaste is literally one in a million. In fact, one in a million people might actually have the gut to use this toothpaste. Although this paste is completely natural and made from herbs, the entire look of it is disgusting. Just open a tube and squeeze it out onto your brush. The paste looks and almost smells like feces. It is slimy, brown toothpaste that looks absolutely horrific. If you can get that into your mouth, good luck.