things most likely to destroy the earth

Top 10 things most likely to destroy the earth

We all are familiar with the fact that one day everything comes to an end, whether it is a human, or an animal or even a planet and a star. Everything in this universe will end one day and even our universe will also end one day, but we will talk about the end of the universe afterwards. Here destruction of earth also means the extinction of all living life on earth. From the below mentioned things, you might be familiar with some of them but there might be people who have never heard of some ways. So stay tuned and read this article to the end to gain interesting knowledge of space.

things most likely to destroy the earth

These are 10 things most likely to destroy the earth.

When will the earth be destroyed? Will the earth be destroyed by fire? When will the sun destroy the earth? Will the supernova in 2022 destroy earth? And many other question … aside from such questions, listed below are 10 possible ways or things that most likely to destroy the earth.

10. Climate Change

We all know about this and we also know what’s causing this. But unfortunately most of the people are not trying to control pollution and reduce Global warming. But let’s talk about this on a larger scale. What would happen if earth encountered an ice age? Or the pollution increased to such a level that the clouds full of sulphuric acids started to rain the acid all over earth. Oh, it would be very deadly and painful. Hope so, humanity never sees such a deadly end.

9. Sucked Into a Black Hole

The possibility of such an event is very less but not impossible. Black holes are dense matter and have very strong gravity which doesn’t even allow light to pass through it. So the chances of our escape from a black hole is absolutely zero (according to current studies).

The scientific experiments are also increasing day by day. And if by mistake we created a small black hole during an experiment then we will see the end of humanity and earth. The nearest black hole discovered is 1500 light years away from us. So we can be relieved because we are probably not going to meet such an incident.

8. Collision of Matter and Antimatter

This is something which is probably something which can even destroy the whole universe. Scientists have been creating antimatter for the past few years but it costs more than $62.5 trillion dollars per 1 gram. And till now we have created only 15 monograms of anti-matter and this can’t destroy anything. If antimatter and matter collides then they both destroy each other and produce little energy. But if antimatter is made on a large scale then it can destroy the whole earth and even the whole galaxy or the universe. No one knows what the outcomes would be.

7. Super Volcanic Eruption

This is something which has been the reason for the extinction of many species on earth for millions of years, not millions maybe from the start of earth. The volcanic eruption in recent years was the Tambora which erupted in Mt Tambora, Indonesia, 1815. The eruption killed over 1,00,000 people and it was very horrible. So a supermassive volcanic eruption can become the reason for the extinction of life on earth. The YELLOWSTONE “SUPERVOLCANO” (U.S.) which erupted 3 times in the last 2.1 million years can make a huge part of North America inhabitable.

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6. Alien Invasion

We have not encountered and not even found any alien life on earth and in space. But in this huge universe we may not be alone and a lot of scientists believe that aliens exist. And also many of them can even see us. Let’s suppose any advanced alien life found us and sent us a message that they are coming so a sci-fi movie lover can tell what can go wrong. So, we can hope that no bad alien life finds us and if someone finds us then they should be friendly with us.

5. Global Pandemic

We all have seen the global impact of Covid-19 and the worst things that happened to our lives. Many people lost their lives, many lost their jobs so some lost their loved ones. Humanity has gone through hard times in the past 2 years. We all can’t see a virus with our naked eyes and Covid-19 created such a big impact on the world. And if humanity encountered any bigger pandemic then that could also lead to the extinction of most of the human life on earth. I hope that humanity never faces any pandemic again in future.

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4. Sun would swallow Earth

This is an absolute thing and it would happen. Our Sun is 4.6 billion years old and according to scientists the Sun is a G-Type Earth and the lifespan of these stars is usually 10 billion years. So after 5.4 billion years, the Sun would explode and turn into a white dwarf. Our Sun would turn into a Red Giant in the coming billion years and it would swallow mercury, venus and probably earth also. But till that humanity would become so advanced that we would have settled into different galaxies and solar systems.

3. Nuclear war

Humanity has already faced the nuclear war and no one can forget World War 2 when America dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killed between 1,29,000 and 2,26,000. At that time, only the United States had nuclear weapons but today many countries have nuclear weapons and if humanity faces a third world war then probably most of life would be wiped out from earth. I hope humanity never faces another world war.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Humanity is becoming advanced daily and we are making more advanced robots or say Artificial Intelligence. Robots can do what humans can’t do, the human brain develops with time and also becomes old by time. But a robotic brain has no limits, no age and it can learn anything in 20 minutes which humans would take even years to learn.

Many of the world’s leading companies are developing super robotic brains which would be smarter than every human brain. And history has proven that the stronger one always rules the weaker one.

1. Asteroid Crash

65 million years ago, The Chicxulub asteroid hit earth and wiped out the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs ruled earth for more than 160 million years but an asteroid of about 10 kilometers in diameter wiped out the dinosaurs. So if any asteroid is headed towards earth then we are not safe because humanity doesn’t have any technology to stop any asteroid or comet from hitting earth.

So Asteroids are the most dangerous things that can exterminate life from earth and the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter has millions of asteroids and we don’t know which asteroid changes its mind and heads towards earth.