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Top 10 Celebrities With Weird Phobias

A Phobia is a situation where a person has an unreasonable fear from certain object or circumstances .Phobia from height, water, dark, insects etc., is pretty commonly heard phobias around us. But, have you ever heard of a phobia from belly button? Well, Khloe Kardashian actually admitted in one of her blog that she indeed is scared and disgusted from belly buttons. Sounds weird right? But Khloe is not the only celebrity with weird phobia, there are more celebrities in the list. So let’s dive into list of top 10 celebrities with weird phobias.

10. Rita Ora (Toilets)

Rita Ora Celebrities With Weird Phobias

Pop singer Rita Ora suffers from an extremely weird phobia of toilet. Rita once expressed her fear of toilet stating that she is petrified of toilets and can’t last much longer near toilets especially with dim light. “I have this thing where I think this tunnel must start from somewhere and sometimes I think, what if something comes out of the toilet”. she told during an interview with The Sun.

9. Billy Bob Thornton (Antique furniture)

Billy Bob Thornton Celebrities With Weird Phobias

Billy Thornton has been reported to be scared of antique furniture. The 65 year old actor’s bizarre phobia was actually accidentally revealed at the set of movie “Love Actually”. Thornton also talked about his odd phobia, also called as Epiplaphobia in 2012 to the New York Times. “The old dusty heavy drapes and big tables with lion’s head carved in it. Stuff that kings were around. That’s the stuff I can’t be around. It was too big to be functional. It creeps me out”. Said Thornton.

8. Kylie Jenner (Drinking dust)

Kylie Jenner Photos 2021

Allergy from dust is pretty common thing that we all have heard about before but fear from drinking dust is new. When Kylie Jenner appeared in an episode of Ellen DeGeneres talk show she revealed her strange fear from dust in a cup. As a matter of fact she is more afraid of that dust from cups going into her body. This odd phobia of dust is known as Amathophobia. Youngest billionaire is arguably the most beautiful girl out there.

7. Kendall Jenner (Cluster of small holes)

kendall jenner photos 2021

Another star Kardashian sister is also included in the list of having strange phobias. Kendall let fall her unusual phobia from cluster of small holes, also called as trypophobia in her app. She added further to her revelation that she can’t even look at any object with holes as it gives her worst anxiety. So the things like pancakes, honeycomb or lotus head could trigger an anxiety to set off Kendall.

6. Liam Payne (Spoons)

Liam Payne Celebrities With Weird Phobias

The ex one direction artist has actually confessed that he is afraid of spoons. In one of the episode of Capital FM Liam told the host that he is not afraid of holding spoons, but eating with them especially if they are not his own. Liam further elaborated that his fear of spoons picked up from his school time when he had to wash all those spoons as punishment. The most surprising part is that there is actually a name for this phobia: Koutaliaphobia.

5. Scarlett Johansson (Birds)

Scarlett Johansson photos 2021

The Avengers actress is suffering from ornithophobia, a scientific name of fear from birds. The phobia developed in 2012 while filming with a peacock for the movie We Bought a Zoo. Scarlett has admitted that the one animal that she is afraid of is a bird. “something about wings and beaks and the flapping. I’m terrified of them. That still hasn’t gone away” Scarlett told to New York magazine.

4. Megan Fox (Touching paper)

Megan Fox photos 2021

You know that feeling when you accidentally touched something that you can’t stand? The Hollywood diva Megan Fox has that same feeling while touching papers. The actress confesses that she isn’t afraid of touching paper, but just can’t stand touching the papers with her hand. She dislikes touching any paper unless it is not laminated. The strange phobia of touching papers is called Papyrophobia.

3. Oprah (Chewing gum)

oprah winfrey Celebrities With Weird Phobias

Oprah Winfrey admitted that she has this intense dislike towards chewing gums. During an appearance in the talk show of Stephen Colbert, she disclosed her distaste for chewing gum gave birth during her childhood days. Oprah dislikes chewing gum to the extent that, she even forbade her employees in her office from consuming it, but she has to face it everywhere otherwise. This rare phobia is known as Chiclephobic.

2. Pamela Anderson (Her own reflection)

Pamela Anderson Celebrities With Weird Phobias

The Baywatch actress who has been labelled numerous times as one of the most beautiful women in world doesn’t like to see her reflection in mirror. Pamela Andersons actually suffers from Eisoptrophobia, an abnormal fear from mirror. Because of this unusual phobia she can’t even stand to see herself in the mirror. She once confessed in an interview that she is unable to see herself in television also.

1. Nicole Kidman (Butterflies)

Nicole Kidman Celebrities With Weird Phobias

Lepidopterophobia is the name used to describe fear from flying insects and Nicole is seemed to be suffering from the same. The movie star developed the unusual phobia in Australia when she was a child. Nicole has divulged that she tried to overcome the fear from butterflies several times but was always unsuccessful. She also said that she could do all sort of things from jumping off the plane to being covered in cockroaches, but can’t stand the feel of butterflies’ body.

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