10 Incredible Coincidence

Top 10 Incredible Coincidence of The World

Ten Incredible Coincidence of the World which will Make Your Mind Astounding!

This is a common question goes on our mind from long time how phenomena are occurring? What the reasons behind it? Why any specific event happen? Is it because of destination? Or because of some logic? Is it in the hand of god or some supernatural power’ hand?

It does not matter what the answers would be such above question! But mankind always effort to find put the answers of these questions. While our world’s history finds out some events which make our mind astonishing. This is when our history witness that the two events happen simultaneously. They go against nature and probability. These are incredible coincidence!

Here are ten incredible coincidence given below:-

1. Creepy coincidences between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

Incredible Coincidence
Both were president of America and were elected as 46th Representatives of the House. Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846 while John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Both person carry seven contain in their names. Interestingly duo were shot in the back of their head in the presence of their wives on Friday. Lincoln was shot in Ford’s theatre and Kennedy was shot Ford made by Lincoln.

2. Twin brothers born and died at the same time

On March 2002 a horror news took place and received much limelight that, twin brothers in Finland died on same day two hours apart. Both died in a car accident on the same road. The officer who was handling the case said, “This was a historical strange kind of accident.” Even though the road is full of vehicles accidents merely happen.

3. Two persons killed in same spot same way 

In 1975, a person was killed in accident by taxi hit in the Bermuda Island while riding motorcycle. After one year another person died in the same way. Interestingly he was hit by the same taxi even. And the person who died ridding same motorcycle. Strange! How both person can ride same bicycle? Because they were brothers who died same apart in road accident.

4. Both brothers died in cardiac arrest

Twin brothers who were living around 130km (80miles) away from each other in Britain. On the evening of 27th May 1975 twosome started feeling chest pain. Families were not aware about each other’s illness and both were admitted in separate hospitals. Around the same time both passed away and both were victims of cardiac arrest.

5. Two twins separated at birth

In Ohio twins were born but both were adopted by different families who does not know each other’s. Both were named James by their foster families. Twin brothers grown up unaware from each other, started looking for same jobs. Dou have good ability of painting and carpentry. Both married women name Linda and interestingly both name their kids James Alen. Gradually, both got divorced from their wives and remarry women with same name Bretty. Both had a dog named Toy. Only when they reached in their40s they got to know that these two men are brothers and living same kind of lives.

6. A particular monk stopped a particular person to commit suicide thrice

Joseph Aigner was a well-known painter of 19th century in Austria who was probably unhappy. He tried to kill himself thrice and saved by a same monk. His first attempted of suicide was when he was eighteen, he tried to hang himself but saved by a capuchin monk who appeared in the front of very mysterious way. At the age of 22 the painter again try to hang himself, but again he saved by that particular capuchin monk. Eight years later he received death sentence for his political activities but the same capuchin monk saved him by intervention. But finally Aiger succeed in killing himself by shooting at the age of 68. Amusingly, the painter’s funeral ceremony was conducted by that capuchin monk and Aiger did not even knew his name.

7. An author found book of her childhood days

Incredible Coincidence

An author from Paris called Anne Parrish were roaming in a book store. She picked up one favorite book of her “Jack Frost” and other Stories and started showing it to her husband. When her husband turn the page of the book he amazed to find the inscription written in the cover page, it was “Anne Parrish, 209 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs. “ It was Anne’s home address. Means it was her own book which founded by her again.

8. Date 21st proved unlucky date for King Louis XVI

Incredible Coincidence

When King Louis XVI born he was warned by an astrologer that 21st is not an auspicious date for rather it is a profane date for you. Louis was so terrified with this fact and tried to save himself from the date. He can’t guide himself all the time, so 21st proved “black day” for him. On June 21st 1791 French Revolution happened and he was arrested with his queen. On September 21st 1791 France abolished the institution of royalty and proclaimed itself that it is now Republic country. Finally, in 21st January he faced assassination and he was beheaded.

9. Three strangers shared same last names

In the 1920s three British were travelling separately in a train. Threesome were not connected with each other any ways. But they shared same last names. When they introduced each other to each other they got to know that that the first person’s name was Bingham and the second person’s last name was Powell. The third person’s last name was Bingham-Powell.

10. Mark Twain connection with Halley Comet

Mark Twain was born on the day when Halley’s Comet appeared in 1835. He himself predicted this in 1909, when he said: “I came in with Halley’s comet in 1835. It is again coming next year and I expected to go out with it.” Means he predicted his death day! Is not it is strange?

Written By: Chitra Home Chowdhury