The Top 10 Most Beautiful Women of Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country with warm and friendly people. Though, of course, the country has a lot to offer because of which it is famous, including beaches, parks, and more, it is the beautiful women of Mexico that makes the country all the more famous. These women not only look beautiful, they also have a beautiful heart and their warm smile and nature can make anyone fall in love with them.

Let’s now have a look at the 10 most beautiful women of Mexico.

10. Martha Higareda

Martha Higareda Hot Pics

Martha Higareda is a popular Mexican actress, writer, and TV producer and you can mostly see her in Mexican movies and TV shows. Her mother is an actress as well and this is how this Mexican beauty developed an interest in acting. She started acting on the stage at an early age. Martha is also known as the Mexican Sandra Bullock. She even owns her own production company to produce TV shows and movies.

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9. Dulce Maria

Dulce Maria Beautiful Women of Mexico

This lady is one of the most beautiful women in Mexico, and together with being an actress, she also is a songwriter and an established signer. Dulce has appeared in many music projects which helped her gain popularity and this is why she has a good fan base. It is Rebelde, a popular telenovela that brought her into the limelight. For her amazing performance in this telenovela, she also has bagged many awards.

Not only is this beautiful lady popular in Mexico, but also in countries like Spain, United States, South America, and Romania. Maria followed by 5.2 million people on Instagram.

8. Adriana Fonseca

Adriana Fonseca Beautiful Women of Mexico

Adriana Fonseca is a Mexican dancer and actress. She has appeared in 14 soap operas across the world and this makes her one of the most recognizable actresses in Mexico. She earned the award for the Most Beautiful Woman in a recognized newspaper in 1997. Not only is she gorgeous, she is also known as one of the most talented ladies of her generation. So, Adriana is hot, beautiful, and one of the most talented women in Mexico.

7. Camila Sodi

Camila Sodi Most Beautiful Women of Mexico
Camila Sodi

Born in Mexico, Camila Sodi is one of the most beautiful and hottest actresses. Together with being an actress, Camila is also a polished model and a fine singer. She is the niece of the popular actress and singer Thalia. Camila began her modeling career at a very young age and she also got cast in a music video on some show on the Mexican cable network.

Soon, she was recognized by the producers, who gave her a break in the telenovela named Inocente de Ti. She got married to Diego Luna, a Mexican actor, and has two kids with him. However, they later got divorced.

6. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Beautiful Women of Mexico

After seeing Demi Lovato’s name in this list many of you must be surprised. She is a popular American singer, actress, and songwriter. However, Lovato’s father was of a Mexican descent and this is why her name earns a place in this list. She is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous artists and shines beautifully in the pop world.

Many young people all over the world have a crush on her, and why not, her conventional Mexican features make her look so, so attractive. She is followed by more than 69 million people on Instagram.

5. Carolina Tejera

Carolina Tejera Beautiful Women of Mexico

Nelly Carolina Tejera, or Carolina Tejara as she is popularly known as is also one of the most beautiful women of Mexico. She appeared in the popular telenovela, Gata Salvaje, and, in fact, is most popularly known for her role of Eva Granados, in this telenovela. She is half-Spanish and half-Mexican as her mother is from Spain while her Father is from Mexico.

This beautiful actress has worked in many Mexican telenovelas and movies including Inocente de Ti, La Mujer de Lorenzo, Carissima, and so on. She got married to a rich businessman and also has a baby boy with him. However, they got separated soon after.

4. Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera Most Beautiful Women of Mexico
Beautiful Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera is perhaps one of the most beautiful and hottest Mexican actresses that the world knows about. She is popular for her role in Eastbound & Down, an HBO television series. Nena de la Reguera, her mother, was a Miss Veracruz, and this is from where Ana inherits her good looks. Ana is also involved in a lot of charity work and has even founded an organization in order to raise funds for the natural disasters.

3. Ninel Conde

Ninel Conde Most Beautiful Women of Mexico
Beautiful Ninel Conde

Ninel Conde is beautiful, bold and one of the most gorgeous Mexican actresses ever. Not only is she a talented actress, but also a television host, singer, and is known mainly for her performances in Rebelde, Mar de amor, Fuego en la sangre, and Porque el amor manda. She has even been a part of the third edition of the popular reality TV show, Big Brother VIP, where she got eliminated after staying in confinement for 43 days.

2. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Most Beautiful Women of Mexico
Cute Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez needs no introduction. Owing to her good looks, mesmerizing voice, and a great fashion sense, she has gained immense popularity all over the world. She began her acting career as a child in the popular TV series Barney and Friends. Later, she bagged the leading role in Wizards of Waverly Place. After the huge success of this TV show, she got many movie and television offers. She also has tried her luck in singing and is now known as one of the finest singers in the American Music industry.

Most followed person on Instagram, Gomez is one of the most beautiful young lady in the world. She is cute! innocent as well as sexy. We all love her! She deserve to be on top of the list. No doubt, she is most beautiful girl out there.

1. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Beautiful Women of Mexico

Salma Hayek is the hottest and the most beautiful Mexican actresses. She is a former model, a producer, and an actress. Salma started her career is the telenovela, Teresa, and later appeared in a Mexican movie, El Callejón de los Milagro. She then moved to Hollywood and it is then that she started her journey to success. This beautiful lady has a huge fan base and is known for her gorgeous and bold looks, and her great fashion sense. Salama look younger as she is above 40 now.

Each of these 10 women is equally beautiful and talented. They have earned great popularity owing to their great work. And also, they have a huge fan following. Their fans crazy about them because of their looks and the great work they are doing.