10 most common skin problems in India

The skin is the largest protective outer shield of the body. Since it is exposed to the outside world directly, it faces a lot of pressure. Its direct contact to the environment and harmful factors like chemicals, pollution, infection, and UV rays keep the sensitive organ under continuous pressure.

Here are some common skin problems and issues faced by people in India and simple hacks to deal with them.

1. Skin Rashes due to Excessive Heat:

most common skin problems in India

There a number of factors that together affect your skin that cause a lot of irritation, especially in the hot days of summer. Not only the strong heat puts too much pressure on your skin, sweating also plays a major role in causing unnecessary harm.

Naturally, when one sweats or perspires, the dust and dirt in the atmosphere get settled on the skin. All this can combine and lead to itchy rashes, Corns and calluses and blisters.

Also, the friction caused by the type of clothes you wear may also add to the overall irritation.

Care: The condition can be averted if you keep yourself absolutely clean and tidy. Proper hygiene becomes much more important if you tend to sweat too much. So, it is advisable that you take bath at least two times in a day, especially when you go to bed. Make sure you use an anti-bacterial soap/ shower gel. Ensure you keep your body dry.

If you experience such a problem, then you can rub ice cubes on the affected area as it will help reducing the burning sensation and itchiness. However, if the situation doesn’t settle, then it is recommended that you consult good hospitals like CK Birla Hospital, Apollo, BLK hospital and others.

2. Dry Skin or Dehydration:

Dry Skin or Dehydration

Not only your body faces the trouble of dehydration, but also your skin is majorly affected by the loss of water. When we sweat, we tend to lose a lot of water from the skin, which ultimately leads to dry and patchy skin. If it is not adequately replenished, then it can leave your skin or irritable and the chances of sunburn may increase significantly. You may experience cracking of lips, dry patches and also hard skin on your ankles.

Care: Practically, dryness can be avoided only by keeping yourself adequately hydrated all the time. For this, you need to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It is said, a man should consume at least 8 glasses of water every day, so keep sipping water as many times as possible.

3. Acne and Pimples:

most common skin problems in India

Sweating is normal and also considered good to keep oneself hale and hearty. But, sweat also severs as a magnet that attracts dust particles, moisture and pollution from the environment. The amalgamation of strong heat and dust particles is an apt blend that causes acne and pimples on the skin.

Care: If you want to keep dust away from clogging your skin pores, then you need to take good care of your skin. Make sure you wash your hands, legs and face with a good soap regularly. It is good to carry a naturally produced face wash when you’re outdoors. A good facial cleanser or the traditional multani mitti or even a sandalwood face pack can prove to be helpful in controlling inflammation. Sometimes, acne and pimples require medical care. Thus, if you see no recovery signs, then you must contact a dermatologist Gurgoan.

4. Bacterial Issues:

Your Skin Bacterial Issues

The rising heat and temperature offers bacteria and harmful viruses an apt atmosphere to thrive on. Bacteria are surrounded in each and every corner, and are also not visible with naked eyes. People using public transport or travel in crowded areas has a high possibility of coming in contact with various bacterial diseases/ infections. Wether it is a train seat or a public loo, if you are travelling outdoor you might be carrying multiple bacteria with you. You tend to touch such infected hands all over your body, especially the face making it prone to skin infections.

Care: The best solution to doing away with bacterial infections is keeping you clean and tidy. Make sure you wash your hands and face multiple times, particularly when travelling outdoors. Carry a good hand-wash or a hand sanitizer and keep cleaning your hands before you eat something.

5. Skin Tans:

most common skin problems in India

Regardless to say, the Sun emits harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays that can cause great damage to the skin. When one comes in direct contact with the UV rays, the melanin on the skin’s surface reacts by producing a protective layer. This skin’s melanin leads to dark pigmentation that appears as uniformed or uneven skin patches. The ultimate outcome is what is known as skin darkening and skin tans.

Care: Make sure you protect the skin always by using a good sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF. Wear sunglasses to avoid dark circles. One can also take help of medical skin rejuvenation procedures.

6. Hyperhidrosis:

most common skin problems in India

Hyperhidrosis commonly known as excessive sweat syndrome is a medical problem where an individual sweats/perspires excessively and incalculably. An individual suffering from this condition might sweat even in cold weathers or when he/she is asleep. The sweating usually takes places in the person’s armpits, hands, palms, face, forehead, feet soles and scalp. This problem worsens further in the rainy season and results in body odor along with other skin problems.

Care: This condition requires proper medical attention and thus one needs to visit a good dermatologist in gurgoan for proper treatment. However, Botox injections in the affected area also prove to be quite helpful.

7. Dry, Dull and frizzy hair:

Dry, Dull and frizzy hair

Having dull and dry hair is the biggest enemy especially during the rainy season. The moisture present in the atmosphere can become a major issue leading to damages on your scalp and beautiful hair strands.

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Care: Make use of natural and herbal shampoos instead of chemically produced ones’. Also, you can make natural hair masks of egg and lemon to deal with the dryness.

8. Wrinkles:

most common skin problems in India

Wrinkles are something that really cannot be done away with. We can try to reduce them, but they are bound to happen to each and every one. It is a sign of aging where the skin gets relatively thinner, very dry, and loses elasticity.

Care: Use a good skin moisturizer and herbal creams making sure that the skin remains hydrated always. Also, quit bad habits such as drinking and smoking.

9. Dark Circles:

Dark Circles

Under-eye skin is quite sensitive. Thus, if you don’t get proper sleep or be awake late till night, it shows up as ugly looking dark circles on your face. Though dark under-eye circles also result as an inherited trait, however, the major lack of adequate rest and no proper diet makes matters worse.

Care: Regardless to say, getting proper sleep and rest is extremely important. It will not only help you get rid of those dark patches under the eyes but also help you lead a healthy and energetic life. You can use cucumber slices at night to cool down the situation. Today, there are a number of under-eye creams to help you combat the condition.

10. Hidradenitis suppurativa (acne inversa):

most common skin problems in India

Hidradenitis suppurativa commonly known as acne inversa, is not a quite common skin condition, but faced by almost 5 people out of a group of 100 of them. It is a long-term skin problem that is characterized by small and painful lumps in the skin. It mostly affects the armpits, groin, anal area and inner thighs.

Care: It needs proper medical treatment such as a carbon dioxide laser surgery or a biologic therapy. One suffering from this skin condition should consult a good dermatologist in gurgoan.