10 Most Bizarre Trends You Can’t Fathom

The world has quite a lot of unique trendsetters who almost impossible to understand. Have you ever seen a weird hair style or outfits like Lady Gaga‘s and wondered what made them choose that? Certainly all have had many such instances, but there are people who have taken it to a completely unfathomable level. You might feel quite normal, but there are some outlandish interests becoming popular out there. There are relatively more number of traditional people, so we will surely find the unique lot quite interesting; maybe.

10 Most Bizarre Trends You Can’t Comprehend:

10. Tooth Sharpening

Tooth Sharpening

Tooth sharpening is customary in many cultures, but this emerged as a trend in other parts of the world. The teeth are manually sharpened to compliment their various their various body modifications like lizard man, leopard man, etc.

9. Hair

World's longest hair

Did you ever fancy having long hair? Well, half this length?

It can be the biggest problem you can carry around, but for Asha Mandela and other people like her, it’s just their share of joy and passion hard to understand. 39 pounds and 56ft can be quite heavy to move around with ease, but they figured their way; maybe you can too. Besides this, people also prefer growing their pubic and facial hair longer than normal.

8. Tattoo

10 Most Bizarre Trends

Tattoos have gained much popularity in the past decade; however they have always been practised for centuries. Some people are content with just one or a few tattoos but for few others, only full body covering will suffice. Covering the skin completely or majorly has become a very popular among the youth, sports stars, musicians, street and freak show performers. Choosing to get rid of your original self for ever and resorting to an inked body is quite a challenge to understand, but just make sure you are confident because regretting will not quite work.

7. Long Nails

World's Longest Nails

You would’ve broken your long nails while doing your household work or when you accidentally hit it somewhere, right?

This can be one of the most inconvenient things because you realize you are made cripple and convenience is no more an option. Many peculiar ideas and choices so, let’s just wish all guy

6. Tongue Splitting

Tongue Splitting

Tongue Splitting is done by cutting the tongue from the tip to the back up to 5cm according to the preference. Seriously, why would anyone do that? As certain as a hundred other things we don’t quite understand, there are people who opt for splitting their tongue. Whether it makes them prettier or cooler with a body modification, whatever be their reason, its going to be a very different life with 2 wriggly tongues. This trend is has seen much growth and popularity.

5. Nail Art

Nail Art

Nail art is one of the most fun, popular and bizarre trends among women all around the world. It is a rapidly growing business that has ample scope for all beginner and expert level artists to make full use of this art and look gorgeous. This is one of the most fun and fun trend you will love to get hooked to with plenty of nail art designs and material to catchup. Nail Artists take their passion to fascinating levels that they deck up their nails with various fancy depictions and jewels. So much that they go overboard with large pieces of art on their nails to look fancy.

4. Bagel Heads

Bagel heads

Bagel heads is a body modification technique that took off in Cannada. Here the forehead is caused to swell by a saline drip and as the name suggest the swelling is shaped in the form of a bagel or doughnut. This became a huge sensation all around the world and seemed to have been born in Japan instead of Cannada.

3. Neck Rings

Neck rings

The neck rings are stiff rings worn as jewelry around the neck, and many cultures have it carried out for men and women. It is mostly worn by women and they and given as early as the age of 2 years. It is surprising to know that the rings are added over time and can go up to 20 turns. Many people outside these tribes have attempted to try and get the rings on, but it does have potential harm to the spine and body.

2. Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a medical surgery that involves alteration and restoration of human skin. But lately plastic surgery has been becoming very popular and is being used to enhance beauty, change appearance to look better or like someone in particular. From Sharon Osbourne to Dwane Johnson, many celebrities have used this as a tool to be able to enhance themselves.

1. Face Modifications

Face Modifications

Apart from regular plastic surgery, there are extremely bizarre things many wise people dared to step into.

Just imagine yourself sleeping and waking up with a dog face! It can give everyone creeps, except for him. With the most nastiest, most Bizarre Trends face modifications. List Created By: Apoorva Rao.