Top 15 Artificial Islands – Amazing Man-Made Islands

There is something mystic about islands. Islands stand in solitariness amidst all the infinite blue waters. Islands were once enamoured in mystery. Today, due to the advancement of science, man has mastered the art of making their very own artificial islands. All over the world, there are some incredible man-made islands. Man has put together beauty and utility. Let us look at some of the most incredible artificial islands in the world.

15. Thilafushi

Thilafushi- artificial island

Thilafushi is an artificial island in Maldives, to the west of Malé, in Maldives. Geographically a part if the Vaadhoo channel, it is located between the Kaafu Atoll’s Giraavaru and Gulhifalhu. Built on reclaimed coral reefs in 1992, it is a dumping ground for over 300 tons of rubbish. Reportedly growing at a rate of about 0.92 square meters a day, the landmass has attracted entrepreneurs.

14. Balboa Island

Balboa Island, Newport Beach

The Balboa Island in Newport Beach of California is a chain of three modified or artificial islands that include the Balboa Island, Little Balboa Island and Collins Island. There is a bridge that connects the Balboa Island community to the mainland, with ferryboats further connecting the two. With about 3,000 residents in 0.52 square kilometres, it is one of the densest communities in Orange County.

13. Artificial Islands for Tokyo Disneyland

Islands for Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is an internationally famous theme park in Japan, set on a man-made island in Urayasu, Chiba. The Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the greatest tourist spots, and it is the first Disney park built outside the United States, and it celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2008. The island resort has five hotels within walking distance from the themed areas, as well as four Japanese airports.

12. Willingdon Island

Willingdon Island in Cochin

The Willingdon in India is the largest artificial island in the country. It is a part of the city of Kochi, in Kerala. Much of it is claimed from the Lake of Kochi, constructed by filling in dredged soil around a natural island that existed previously. It is important as the home for Port of Kochi and Kochi Naval Base, as well as other establishments. There are several hotels and business centres on this island.

11. Venetian Artificial Islands

Venetian Islands, Florida

The Venetian Islands project in Biscayne Bay are a chain of man-made islands, connected by bridges from the Miami mainland to the Miami Beach in Florida. One of the most prominent sets of islands, among the many artificial islands in Miami, the islands include Belle Isle, Rivo Alto, Di Lido, San Marino, San Marco and Biscayne. The Flagler Monument is an uninhibited picnic island built in 1920.

10. Kamfers Dam Island

Kamfers Dam Island

In the Kamfers Dam lake of South Africa lies an artificial island in the shape of a giant “S” in the north of Kimberley. It has been an important breeding ground of Lesser Flamingos since its construction by Ekapa Mining using 26,000 tons of material, back in 2006, with almost 50,000 flamingos living on this island. However, due to deteriorating water quality and rising water levels, the island is in danger.

9. The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar is a man-made island of almost 4 million square meters, in Doha, Qatar. The first land in Qatar available for freehold ownership by foreign nationals, this island saw an increase in its population from 3,000 in 2011 to 12,000 in 2015. Developed by United Development Company, the project is expected to accommodate great entertainment facilities for residents as well as tourists.

8. Artificial Islands of Uros

The Uros Floating Islands

The islands of Uros, Peru, are made from reed growing along the edges of Lake Titicaca, Puno, by bundling these reeds into floating island platforms. Each of these artificial islands have 2-10 reed houses, depending on the size. The biggest island has a watchtower. But, tourists are affecting the traditional culture of the Uros people. Environmental and health issues are also on the rise, here.

7. Spiral Island

Spiral Island

Spiral Island in Mexico is a floating man-made island, in true sense of the term. Built by British artist Richard “Reishee” Sowa back in 1998 using more than a quarter-million plastic bottles, it got destroyed by hurricane Emily in the year 2005. However, he started rebuilding the island to make it bigger and better. Since 2008, a replacement island named Joyxee Island has been open for visits.

6. Peberholm


Peberholm is an artificial island in the Danish part of the Öresund strait as a part of the Öresund Bridge which connects Denmark with Sweden. This small but picturesque island was built to have a crossover point between the bridge and the tunnel that had been built for an obstacle-free link between Sweden and Denmark. Only biologists are allowed annually here, to preserve its ecology.

5. The THUMS Islands

The THUMS Islands

The THUMS Islands in San Pedro Bay are a set of man-made islands off the coast of Long Beach, California. Built in 1965 to tap into the East Wilmington Oil Field, these are the only decorated oil islands in the US, with tall structures to conceal the drill rigs including The Condo, a waterfall and significant landscaping. Island Grissom and Freeman Island are among the most beautiful of these.

4. Amwaj Artificial Islands

Amwaj artificial Island Bahrain

The Amwaj Islands I Bahrain are a group of man-made islands in the Persian Gulf. These islands were reclaimed from the shallow seas. These are a pioneering project to offer 100% freehold ownership to expatriates in Bahrain. It has recently become fit for residential purpose, with complete infrastructure, complete with commercial and residential buildings, hotels, and a circular marina.

3. Île aux Cygnes

Île aux Cygnes

The Île aux Cygnes in France is a small artificial island in the Seine in Paris, located in the 15th and 16th arrondissement. Formed in 1827 in order to protect the port of Grenelle. There are three bridges crossing it, and a tree-lined walkway. One of the major features of this island is the one-fourth scale Statue of Liberty replica, which faces in the direction of the original Statue of Liberty in New York.

2. Palm Islands

Palm artificial Islands

The Palm Jumeirah is one of the three sets of man-made islands, the Palm Islands, on the coast of Dubai, in United Arab Emirates. This archipelago was built using land reclamation by a UAE government owned company, Nakheel. Shaped like a palm tree, it is the original and the smallest of the three Palm islands of which the other two are incomplete, extending into the Persian Gulf.

1. The World Islands

The World artificial Islands

The World Islands in the Persian Gulf is another of the many sets of artificial islands in Dubai. This archipelago is made of small islands which are placed roughly in the shape of the world map about 100 metres apart. They are composed of sand which is dredged from the shallow coastal waters of Dubai. It was originally conceived by the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

There are several other artificial or man-made islands, and many more on their way. These artificial islands may be the new answer to the growing need for land. The population today has grown to the point that landforms all over the world are not enough. Apart from that, these islands can also serve as the platforms for several other purposes, including industrial, scientific, ecological and other needs. Many other purposes can be served by these islands, if planned properly. Scientists seem to believe that they may even solve the problem of rising water levels. To top it all, the artificial islands add to the aesthetic value of the world.