Top 10 Exotic Man-Made Infinity Pools

When we think of infinity pools, the first thing that comes to mind are the luxury resorts around the world. Indeed, inspired by the rare and beautiful natural infinity pools in the world, some of the greatest infinity pools have been designed by architectural honchos to make the best of hotels and resorts more opulent than even the best. Let us take a look at 10 Exotic Man-Made Infinity Pools in resorts and hotels around the world.

Top 10 Exotic Man-Made Infinity Pools are:

10. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is an addition to the party-scene of Ibiza, Spain, set in a national preserve, at the edge of one of its rocky cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with large and beautiful infinity pools rumbling and tumbling down the hillside.

The Suspended Waterfall infinity pools offer an exotic view of blue waters and patchy, boulder-like rocks. As if the view and the multiple layers of the vanishing edge pools of clear blue waters were not enough, the pools also have hydrotherapy circuit. A 45-min session will reduce stress and act like an antidote to all stress.

9. Hotel Caruso

Hotel Caruso Infinity Pools

Hotel Caruso is perched on a cliff-top in Ravello, Italy, with its infinity pool set at the highest point above the town, 1000 feet above the sea level. While the hotel itself is a historic building of the 11th century which was formerly used as a palazzo, the heated infinity pool is all modern.

The vistas one can enjoy while floating in this vanishing edge pool are truly breath-taking, because the hotel is set in a place that offers the sights of all the major attractions of Italy, be it the sparkling Mediterranean Sea with rocky cliffs overlooking it, the beautiful Amalfi Coast, or the lemon groves near the hotel.

8. Astarte Suites

Astarte Suites Hotel

Astarte Suites is set on the volcanic rock of Santorini Island, Greece. Its pool us one of the most exotic man-made infinity pools in the world. While the hotel is close to a number of cultural and leisure activities in the city, guests are hardly distracted by these from the excellent views of the Aegean Sea and the caldera, available from the pool.

Apart from the natural beauty of the island, the infinity pool, along with the hotel, is a view in itself. While the pool and the stone pillars are in harmony with the rocky cliff, the turquoise of the sparkling pool waters match the blue of the ocean.

7. Huvafen Fushi

Huvafen Fushi Resort Maldives

Huvafen Fushi Resort is located in the Maldives, and has an infinity that is hard to miss. The hotel might offer a one-of-a-kind underwater spa with glass walls so that guests can enjoy views of passing marine life in relaxed leisure, what is even more attractive about this hotel is its zero-edge infinity pool that reaches out right over a private lagoon in the Indian Ocean, and being studded with submerged lights, the waters look like a piece of a very starry sky, thus giving the guests a fantasy experience of swimming. That’s not all. The 43 private bungalows each have their own smaller pools.

6. Golden Triangle Resort

Golden Triangle Resort

Golden Triangle Resort is located in the beautiful tropical landscape on Chiang Rai, Thailand, and its pool is one of the world’s most exotic man-made infinity pools. The hotel stands on a hilltop, nestled with 160 acres of lush greenery of jungles.

Even though guests can have an interactive stay at the hotel while enjoying rides on the resident elephants of the hotel, guests can hardly pull themselves out of the beautiful infinity pool. The pool itself is beautiful, with a flowery bed visible through the crystal-clear water, and the unobstructed views of Myanmar and Laos are engrossing.

5. Serenity Pool at Four Seasons Resort

Serenity Pool at Four Seasons Resort

Four Seasons Resort is located in Maui, Hawaii, and is internationally renowned for Serenity Pool, one of the world’s best infinity pools. It is located in the southernmost edge of the resort, and offers panoramic views of the West Maui range of mountains, and the island of Lanai, set in the Pacific Ocean.

To complement the heavenly views, there are four bubble loungers for ultimate relaxation. The pool is equipped with underwater music system, to set the mood. The hardest decision for the guests is to choose which luxury cabana to book, or when to leave the pool to get to the cabana.

4. Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Luxury hotel, Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is in Singapore. Its infinity pool defies all expectations of tropical beaches or views of mountains, because from this pool, one can get the spectacle of the city skyline. Stretching across Sands SkyPark for an impressive stretch of 500 feet, the pool is set into in a cantilevered platform that overhangs the 60-storeyed hotel, 679 feet above the city.

The pool with its invisible edges give the swimmer the illusion that he is about to swim right off the edge of the building. At night, the pool offers the view of one of the world’s most modern cities, all brilliantly illuminated.

3. Jade Mountains

Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia

Jade Mountain is located in Soufrière, St. Lucia, and is a tempting resort with 29 villas, and each villa offers an attached private infinity-edge pool. These pools are referred to as ‘sanctuaries’ and depending on size, they are classified as galaxies, suns, moons and stars.

Each pool, crafted from unique iridescent glass tiles, is distinctive, and appears to spill out into the Caribbean Sea, as the guest enjoys the views of the island’s Pitons which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At night, one can float under the sky, thanks to the fiber-optic lights. Walls on three sides guarantee privacy.

2. Capella Pedregal

Capella Pedregal

Capella Pedregal is a rare boutique hotel in on the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula on Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It offers a plunge into two excellent infinity pools, overlooked by the rooms in the hotel.

The exotic man-made infinity pools are just a flight of stairs above the Pacific Ocean meeting the Sea of Cortez at the edge of the resort, and the sandy beach that accompanies the magnificent waters. Be while taking a dip in the infinity pools or while lounging on the poolside with delicious cocktails from the swim-up bar, one can enjoy the view of the crashing waves of the soaring cliffs.

1. Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel

Hanging Gardens Ubud Exotic Man-Made Infinity Pools

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel is located in Bali, Indonesia, and is the paradise for the lovers of infinity pools. Why, you ask? Well, firstly, the hotel has multiple levels of infinity pools that were designed with the towering look of the natural cliff-side, inspired by the shape and beauty of the surrounding hills.

Besides, in addition to the two main pools, each of the guest rooms comes with its very own mini infinity-edge pool. Guests can relax in the pool waters, marvelling at the views of the Pura Penataran Dalem Segara temple or the surrounding vistas, while enjoying the tropical ambience.

Ever since the concept of infinity pools originated in France where one of the first infinity edge designs was used in the Stag Fountain of the Palace of Versailles in the 1600s, exotic man-made infinity pools have only added to the exclusiveness of the hotels and resorts they are a part of. All over the world, the vanishing edge design is hugely sought after.

There are …….and several other exotic man-made infinity pools all around the world, which have totally transformed the concept of luxury resorts and hotels, now, and made our work extremely difficult.