Top 10 Strangest Fashion Accessories

For most of us, fashion accessories would mean earrings, rings, bracelets, or other types of jewelry, or bags, belts, and hair accessories. However, this is very common, very usual, and not everyone likes doing the usual things. There are some weird accessories too that have been created, and if they suit your personality, you might as well opt for them.

Here’s presenting to you the list of the top 10 strangest fashion accessories.

10. The Bag TV

The Bag TV
A TV in your bag – this is something all of us may only dream of, but, it really does exist. This is a handbag with a 7-inch LCD screen. You may buy the bag alone or the bag along with the TV set. What you can do best is buy all the bag in every available color and one that comes with the TV. This gives you the chance to match your bag with your dress.

You can get this bag in 7 different colors and they are professional and casual, and you can play your favorite DVDs, MP3 files, images, or music. The battery that it comes with will allow a run time of about 2 and half hours. Naturally, this bag is more expensive than the usual bags but definitely is worth it.

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9. Teardrop Jewelry

Teardrop Jewelry
Tears represent sadness, an emotion all of us want to avoid. However, strangely enough, it has now become a fashion accessory. Eric Klarenbeek, a designer from Netherland, who wanted to create something unusual, created a tear jewelry that has been designed for your eyes. These are basically flowers and crystals that will hang from your contact lenses with the help of a wire. When exposed to sunlight the crystals shine beautifully. So, if you are tired of just wearing the normal colored contact lenses, you can give this one a try.

8. The Denture Bracelet

Denture Bracelet
All of us want perfect and healthy teeth that allow us to flaunt a beautiful smile. Now teeth are located where they are supposed to, but then again that is so normal. What if you could wear a set of teeth around your wrist? If the idea sounds crazy to you, how will you react when you learn that such a fashion accessory really does exist? A set of teeth has been created as a bracelet, and people have indeed purchased them. So, if you ever see something like this, do not be taken aback.

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7. Mantyhose

Women can wear all types of costumes that a man can so why should men stay behind? You surely do know that women wear pantyhose and that is perfectly normal. Since this list is about strange fashion accessories, you need to know that pantyhose are now been worn by men too. Yes, you read that right and they are known as ‘Mantyhose’.

6. Botox-Injected Handbags

Botox-Injected Handbags
Okay, so until now you know that many celebrities and even commoners opt for Botox to stay looking young. What if we tell you that there are also bags that have been injected with Botox? A Milan designer, Mauro Orietti-Carella, is known for making stylish accessories using unconventional technology. He found out that if silicone injections were injected in exotic crocodile, ostrich, or python leather, it would increase the leather’s quality and the colors would become more vivid and saturated.

Apart from great leather quality, Oriette-Carella’s accessories are also unique because of their amazing sparkle, as the bags are coated with a layer of 18-carat silver and gold dust mix.

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5. Alive Around the Neck

Strangest Fashion Accessories
We all shriek with fear when we see a mouse even at a foot’s distance. Would you ever even dream of having one very close to you, just around your neck? Though most of you will disagree, some surely will love the idea, and this is perhaps why this strange fashion accessory has been created.

This neckpiece looks quite like a cage and has been created to allow a live mouse enough space to move. Sounds weird? Well, this is exactly why this list has been created.

4. Barbie Doll Jewelry

Barbie Doll Jewelry
Though you may think that this is surely something nice and sweet, think again. It is a strange collection of jewelry which includes the cut off body parts of your favorite Barbie doll. The collection includes a necklace that has been made using the breasts of this doll, earrings featuring the doll’s lips, and some earring features her ears.

3. Ice Jewelry

Katharina Ludwig ice jewelry
If you are feeling too hot and do not worry much about the aesthetics then the ice necklace will be the best jewelry for you. The baubles used in these necklaces are made of real ice and thus you can wear it only once. It has been created by Katharina Ludwig, who also makes other ice jewelry like earrings and rings that you can pair with the beautiful ice necklace. Yet another one of the strangest fashion accessories.

2. The Nubrella

Nubrella Hands Free Umbrella
Tired of using the normal umbrella, then you should give this nubrella a try. These are all-cover umbrellas that you can strap on to your shoulders and thus will not have to worry about holding one. Though it looks strange, it saves your shoulders and neck from rain and snow. Also, as it has no corner edges so you will not have to worry about poking any fellow pedestrian.

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1. Meggings


Can you imagine how would a man look in leggings? Well, designers have given you the opportunity not only to imagine but actually witness such a scene. They were worn at a themed party by the actual designers and caught the attention of those who found it very appealing. They are available in many colors and are stitched keeping the needs of the wearer in mind. Known as meggings, these leggings for men have been opted by the fashion minded but are still to be accepted by the masses.

Though it is strange to learn that such weird fashion accessories do exist, but they really do. If you also want to sport something really different, you might as well give these accessories a try.