Fear of wet dreams

Top 10 types of phobia linked to intimacy

Psych phobia has multiple images, some of which are so strange that it is hard to believe that someone is suffering. A disease that can be diagnosed as a constant fear of certain situations or activities when they occur or even when they are thought of.

This fear makes the infected person live a troublesome, unhealthy, and always anxious life. People with phobia know that their fears are illogical, but they can not get rid of them. Some cases can coexist by avoiding stimuli, some can be eliminated by treatment Psychological.

Phobias are not limited to ordinary concerns, such as Acrophobia (Fear of Height), Ophidiophobia (Fear of Snakes), or unusual concerns such as Pupaphobia (puppet fear), Spectrophobia or catoptrophobia (Fear of mirrors), etc., but they also affect sexual life, and there are several types phobias related to sex. Let’s find out 10 of them

1. Medomalacuphobia – Fear of losing an erection.

phobia linked to intimacy
Medomalacuphobia is a phobia of erectile dysfunction. We do not mean the fears of the majority of men. We speak of phobia of all other symptoms, such as difficulty in breathing, excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, and even loss of speech. In some extreme cases, a person becomes frightened of death in the event of an erection, and may be separated from reality for some time with the nucleus of panic.

2. Gymnophobia – Fear of nudity.

Gymnophobia - Fear of nudity
This is the phobia of nudity, and those suffering from it are troubled by fear of nudity, whether it concerns them or others. They can not strip naked in front of others and can not see others naked. Phobia of this kind has nothing to do with hatred of nudity, which is linked to rational and moral justifications. This is irrational or logical. The reasons are different. They may stem from inferiority of the body, or because nudity makes them feel exposed and unprotected. The sight of a real naked body is unbearable, either it real naked bodies or in magazines, on television or in the cinema. It is a phobia that affects men as much as women.

Gymnophobia causes disgust of the human body. Gymnophobes often prefer the company of animals to that of humans. They often feel that their body does not meet the media criteria. They are too fat, too thin, not muscular enough, or misshapen.

Gymnophobes have difficulty with sexuality when it occurs in broad daylight or in full daylight. They need the sexual act to take place in absolute darkness.

3. Eurotophobia – Fear of Female Genetalia.

Fear of Female Genetalia
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Eurotophobia Is the fear of female genitalia. People who are infected may be afraid of female genitalia all the time, or in certain situations such as entering into intimate relationships. In fact, this phobia is more common than it may seem to some, often because of sexual experiences that have had a significant negative impact. The symptoms associated with this phobia are intense fear, rapid heartbeat, tension, anxiety attacks and lack of clarity of vision.

The causes of eurotohopbia are often related to traumatic situations experienced in childhood and often an unpleasant exposure to the sight of adult genitals. These are moments when the child has felt such a fright that the sight of a penis or a vulva becomes impossible in adulthood. The child may have been the victim of an exhibitionist, but he may also have surprised his parents naked or making love without there being a necessarily perverse attitude in the adult.

4. Erotophobia – Fear of Sex.

Erotophobia - Fear of Sex
Erotophobia is a phobia that involves a variety of fears and is therefore the most complex species, including the phobia of talking about sex. In this case, the person does not suffer from sexophobia. He does not want to talk about him or read about it. It is sex phobia which is fear of the same sex, and what it contains.

5. Philemaphobia – Fear of Kissing.

Philemaphobia - Fear of Kissing
Philemaphobia or philatrophobia, is the fear of kissing, is common among young people and inexperienced bevels who are afraid of doing something wrong. In these cases, the fear is usually mild to moderate and dissipates rapidly as the person gains experience. Sometimes, however, philemaphobia is more severe and can occur at any age. Here is our in-depth look at people who are afraid to kiss each other. This fear is particularly problematic as it can affect one’s ability to form romantic relationships or social interactions.

6. Malaxophobia | Fear of love play.

Fear of love play
Intimacy phobia, that is, the person suffering from severe anxiety attacks and tension, in the case of touching or caressing, which intersects with the phobia of exchange kisses because kisses require touching, one way or another is the phobia of foreplay that precedes intimacy.

People suffering from philophobia persist in looking for the smallest default of their spouse. It is a very common defense mechanism for these people, who then use these so-called faults to justify their desire not to go further.

Some people are mocked by people with whom they have no chance, so that they do not have to face their fear of intimacy. They try to convince themselves of the fact that they can really love, but argue that if it did not work with a person, it was because it was an impossible love.

Others cause arguments to lead the other person to end the relationship. Often these conflicts are related to jealousy, because the fact that their spouse leaves them for someone else serves as an excuse not to engage.

7. Sexual Claustrophobia | Fear Of Sex Indoors.

Sexual Claustrophobia
Claustrophobia is defined by an intense fear of confined spaces, the elevator being the most frequently feared place, with public transport, and particularly the metro. But for a claustrophobic, flying, or the train, can also be a source of discomfort. In some cases, the fear also extends to insulated rooms (cellar or attic), to those with low ceiling height, and even sometimes to small rooms (toilets, dressing rooms …), or those that are locked. “A lot of claustrophobic anxiety is linked to breathing,” says psychiatrist Antoine Pelissolo. In confined spaces, the person has the feeling of suffocating, of lack of air, until the idea that it could really, at a moment, no longer be able to breathe. ”

Depending on the intensity of their disorder, some claustrophobic manage to face their fear, the risk then to feel one or more signs of panic and adrenaline rush: heart racing, sweaty hands, head turning, breathing accelerating, legs shaking … But the majority of them practice rather avoidance. They are then capable of all the stratagems for not having to face the situations that anguish them.

8. Oneirogmophobia | Fear of wet dreams.

Fear of wet dreams
Oneirogmophobia is a phobia of sexual dreams that lead to ejaculation is common, and the dilemma is that sexual dreams are an essential part of the maturation stage in men, and it can not be controlled, even after maturity.

97% of the men admitted that they had experienced sexual dreams in their lives, so those who suffer from this phobia are living a very difficult life, in some extreme cases some of them refuse to sleep for fear of sexual dreams that lead to libel.

9. Medorthophobia

Medorthophobia- Fear of an erect penis
Medorthophobia Is a phobia of erect penis. It is true that it is reasonable to assume that it affects women only, but the reality is different. It affects men as well. Some men suffer panic attacks, anxiety, shortness of breath and nausea if they can achieve erection.

This phobia has more or less significant repercussions on the patient’s life. He may in some cases have developed a life avoiding any sight of penis. In this case, we are in a dynamic of maximal avoidance of the phobic situation which only reinforces it. Other subjects will try “in their own way” to overcome this fear by “forcing” more or less. It is not a question of making an exhaustive list of all possible life scenarios but many other “adaptations” to this phobia exist. This is always done at the cost of significant suffering and self-esteem often damaged.

Fear of penises can affect both men and women.

10. Parthenophobia | Fear of Virgins or Young Girls.

Parthenophobia - Fear of Virgins or Young Girls

If you did not know that there was such a thing, find out that it is possible. “Parthenophobia” is the fear of virgins or young girls, so men who suffer from it should avoid monasteries or faculties of theology.

Dizziness, sweaty hands or in more serious cases of vomiting and nausea are the symptoms of this phobia. Though she is aware that this fear of virgin girls is absurd, these men can not control their emotions and so they can not build and maintain a loving relationship.

Parthenophobia can be treated with help from a psychotherapist.