10 Most Luxurious Airline Cabins and Suites

It’s a tough job to make a top 10 list, but someone had to do it. Inspired by Eithad’s launch of ‘The Residence’ – a new First Class luxury suite, The Flightfox (crowd sourcing travel website) has devised a comprehensive list of world’s best and Most Luxurious Airline Cabins or First Class in-flight suites. To make the list, they took into account everything from seat configuration, aisle access and suite privacy to the type of champagne served, whether pyjamas were provided and how caviar was plated.

They are luxurious as well as expensive. These suites can make you run behind by their lustrous appearance. Cleanliness, hygiene, classy look are not only the features of these suits but they are very very comfortable. Once you will travel on them you will find that no journey is as comfortable and luxurious as this one before. Top 10 most luxurious Airline cabins are listed below. Take a look!

Top 10 Luxurious Airline Cabins and Suites

10. British Airways First Class

British Airways Luxurious Airline Cabins
The Aeroplane goes from New York to London. Boeing 747-400 offers tremendously good comfort in its 2k (first class) seats. The First Class cabins are decorated in blue lights with sleek modernized furniture. Passengers are offered amenities, pyjamas even slippers.

The kit includes socks, eyeglasses etc with gender specificity. A lot of ways of entertainment are included inside the cabins. Review says the food offered by them is really good but they are simple. The seats are not spacious but enough to give you a solid sleep for not more than 4hrs.

9. Thai Royal First Class

THAI Luxurious Airline Cabins
Luxury is the ultimate thing what you will buy by buying the tickets of Thai Royal First Class A380 flight. The seats offer good comfort and a good privacy though some has said about the bedding. The flight serves a well known spa facility for Royal Orchid Spa for the first class passengers.

Bulgaria luxurious products are offered to the passengers with wonderful touch of orchids. One can watch films to avoid feeling sleepy. Those who have already gone there said the welcome champagne form Dom Perignon 2004 was a great welcome drink.

8. Virgin Atlantic A330 Upper Class

Virgin Atlantic Luxurious Airline Cabins
I prefer calling the atmosphere is the upper class section as DISCO. Not only because of the lightings but also because of the shiny interior I feel so. Seat functions are fully manual and can easily be controlled. The entertainment section is also nice. The amenity kit given is a bit inferior to the others.

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7. Jet Blue Mint Class

Jet Blue Luxurious Airline Cabins
After taking a ride on Jet blue Mint Class, one will have to say that the ride was fantastic. I have gone through many reviews; all of them said that the overall review is really undoubtedly good. The best part here is the food.

Yes, the food served by the attendants is too good to have it in a flight. The seats are spacious, actually bigger than one need to get comfortable. Sliding door adds a hint of planned interior. Mint Class is only available from New York/Boston to Los Angeles/ San Francisco only which I take as a con.

6. Air France A380 First Class

Air France Luxurious Airline Cabins
This luxurious flight has total 9 seats for first class passengers. Some are single and some are having others seats adjacent. Privacy is not the main purpose of the seats for sure. Seats are manually controlled which are not too much tricky.

Each seat is accompanied with Bose super headphones. Pyjamas, amenity kit and slippers are offered to every passenger. There is a trunk under ach ottoman for storage. Apart from its seat and bedding another noted thing is the service of the attendants. They always serve you your needs with a smile at their face.

5. Qatar Airways Business Class

Qatar Airways Luxurious Airline Cabins
I think that there is no privacy concerned between two adjacent seats in the first class even in general. But there is a separator which can be raised to add some privacy by the passenger himself. Each seat is provided with a huge LCD screen for entertainment purpose.

The cabins are spacious, neat and well decorated. The bathroom is a bit small but still it is perfect. The business class Bar is another eye catching portion of the flight. One can buy wifi facility by extra $20.

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4. ANA First Square

ANA Luxurious Airline Cabins
The suites offer less privacy than Emirates’s. It provides spacious area and long walking way to breathe freely. There is a place inside the suite to hang clothes. Upon request, the attendants come and make your seat flat and add pillows bedding etc.

Full course meal is given to the passengers. They can choose them from the menu. Usually the deserts are awesome. Passengers receive pyjamas for a comfort sleep. They also receive cardigan to avoid cold.

3. Emirates First Class Suites

Emirates Luxurious Airline Cabins
The cabins are really larger than others. The attendant gives the passengers amenity kit by BULGARI. Assorted foods are must try in this flight. The seat turns to a bed with perfect bedding and comfortable pillows. The first class bathroom is like divine.

The staffs always help the passengers about the working of the showers and all. The flight has a separate liquor area which is well furnished with assorted wines and other alcohols.

2. Etihad Diamond First Class

Etihad Luxurious Airline Cabins
There is a tag line written on the airplane outer portion which is “FROM ABU DHABI TO THE WORLD”. I personally believe the wordings are absolutely going well with it. The fare range of first class seat is varied from $600 to $1500 USD. The attendants greet the passengers individually by their names which is a unique way indeed.

They welcome passengers with a Belgian chocolate Gift Box. Almost all types of foods are available in the menu. The chef himself comes to the passengers to add his notes while the passenger is choosing a dish from the menu given. Fist Class passengers receive amenity kits with pyjamas and slippers.

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1. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Luxurious Airline Cabins

You can purchase this most luxurious suite of all for $5500- $23000. The Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Frankfurt– JFK is grabbing the whole attention nowadays. The ultimate comfort and luxury you can find only here! The flight has normal seats as well as these suite facilities. Some are one bedded and 2 are there for couples to share two bedded suites. The flight has lucrative liquor bar, a quite expensive spa, and amazing privacy.

Foods they give are just too good. Inside the suite you will not get bored as the authority has planned a lot of entertainment options for you before you enter to it. Great internet system is also there but you need to pay for it separately. A cool amenity kit with lovable toiletries is given to all first class travellers. It will be a wonderful journey for newly married couple!

By: Pritha Ghosh