Top 10 Landscaping Ideas for 2019

Top 10 Landscaping Ideas for 2021

Looking to have the best landscape in your neighborhood, but don’t know what to do? Every year there are new trends that come forward to give you the ultimate landscape design, and this year is no different.

We have the top 10 landscaping ideas for 2021 that will make your yard the talk of the neighborhood.

Staycation Yard

Top 10 Landscaping Ideas for 2019

Instead of planning a vacation once a year or so, why not transform your yard into your own vacation hotspot? You won’t have to wait in line to board the plane, and you can get your money’s worth utilizing your yard multiple times.

Think of your favorite destination and mimic that in your yard. Have outdoor lounging areas, as well as lights, a bar, fire pit, and a place to cook.

Structures as Feature Pieces

Top 10 Landscaping Ideas for 2019

Every backyard needs a feature piece. One trend to get on board with is to have a statement piece as part of your landscape plan. You could repurpose an existing structure, have a water fountain, something for the garden, or a pergola.

Adding a Pop of Color

Top 10 Landscaping Ideas for 2019

Traditional landscapes usually lack in color. This year, add a pop of your favorite color through plants, structures, or painting the fence or exterior walls of your house. Anywhere you can add pops of color, the better.

Private Oasis

Private Oasis backyard

Even if your yard is built for entertainment, a trend for 2021 is to have a private, secluded place. Think of it as your small retreat away from the bustling world. It could be a place of meditation, reading, afternoon naps, or to relax and decompress from the day.

Keep your secluded oasis small. Have a water feature for a calming sound, a pergola for some shade and privacy, and walls to separate the area.

Giving Back

Native Plants Backyard

A trend to get behind is one that gives back to the Earth and to the community. Homeowners are using their landscape and garden for more than just looks. They’re using native plants to benefit the natural habitat and wildlife who live in it. Planting gardens to give food back to the community. Also, using organic methods to get rid of pests and weeds.

Adding Pavement

Walkways and concrete slabs

An overall trend for landscaping is to keep things simple and minimal. One way to help lower the maintenance of your yard is to add concrete or pavement for functional areas. Walkways and concrete slabs for barbequing or great ways to include pavement.

Low-Maintenance Plants

Low-Maintenance Plants

We live in a busy world. If you can create a low-maintenance landscape, why wouldn’t you? Along with adding pavement, homeowners are opting for perennials over annuals. That way, you won’t have to replant them every year, and don’t require much attention.

Raised Flower Beds

Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds are a modern landscaping trend if you like the futuristic look. You can create unique structures that you wouldn’t get from simply adding plants right to the ground level. Not only that but having raised flower beds prevents plants from growing out of control.

Upgraded Pergolas

Top 10 Landscaping Ideas for 2019

Pergolas are nothing new to landscapes. However, pergolas with windows, covering, lighting, and even sound, now that is something new. Upgrading your pergola with these elements allows you to utilize the space in different ways.


Top 10 Landscaping Ideas for 2019

Again, lighting isn’t new to yards. However, it’s the amount of lighting, and the type of lights you use that are making it a trend for the year. String lights are becoming popular, as well as adding light throughout your entire yard and not just the deck.