10 Reasons Why North Korea is the Worst Country to Live In

North Korea is the country which is creating tensions all over the world, especially, in USA. From their ranging missile tests to their foreign policies, everything about North Korea is shrouded in mystery and darkness. Nevertheless, North Korea is an important country in a way to make you feel thankful for your present sad monotonous life and more thankful for not being there. Check it out why.

#10- The Blue Jeans Ban

Jeans Ban in North Korea
Blue Jeans Ban in North Korea.

Do not ever think of getting comfortable in your baggy worn out blue jeans if you ever happen to be in North Korea. According to Kim Jong-un, blue jeans is a symbol which represents American imperialism the best so he banned it. It seems weird how a piece of clothing of a specific color could say I represent America? But Kim Jong has declared it in his ban it meeting so you have to obey otherwise get ready to die.

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#9- No Sarcasm Allowed

North Korea Bans Sarcasm
Kim and his wife, Ri Sol Ju

There is a reason why the picture of their supreme leader Kim Jong-un is used in sarcastic memes posing for ‘funny not so funny’ situations. North Koreans have NO chill! You cannot ever joke about the blue jeans ban saying “Wow a ban? that’s cool!” This wouldn’t just fetch you a ticket or money, it will cost you your life. No Jokes there indeed. So our sarcasm heroes Doctor House, Iron man, Sherlock and Chandler Bing won’t survive a day in North Korea- Thank God they weren’t born there!

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#8- Speaking Against the Government? No.

Escaping from North Korea
If you ever naively happen to ask about the logic behind those bans, it will be considered a treachery and you would be killed five times over and over because bans in North Korea are taken very seriously. Once you enter that door, it is a one way road to death!

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#7- Watching Foreign TV Shows is NOT Allowed

Watching Foreign TV Shows in North Korea
Speaking of Ironman and Sherlock, poor North Koreans might not know who they are because they aren’t allowed to watch foreign television. If they ever get caught watching anything other than the government sanctioned channels, the punishment is… You probably guessed that right. It’s Death.

#6- Alcohol Might Cost You Your Life

Alcohol in North Korea
Before the alcohol can get to your organs and make you terminally ill, the government would charge you with a death penalty, thus saving you from the gruesome “slow death”. Alcohol is reserved for special occasions only. Nonetheless, they are not that much boring people because marijuana is legal in North Korea.

#5- Say NO to Religion

Say NO to Religion
Religious dance in North Korea

North Korea is not that liberal when it comes to religion. You cannot practice any religion over there unless you wish to die. And by any religion, I literally mean ANY religion. The only religion is their supreme leader before whom they have to bow.

#4- NO Travelling Abroad

Travelling Abroad in North Korea
With all these bans and rules, people might want to get some break and think about foreign vacations but No. North Koreans are not allowed to travel abroad except under special provisions such as the Olympics. People who try to divert to South Korea and fail, are also executed. Those who try to flee to China are sent back to face the same dreadful fate. They cannot complain about it either because complaining is also banned remember?

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#3- The ‘Three Generation Sentence’

Kaechon Internment Camp
For instance, if you are ever found guilty of talking against the government, you will most probably end up serving a three generation sentence in Kaechon Internment Camp. That’s how it works; You and your entire family will be imprisoned there and two of your subsequent generations will be born and spend their whole lives in prison. They would never see the outer world except the officers on duty I guess. Worse than death indeed.

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#2- No Music

Music of North Korea
In North Korea, if you ever play music, you also have to face the music; the music before the death sentence. One of the regime’s former officers, Ji Hae Nam made an error and sang a South Korean song at a Christmas party. She was imprisoned for three years in jail where she was sexually abused, laboured, starved and beaten so severely that she couldn’t get up for a month. She testified all this to the United States Congress after her desperate escape. The North Korean government however encourages state sponsored music and Kim Jong permits music that praises his every move or the ideals of communism. How nice of him.

#1- No Internet

North Korea is the Worst Country

To bad that the North Koreans cannot read this article because it’s too sarcastic to be legal and as a matter of fact, they do not have any Internet! This might be the reason people do not hear much of the atrocities of North Korean regime. The civilians are not allowed to move freely over the city and are only allowed to log on to a state controlled portal which runs the regime’s propaganda.

Do you love your country even more now?