10 Best Boutique Hotels Around the World

The term boutique hotel is used to describe a small but stylish hotel, typically one that is located in a fashionable urban area. They began in the 1980s in North America and the UK, where hotels with typically 10-100 rooms were included in this category. The main attraction of boutique hotels is the compact size and intimate ambience. Let us take a look at some wonderful Boutique Hotels around the World.

Top 10 Boutique Hotels in The World:

1. Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany, Italy

Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany, Italy

The mind-blowing Borgo Santo Pietro is ensconced within 13 acres of vineyards, courtyards, orchards and secret gardens, with antique roses blooming here and there. With elaborately designed suites to retire in, guests can wander around the hotel grounds for hours, soaking in the exquisite beauty offered by the environment around it. This hotel is Old-world Tuscan perfection.

2. Maison 140, Beverly Hills, USA

10 Best Boutique Hotels

Located deep in West Hollywood, in the super glamorous region of Los Angeles of California, quaint little Maison 140 is an intimate retreat, decorated in a vintage French style. The Parisian inn is comfortable and unpretentious, with gourmet meals offered to guests. They can have their luxury meals delivered to the rooms, or pair their dishes with signature cocktails like French Kiss at the bar.

3. Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

Lydmar is perfect for anyone who wants to pair up fine dining with a cultural getaway. Located in the heart of Stockholm, this boutique hotel is simple and yet offers the kind of elegance that one might expect. It strikes the right balance between classic and contemporary. Guests can know of the events in town from the hotel staff, or walk to the Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery.

4. Sanctum Soho, London, UK

Sanctum Soho, London, UK

Situated right at the core of London is the Sanctum Soho, a surprisingly trendy boutique hotel, complete with a small but remarkable private theatre and a rooftop garden which comes with hydro-hot tub. The hotel offers rooms individually designed in a funky style. This place is perfect for an intimate escape from busy London streets, and get royal treatment, with great food and drinks.

5. Layana Resort and Spa, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Layana Resort and Spa, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Thailand is one of the best places in the world for a resort and spa retreat, and Layana Resort and Spa is the perfect example of Thai hospitality. It is located on one of the golden beaches of Thailand, exotic enough to steal the breath, and guests are offered a number of water sports. The exclusive holiday experience at this paradise boutique hotel is open for guests of 18 years of age or above.

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6. The Toren, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Toren, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Toren is a 17th century hotel in Amsterdam, a city renowned around the world for its magnificence. Toren offers the perfect place to stay at, for a perfectly unrestrained weekend, and feel absolutely regal. Each room is individually designed, and a few of the rooms even feature their own private whirlpool Jacuzzi. These, along with other features, add to the theatrical design.

7. Poseidonion Grand Hotel, Spetses, Greece

10 Best Boutique Hotels

Spetses is an island in Greece, a place that needs no introduction, and this island is the home to the palatial Poseidonion Grand Hotel, overlooking the Dapia Port. To surprise the guests pleasantly, the hotel offers Freud Oriental restaurant which serves fusion food, inspired by Asian cuisine. What is even more delightful is that the food is prepared from locally sourced, sustainable ingredients.

8. The Samling Hotel, Windermere, UK

10 Best Boutique Hotels

The Sampling Hotel is the perfect stop for a quick stay for the food lovers heading towards the Lake District National Park. With 67 acres of sprawling countryside, and stunning views of the lake from most of the rooms, this hotel offers Michelin Star restaurant as the star attraction, what with the excellent repertoire for fine-dining. For an exclusive, private experience, the entire hotel is available.

9. Taveuni Palms Resort, Taveuni, Fiji

10 Best Boutique Hotels

The Taveuni Palms Resort of Australia is a family haven, and the perfect honeymooners’ paradise. There are three separate private villas, all of which feature one whole acre of private beach. Guests can select one of the villas, paired with private staff of seven who will be ready to cater to their every need, thus choosing to experience luxury accommodation in the ultimate private getaway.

10. Entre Cielos, Mendoza, Argentina

10 Best Boutique Hotels

Entre Cielos is located at the foot of the Andes in Mendoza. Despite being new, it offers quality experience, with exceptionally modern facilities. The rooms in the hotel are surrounded by rolling vineyards. In these vineyards is produced Marantel Malbec, the signature wine of this hotel. There is full service hamam and spa, with special grape seed exfoliation, wine bath with grape extracts, etc.

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Although many of the boutique hotels offer services similar to those of the best luxury hotels, the main difference between the two lie in the fact that the boutique hotels offer seclusion and privacy, with a limited number of rooms. They offer privacy of ambience, which, teamed with fine dining and wonderful scenery, are just perfect for a quiet, relaxing time, away from the everyday chaos, rut and responsibilities.