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Top 10 Weird Ways that People Make Money

What would you do if you were in desperate need of cash? There are a variety of ways to achieve financial prosperity, and specific individuals are very inventive. They see a chance to plug a particular void in the industry and seize it. It’s a wild place out there, and things are just getting stranger by the day. The genuinely inventive of us have come up with a variety of creative ways to increase their income, including snuggling strangers, harvesting roadkill, and taste-testing dog food, to name a few. There is a slew of options for increasing your profits, believe it or not. The issue is that certain proposals seem to be much too strange or bizarre to be taken seriously. So, as you can easily guess, we will talk about the Top 10 weird ways that people make money.

Weird Ways that People Make Money

10 Weird and wonderful ways to make money

10. Make Money Being A Friend

Could you imagine being paid to do nothing but hang out with your friends? Could you imagine being rewarded for watching a movie, playing a game of tennis, and maybe going out for a drink? And, Could you imagine being paid for your friendship? 

Let’s face it: we’re not used to the concept of renting a mate. In reality, some people may consider the concept to be downright obscene and total misuse of the term “mate.” However, if you offer it a shot, it can begin to make sense. 

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Although it may draw depressed people who haven’t been able to make friends in other ways. It still has a large number of people for whom charging for their time makes sense. For example, someone may be visiting a region for a few days and would like you to show them around or just keep them company. Or someone might also want to learn a new ability and want you to explain it to them, which is an entirely valid service to charge for.

You’re under no pressure to partner up with someone you don’t want to, but you should just lend yourself out to those with whom you’re happy. Any of the people they’ve encountered have turned out to be close friends, but it’s a fun opportunity to engage new people as well. People usually charge at least $10 per hour for their services. People have been paid to be ‘buddies’ for generations, typically too rich, elderly people when you think about it. I believe it is a fantastic way to earn money when doing nothing but having fun.

9. Selling Virginity

There’s no denying that Virginity is a prized possession held in high esteem by many cultures. Having to sleep with a virgin can seem like a conquest for men. It may be a holy act for ladies, reserved only for the lucky one they want. Some ladies, on the other hand, want to preserve their Virginity and then offer it to the highest bidder. If they prepare correctly, they will set themselves up for a more stable existence for the sum they get. A night with a stranger might mean paying off student loans, establishing a college fund, or putting money down on a startup. One woman actually paid $3 million for her Virginity.

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8. Playing Video Games

Making money when playing video games is definitely the greatest fantasy for any avid player. It does not, though, have to be a dream. There are many options to earn money when playing video games. Both of these methods may be used to augment the wages, and others can be used to generate full-time income. Why shouldn’t you start a gaming blog if you only want to earn a little extra money off your hobby? You’ll be able to place advertisements on it, and if it starts to attract a lot of traffic, you’ll be able to start making money.

You should even add videos to YouTube or Twitch and see how much money you can earn there if you like creating videos to writing blogs. However, if you’re adamant about making money with computer games, consider being a video game tester, which pays between $16,000 on average. In e-sports competitions, you may even earn a lot of money, but you have to be extremely good to win.

7. Selling Air

Isn’t it true that air is healthy, abundant in nature, and can be contained just about anywhere? This isn’t necessarily the case; depending on where you are in the world, this isn’t necessarily the case. Depending on the capacity of the canister, air costs anything from $14 to $20. Some areas are so filthy that some people would go to great lengths to get a taste of fresh air. In these circumstances, the expense isn’t a significant consideration. Air farming in unpolluted areas is a viable option for those living in contaminated sites. Any enterprising individuals in the United Kingdom and Canada are profiting from simply selling air. Customers in China consider air in a container to be a cherished asset that provides much-needed relief to their lungs, which are often subjected to pollution.

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Breathing in the smoke, poisonous fumes, and soot being pumped into the environment kills between 5.5 million and seven million people. The toll of this polluted air is especially troubling in China and India, where it has resulted in three million deaths in those two countries alone. Any people who are short of breath are resorting to extreme measures, such as using filtered oxygen. Increasingly, businesses are compressing and bottling fresh countryside air and distributing it digitally. It might seem to be a joke, as it has in the past, but the aim is to raise visibility and provide people with clean air for a fee. 

6. Selling Breast Milk

Yes, mothers sell breastmilk for a fair profit, and it’s a profitable industry that’s been around for a long time. To be sure, not everyone is capable of doing this – at least half of the population is still underqualified! I mean men, of course. However, when it comes to unusual and weird ways to earn money, this is at the top of the priority list! Well, you can actually make money by selling breast milk. According to the World Health Organization, breast milk from another safe woman is the safest meal for a newborn baby if the infant’s mother is unable to breastfeed properly. You can donate your breast milk to UK milk banks but will not be compensated for it, or you can sell your breast milk online., for example, allows you to place an online ad and wait for an answer from those in need of breast milk. You can still make a lot of money; For example, four-ounce cans of milk sell for $15 right now. People who purchase breast milk digitally, on the other hand, are a legitimate source of concern. Buyers hardly know the mother’s welfare from whom they are purchasing milk, putting them at risk of receiving milk tainted with medications or infections. So, yeah, selling breast milk is a viable option. Nonetheless, we can’t disregard the questions around online breast milk buyers. We have no idea whether it’s for a fully grown adult with a breastmilk addiction.

5. Making Money By Sleeping

Could you imagine being paid to do nothing but sleep? What a wonderful idea it will be. And obviously weird idea to make money. Some people, known as bed testers, are fortunate enough to have this opportunity. Bed testers are given the opportunity to try out a variety of beds, all of which are luxurious, and then make a decision based on their experience. Testing mattresses and bedding for a packaging firm during the production process of a new product is one of the responsibilities of a professional bed tester.

Your tasks involve lying down and resting on a sample mattress, as well as writing a study that evaluates comfort and other considerations. You should also try out covers, pillows, and other sleeping accessories. Any testers assess the consistency of hotel rooms’ beds and other factors that influence sleep. Any experiments require you to use the goods in particular circumstances in order to evaluate their efficacy.

We’re doing this one just for entertainment purposes. Because being a full-time bed tester is very difficult – as you might expect, it’s extremely competitive! Since Hotel Chatter put out a call for an expert to evaluate their 25,000 beds in 2006, the majority of people were first drawn to the concept of becoming a bed tester.

4. Making Money By Tasting Food

Isn’t it wonderful to get paying to taste research foods? And, unlike being paid to sleep, it’s something you’re most likely to be recruited for. Research firms are involved in hearing your opinions on nutritional ingredients as a food tester. Once you’ve sampled the item, you’ll be prompted to have input on the product. This may be in the form of a focus group or just a score on a survey. You’ll be offered a palate cleanser, such as a cracker and drink, in between each food sample to ensure you’re ready for the next.

Tests usually last an hour or two, but if you’re participating in a focus group, it could take a little longer. You won’t be able to make a living off of it; It’s more of a fun opportunity to augment your salary, so you will receive anything from $20 to $80 based on whether you’re only filling out a survey or participating in a group interview.

3. Get Paid To Purchase Liquor

Do you have a lurking 18-19-year-old in your house? Maybe you’re that 18-19-year-old who’s stuck inside on a beautiful day because you don’t have any money. If you’d rather be at the bar with your friends, you will now be compensated for it! It’s just another weird way to make money. Serve Legal is looking for young people to help them figure out whether bars are serving people who might be under the age of 21. It’s a paying gig, and you’ll be reimbursed for your liquor and travel expenses.

If bars, stores, and off-licences are found supplying alcohol to minors, they will suffer severe consequences. This is why companies seek the services of Serve Legal. They make it possible for covert ‘visitors’ to enter companies and service customers. It’s similar to mystery shopping, except with one major exception. You’re making sure the individual serving you is following the rules and confirming your identification. Young people who are committed to serving in the legal profession are required. You’ll be called upon if required, and you’ll likely be expected to complete the job in a precise and concentrated manner.

You’ll have to pay attention to the details regarding your background that they need. Finally, you must be self-motivated in order to make the best of this chance. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, you can purchase an age-restricted drink from a shop, store, restaurant, or club. These jobs cost between $20 and $70 a visit, with bonuses available if the visit is urgent.

2. Selling Sperm & Eggs

It’s a fun and weird way to make money if you’re a guy, to be honest. It’s also possible to classify it as a recreational sport. You must not have a history of sexually transmitted diseases or a medical or family background of inheritable conditions as the only criteria. You may also be subjected to medical tests, which may include an HIV test. Be mindful that if the sperm content isn’t good enough, you can be rejected; If they do so, don’t take it to heart! While the HFEA states that you cannot be compensated for donating sperm, you are granted $50 per contribution to cover those costs.

On the other hand, egg donation is a much more dangerous operation that is not very enjoyable. The egg donor must be between the ages of 18 to 36. And screened prior to the donation to eliminate the risk of hereditary defects and sexually transmitted diseases. If you’re considered to be a good fit for donating, you’ll be paired with a couple that is struggling with infertility. After that, you’ll be offered fertility medication to take at home, which will cause the ovaries to produce a large number of eggs. The HFEA has set a limit of $800 for egg donations. Believing that this would inspire people to donate eggs out of altruism rather than financial necessity.

1. Selling Human Waste

While it might seem absurd, one person’s faeces might save another’s existence. Any people have Clostridium difficile, a persistent and lethal bacterial infection that causes 15,000 deaths in the United States per year. A faecal donation may be used to cure this condition. Good bacteria from a healthy person’s waste are introduced into the patient’s intestines—this aids in the elimination of Clostridium difficile from their environment. In 2015, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researcher-made about $1,000 by selling his stool.

However, not everybody is qualified to donate stool to the OpenBiome project. You must pass a comprehensive health examination to be cleared of all pathogens. You just can’t have visited a country where there’s a chance of catching diseases. Also, you can’t have diabetes because you shouldn’t have used antibiotics or harmful medications within a certain amount of time.


If you are a crybaby, then this one is for you! Professional mourners, or people who are paying to cry at funerals, have long been a fixture in Asian and Hispanic nations. But they have only recently begun to gain traction in America and Europe. This job isn’t as simple as turning up, crying a few tears, and gathering money; experienced mourners effectively adopt false identities and persuade guests that they’re a member of the family or acquaintance party. Not only would you be prepared to weep on command; But planning a funeral necessitates a thorough investigation into the deceased’s life.

Overall, you have to act as though you understood them well enough to be concerned with them. However, if you’re successful at this, you might charge rates that render moaning for a few hours a week seem to be the greatest financial move you’ve ever made. A seasoned mourner listed his prices on Facebook, varying from $50 for a “natural cry” to $1,000 for being so distraught that he’ll simply jump into the grave.

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