10 Reasons Why You Are Told To Drink More Water

You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water, if not more, every day – this is something you must have been told a million times. Some of you do follow this and some take it to be just another advice, not giving it much importance. However, the fact is water indeed is very important for everyone, and if you have enough you certainly will enjoy lots of benefits, 10 of which we shall learn about right now.

Reasons Why You Are Told To Drink More Water

10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water.

10. Water keeps you happier

You feel your hormones are making you irritable? Well, you perhaps are not drinking enough water. As per researches, even if you are mildly dehydrated, it can affect your mood in a negative way. So what do you need to do? Just grab a glass of water, drink it and notice changes immediately. If you can drink a little more, maybe two glasses, you shall go happy from crappy.

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9. Water makes you more energized

75 percent of our muscles are composed of water, and if you are dehydrated you will likely experience dizziness, weakness, and fatigue. Water is very important for our cells, and if you get enough of it then you will also enjoy more strength and energy to workout with more zeal, and even doing the daily household chores will become a lot easier.

8. Water helps you look younger

Water keeps you hydrated from within and the results can be seen on the outside as well. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and if you drink lots and lots of water it can help improve your skin’s texture and color. It will prevent your skin from becoming dry and help in the growth of new cells. Water helps make your skin look soft, supple, and delays aging.

7. Water keeps your joints healthy

What you perhaps do not know is that the cartilage present in your joints are composed of 85 percent water, and it is water that helps keep it hydrated and soft. If you drink more water every day you will be moving faster, longer, and not experience pain in your joints.

6. Water makes you smarter

Yes, you read that right, water really can help make you smart. If you are dehydrated your brain tissues can actually shrink. When you are not drinking enough you are making your brain do more work to perform at a similar level. Dehydration can also have an effect on your motor skills, memory, and attention span. So, if you want your brain to function quick, without stressing much, increase your water intake right from now.

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5. Water Promotes Weight Loss (helps you become slim)

Most times our body can confuse thirst with hunger, and in such situation, you are most likely to eat something to satisfy yourself, and gain weight. The fact is at such moments you need water more than food. If you drink many glasses of water every day you can prevent adding many, many calories. Drinking water an hour before a meal also keeps you full and results in you eating less. When you eat less you will not only prevent adding extra calories, this, in turn, will help you get slimmer.

4. Water prevents you from falling sick

Many studies show that those who drink enough water and are always hydrated and fall sick less often, and whenever they do, they recover much faster. Your immune system gets stronger when your body gets enough water. Water also helps fight against various illnesses like flu, heart attacks, and even cancer.

3. Water can cure a headache

Headaches are mostly associated with lack of sleep or too much stress. What most people ignore is the fact that even if you are dehydrated you can suffer from a headache, and this gradually can even cause a migraine. When your brain starts losing water and shrinks, pain receptors are triggered and this causes a headache. Most of us take a medicine right away when you should actually simply drink a glass of water.

2. Water can make your eyes feel better

The membranes in your mouth and eyes are composed of water, and it is water that helps keep them healthy as well. When you drink lots of water it helps hydrate and lubricate your eyes and also helps make them look brighter. However, when you do not drink enough, your mouth as well eyes have to suffer.

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1. Water can help prevent a stomachache

Water helps things move properly and fast in your digestive tract. It attaches to the fiber in your colon and helps dissolve fats and fiber. If there is a lack of fluid or water in your body your colon will start moving some water out of your stools, and this can cause stomachache and constipation.

So, water is important not only for our universe but for our organs as well. It is really, really important to drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water every day, and those who already are following this number can add a few glasses more and observe more positive changes.