Top 10 Funny Pranks to Play On Sisters

In a perfect family, there should be a brother as well as a sister but it is only perfect from the outside. Enter the home and you will witness a mini war between the brother and sister. Sometimes even two sisters just cannot get along. Whether the reason is clothes, boys or makeup, having sisters is quite tiring. So every now and then, we need to prank our sisters to bring them back to Earth and get them off their high horses. Let us look at these ten pranks and try a few.

Top 10 Funny Pranks to Play On Sisters:

10. Oily Hair

Funny Pranks to Play On Sisters

Girls love their hair and will do whatever it takes to maintain a healthy crop. So when someone pranks them using their hair as the target, it will definitely get to them. Sneak out the bottle of shampoo used by your sister and add some baby oil to it. Mix it well so that they do not figure it out. Although baby oil is good for hair, it will leave your sisters hair oily 24/7. It is important to use the last bit of the shampoo so that your sister doesn’t get very annoyed. Make sure there is some shampoo around for her to wash out the oil.

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9. Arachnophobia

Fear of Spider

Most girls we know are afraid of insects and other creepy crawlies. Spiders bring tears to girl’s eyes in seconds and using this to your advantage is extremely clever. Purchase or borrow a toy spider, something that looks realistic and is quite big in size. Then look for your sister’s favorite handbag or purse. Place the spider in the bag over her phone or her makeup kit. When she reaches in, she will scream and probably cry as well. Just don’t place a real one in if not you will be taking your sister to the hospital.

8. Wake Up Sis

woman surrounded by clocks

Does your sister work late? Or does she sleep late? If so, then this prank is perfect for you. Before she gets into bed, collect all the clocks you can. Get clocks that have alarms on them. Set each clock alarm 5 minutes after the previous one starting from around 3:30 AM. Keep the clocks in different areas of the room so that she doesn’t know where to look. It is important that you pretend to sleep so that she has to switch off the alarms herself.

7. To be continued

Funny Pranks to Play On Sisters , Readingbook

Unlike boys, girls love to read books. This makes it easier to prank your sister. Take a look at what she is reading currently and see how far she has got. If she is just starting or is somewhere in the middle, you will have to wait a bit for the prank to kick in. So, here is what you need to do. Just get a hold of the book and remove the last two pages very neatly. If you want, you can add the words “to be continued…” at the end. She won’t know whether it is the real end or whether she is being pranked.

6. Long Lasting Polish

woman painting nails

Girls and nail polish go hand in hand literally and this makes it an easy tool to play a prank. Find your sisters favorite nail polish and add a few drops of food coloring. Just 2 or 3 drops will suffice but make sure the polish and the coloring are the same (red coloring to red polish). When she removes the polish, the color will last for a few more days than usual. She won’t know what’s happening and will probably stop using the polish. This is a good prank to play on sisters who constantly borrow nail polish without asking.

5. You Got Tanned

Funny Pranks to Play On Sisters Bodylotion

This is quite a cruel prank to play on your sister as it will leave her looking like a zebra so it is best to play this during a holiday. Find your sister’s body lotion cream and mix in some self tan lotion. You do not have to mix it in a lot because that is what gives the skin a “zebra” look. When your sister uses the lotion, she will not suspect anything out of the ordinary but when the tanning lotion kicks in, she will definitely see it as will everyone else that comes in contact with her. The reason you should do this during a holiday is because there is no way she will want to go out looking like a brown Marty.

4. Caught You Brown handed

Another fun but messy pranks to play on sisters involves a spoon or two of yummy sticky peanut butter. Sneak into your sister’s room and smear some of the peanut butter on the inside of the handles of her cupboards and drawers that she uses regularly. When she pulls at one of these handles, she will get peanut butter all over her hands. She will be really mad but might enjoy licking her fingers later. If she hates it, she will have a really hard time getting it off of her.

3. Tattooed Footwear

Funny Pranks to Play On Sisters, sandals

Girls always have a favorite pair of sandals and shoes. They just cannot get enough of it and wear it all the time. This is perfect for carrying out this prank. Take some black shoe polish and coat the inside of her favorite sandals or shoes. Let her wear them and walk around. When she gets home, and removes her footwear, prepare for the loudest scream you ever heard. She will have black polish all over her feet and will not know how it happened.

2. Insect Fast Food

Funny Pranks to Play On Sisters, food

This is a prank that should be carried out without adults around because it might lead to abusing and cursing. Prepare a plate of your sister’s favorite food. But add a little extra to it. Purchase a few fake flies and cockroaches and mix them into the food. Cover it and leave it for your sister to dig in. As soon as she lifts the lid, she will run away in fright and disgust. Make sure you don’t overdo it with the insects so that it looks fake. Just a few will do the trick.

1. The Last Sip

Funny Pranks to Play On Sisters, bedtea

If you know that your sisters enjoys a warm drink before bed or in the morning, play this prank on her and she might just give up drinking anything. In her drink, slyly drop a few raisins which will sink to the bottom of the cup. The raisins will leave the last sip a bit sweet and might even change the color a bit. But when she sees the dried fruit slowly drifting towards her mouth, she will almost throw up. This prank is best played in the morning when she is sleepy so that she doesn’t suspect anything.