Top 10 Workouts to Lose Body Fats – Best Fat Burning Exercises

Is your fitness goal to lose body fats? A lot of people are now looking to have rock hard abs and a chiseled body. But before you even plan on your diet, it is important to understand what happens in your body why you gain weight and body fats.

Gaining body fats is a combination of different factors. It can be your diet, your genetics or even your lack of physical activities. If your body can’t burn all the calories that you take, expect your body to gain weight by storing body fats.

Based on statistics, more than one third of adults in the US are considered obese. Having excessive body fats can lead to a number of conditions ranging from diabetes to hypertension.

In order to burn calories, it is important to have an appropriate workout. Here are top 10 workouts meant to lose body fats. The ten best fat burning exercises.

10. Running

Top 10 Workouts to Lose Body Fats
How to lose body fats. Running…

Running is an important exercise if you wish to cut weight and lose body fats. The number of calories burned depends on the amount of time you ran, distance, and your weight. According to studies, jogging can get you around 398 calories in an hour.

What makes this a popular workout in order to lose fats? For one, you really don’t need much. You just need jogging shoes and the outdoors. It is also an easy thing to learn. However, there are some concerns why some individuals don’t like to run.

There are instances when they hurt their knees from bad form of running. It is also possible that they are using the wrong type of shoe for their foot, causing injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

9. Dancing

Top 10 Workouts to Lose Body Fats
Dance to Lose Body Fats.

If you are looking for a way to lose body fats in a fun way, then dancing is the perfect alternative for you. It is a full body workout that can easily include problem areas of the body. Aerobic dance can burn as much as 443 calories in an hour. Now, that is something you can do especially if you love to party on a Friday night.

Salsa, Zumba and hip hop dancing are just some of the most common options that you can try if you love to put on your dancing shoes and burn some calories.

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8. Boxing

Top 10 Workouts to Lose Body Fats
Boxing to Lose Body Fats.

If you think that workouts are a bit boring, you should try boxing. The sweet science isn’t only an art that can come in handy to defend yourself in real life scenarios; it can also get you fit. Did you ever wonder why boxers look fit and have rock solid abs? That’s because boxing is considered a workout that can focus on your core, legs and arms. With different boxing movements, you’ll definitely feel your body aching.

An hour of lacing up the gloves and throwing punches can get you around 727 calories in just an hour. Now, don’t be intimidated if you think that you should receive punches, as well. Boxing workouts is more than just trading punches. You will also learn how to do skip rope. You can also just use the speedball, double end bag and work on mitts and bags if you wish.

7. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Top 10 Workouts to Lose Body Fats
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Lose Body Fats.

Another workout that involves the entire body is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ. BJJ is a martial art based on the principle of using the opponent’s weight against him. It teaches the use of technique, timing and leverage in order to defeat larger opponents.

In modern times, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ has been popularized in Mixed Martial Arts. It has also been used as a hobby and a workout by a lot of individuals today. It is not only a good physical exercise; But it can also be a good mental exercise for the brain as you can explore different positions.
The amount of calories that you burn depends on the intensity of your workout. Typically, it is easy to shed off 10 pounds just by doing BJJ consistently for a month.

6. Burpees

Top 10 Workouts to Lose Body Fats
Top 10 Workouts to Lose Body Fats.

Burpees are considered a great workout that can be used by different individuals today. Doing non-stop burpees for an hour can burn 563 calories for a 155 pound individual. But of course, you have to make sure that you are doing the burpee correctly.

How exactly should you do it? Named after Royal H. Burpee, an American Psychologist who invented the workout, it is a combination of squat, push up and jump squats. This makes a full body exercise. In fact, it is included in some of the most popular workouts online today like the M100 (burpees, squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers).

Other than a way to lose body fats, one of the most important benefits of burpees is endurance. This is why it is used in different endurance workouts of professional athletes from basketball players to football players.

5. Swimming

Swimming to lose body fats
Swimming to lose body fats.

One of the best ways to burn calories and lose body fats without sweating is via swimming. Swimming can help you burn a lot of calories. Depending on the type of technique that you use, your body will burn different amounts of calories. A 155 pound person swimming freestyle in an intense manner for an hour can burn around burn 704 calories.

But of course, there are disadvantages to this particular exercise. You will need either a pool or a large body of water in order to perform this exercise. And also, not everyone knows how to swim. It is also not advisable to swim in some areas with low temperatures.

4. Wall climbing

Wall climbing to lose body fats
Wall climbing to lose body fats.

You rarely see a wall climber who is overweight. That’s because it is a total body workout that makes you decrease body fats and work on your grips.

As a low impact activity, this can be done even by individuals who are already on their 40s. However, this activity is typically done with a partner to have a belayer for safety. Going up, you burn as much as 450 calories per hour while it burns around 280 calories per hour going down. Not only does it work on your arms, but also on your back muscles and your legs.

For starters, it is not only for people with strong arms. You simply use the arms to grip and hold, but there are techniques to involve larger muscle groups to conserve your energy and be able to burn more calories in the process.

3. Cycling

Cycling to Lose Body Fats
Cycling to Lose Body Fats.

Another great way to burn fats is cycling. Cycling is a fun activity that you can do in order to stay fit. Unlike running that can be a bit stressful to the knees, cycling alleviates the impact on your joints using the concept of simple machines.

A 180 pound individual can burn an average of 650 calories per hour. This is, of course, a rough estimate. There are many factors that you need to consider if you wish to burn more calories on your bike. You will need to look at the terrain. Inclined hills can help you burn more calories. Also, changing your pace can also help burn more calories in the process.

There are concerns if you wish to do this workout. For one, not all countries are bike and pedestrian friendly. You have to make sure that you pick the spot where cyclists could roam without the risk of getting in an accident. Also, this workout requires that you invest on a bike and safety equipment. Unlike running, this involves expensive gear.

As an alternative, you can opt to try indoor cycling. Indoor cycling is becoming a popular workout in different gyms.

2. CrossFit

CrossFit Workouts to Lose Body Fats
Workouts to Lose Body Fats.

CrossFit is a workout that has been getting popular lately. It is a combination of Olympic lifts, and bodyweight and other isolation exercises. Typically, a CrossFit gym has a Workout of the Day (WOD) that you will have to follow.

There are two methods on how you can do this. One, you can do it timed wherein you will perform as many reps as you can within the given time. On the other hand, you can also do it with specific number of reps and simply do it as fast as you can. This workout is known for being a total body workout. Typically, it is advertised with people having six pack abs.

Though it presents a great workout wherein you can both build muscle and cut body fats, it also has its downsides. For one, it is expensive to sign up on CrossFit classes. Next, you also can’t take away the risk of injuries. Also, you have the tendency to sacrifice form.

1. Calisthenics Workouts to Lose Body Fats

Calisthenics Best Fat Burning Exercises
Calisthenics Workouts to Lose Body Fats.

Ever wondered how gymnasts train? What they do is a number of bodyweight exercises called calisthenics. It involves pushups, pull ups and other dynamic movements which only involve your bodyweight. It has the ability to burn a lot of calories since it keeps the body guessing. Also, it involves balancing which helps work on your core.

The amount of calories burned in one session depends on the intensity of your workout. Ten minutes of moderate calisthenics workout could already burn as much as 61 calories for a 175 pound individual. The only problem with calisthenics is that it can be a bit difficult for someone who is extremely overweight. It is imperative that you first lose weight using other methods before you could complete advanced calisthenics workouts.

If you want to effectively lose weight, it is important to check different kinds of workouts that you can integrate to your day to day regimen. Once you incorporated the right workout with the right diet, it is possible to achieve the body that you want.