Facts About Aliens: 20 Mind-Blowing Stories You Didn’t Know About Aliens

This article is not to prove anything, and I do not know whether aliens exist or not. However, these 20 facts about aliens are what we must face and pay attention to.

Important Facts about Aliens!

20 Important Facts about Aliens!

1. More than 20,000 people in the world have purchased alien abduction insurance. If the insured person is kidnapped by an alien, the insurance company is willing to pay back one million dollars annually for one million years. If you insure yourself against being abducted by aliens, you are not exposed to alien’s ooxx, do not become pregnant, and are not killed by aliens.

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2. Some firefighters in the United States are training how to face aliens and how to deal with alien invasion and destruction. At the same time, they are also learning how to help an injured alien.

3. If aliens are now watching us in galaxies 65 million light years away, they will see a group of dinosaurs. However, in order to see dinosaurs, they need a huge telescope.

4. Edgar Mitchell, the 4th person on the moon who claimed to be on the moon, claimed that “the alien has contacted humans several times, but the government has been covering this fact.”

5. We have an extraordinarily 2% chance of discovering extraterrestrial life in the next decade. Scientists from the University of East Anglia in the UK are studying the probability of the existence of intelligent life on other planets.

6. In order to attract more tourists and extraterrestrials, Alberta, Canada built the world’s first UFO landing site. This UFO Landing Point is a lifting platform for the relief of the Canadian map as a background. The stones lying under the platform each come from a specific Canadian province.

7. The President of the World Chess Federation believes that chess is invented by aliens. Mr. Ilyumzhinov from the Republic of Kalmykia claimed that he had been abducted by aliens wearing yellow spacesuits on the evening of September 17, 1997.

8. In the three days of Apollo 11’s mission, the crew had reported that they were located not far from a strange flying object. They think it is a separate SIV-B rocket. The NASA team still cannot explain what that is.

9. Astronomers Margaret Turnbull and Jill Tarter from the Carnegie Institution of the United States listed a list of 17 stars in the United States that included the 17129 planets that were closest to the sun and were likely to have a life that could breed a complex life. Margaret claims that these planets have at least 3 billion years of evolutionary history of intelligent life.

10. Astronomer Frank Drake first attempted to contact aliens in 1960. In his experiment, he used an 85-foot radio antenna to capture signals from two nearby stars like the Sun.

11. Some studies suggest that aliens have visited ancient Egypt and ancient Egyptians and have taught ancient Egyptians scientific knowledge. What you see in the picture below does not matter. But these helicopters, submarines, ships and jet planes described by the ancient Egyptians in hieroglyphs are real.

12. The Extraterrestrial Civilization Search Organization (SETI) has spent at least $5 million each year looking for extraterrestrial clues since 1995. They have already scanned more than 1,000 stars and they are said to have received alien radio signals. They hope that the Allen telescope array with 350 dish antennas will help them capture signals in 2025.

13. The places where our solar system is most likely to have extraterrestrial life: underground shelters on Mars, Saturn’s satellite Escalades (Antarctica is covered with intermittent jets of ice springs), and Jupiter’s moons Europe and Callisto (Potentially huge ocean water may be hidden under the cold shell). Planet scientist David Grin spoon from the Denver Museum of Natural Sciences believes that aliens may be able to tolerate 454°C (850°F) living in Venus.

14. Perhaps the earliest UFO sightings occurred in 1450 BC. The bright circles in the sky were discovered by the Egyptians.

15. Napoleon was another person who claimed he had been kidnapped by aliens. In July 1797, when he really disappeared, he was later claimed that he was kidnapped by aliens. This is hard to believe, but scientists have found a tiny foreign object embedded in Napoleon’s skeletal remains. Its core is a microchip.

16. On a certain night in 1957, the 23-year-old Brazilian Antonio Villas-Boas was abducted by aliens and then forced to have a relationship with an alien. This is the first alien abduction incident known to people.

17. In a Harvard University study in 2003, seven were kidnapped. This tells them to be kidnapped by extraterrestrials for hygienic experiments and sexual tests. In the 2005 book, Kidnapping: Why People believed that they were hijacked by Aliens, Susan A Clancy tried to explain the reasons for these things from a scientific perspective.

18. We may be scared of aliens. In 1972, scientists tried to describe humans to aliens: Carl Sagan and Frank Drake designed a board describing a pair of naked men and women on the Pioneer 10 spacecraft.

19. 19, February 24, 1942 (Note: There is also a saying on February 25th) that an air force base in Los Angeles was overwhelmed by hundreds of reports: They discovered a UFO that the UFO received from the airbase. Anti-aircraft bombardment, but it does not seem to use any eggs.

20. Scientists recently discovered a rock on the continent of Antarctica that contained the same bacteria on Mars. If this is a bacterium billions of years ago, what will they evolve into today? Mars may indeed have the life. A large amount of methane was found on Mars. Do you know that almost all the methane on Earth is produced by organisms?

Author: Surya

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