10 Superstitious Performers of Hollywood

Alice Walker said, “What the mind doesn’t understand, it worships or fears.” It is this kind of fear and lack of understanding that gives rise to superstitions in the mind of a person. Superstitions are just little beliefs that people like to hold on to, hoping against hopes that they can ward off bad luck or attract good luck. Actors and performers are often stuck with some superstition or the other. Let us look at some of the Superstitious Performers of Hollywood.

10. Rainn Wilson

Superstitious Performers of Hollywood
The actor of ‘The Office’ fame is quite a well-known name on the stage. The actor depends on his talent, as well as relies on an age-od superstitious rule in theatre that all people who come from theatre seem to follow. He refrains from using the word Macbeth in the theatre, like most other stage actors. He also has a reason to believe in this. He once said the word, and a light fell from the ceiling and crushed his foot.

9. David Annable

Superstitious Performers of Hollywood
Brothers & Sisters’ star David Anable said in an interview that he gets superstitious about random things.  In fact he has a ritual regarding the coffee that he drinks every morning.  He starts his day with two Splendas and he needs to have the cap measured with the black line in it.  It is this borderline OCD ritual that he himself knows to be weird, yet he gives in to it because it makes him feel better.

8. Cameron Diaz

Superstitious Performers of Hollywood
The Hollywood actress has been known to accept the process of ageing quite gracefully. But, that doesn’t stop her form believing in some luck to keep her from aging. Her friend once gave her what is presumed to be a Jack Vartanian horseshoe necklace which she wears to ward off the effects of age. She has other superstitions like knocking on the door. Yet, she keeps herself from some very common ones like fearing Friday the 13th or black cats.

7. Heidi Klum

Superstitious Performers of Hollywood
Heidi Klum has weird lucky charm: a bag of her baby teeth. She carries them along, but prefers to keep them under wraps. While showing it to someone, she dropped it, and it went under her seat in the flight. She had to take the help of a rather confused flight attendant to find it, as it would definitely be unlucky to leave it on the plane. Though the teeth have worked, her choice to use four-leaf clover as the symbol of her fine jewellery designs brought nothing but ill luck to her business.

6. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Hairstyles
Socialite Paris Hilton may have definitely born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but luck her never really backed her in building a career in music or films. She has some superstitions, the most common being a knock on the wood to ward off something that someone might have said from happening. She also always makes a wish at 11.11. Well, she might need to wish or knock harder, since it is quite evident that these aren’t really working for her.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Most Beautiful Jennifer Aniston
The actress of ‘Friends’ fame is rather superstitious when it comes to her flying routine. When she walks onto an aeroplane, she makes sure that she sets out with her right foot first. She also taps the outside of the plane. She has always done this for luck. She was advised to do this by someone and doesn’t really remember who it was or when she heard it. But, the ritual became her habit, and she has always done it this way.

4. Kristin Chenoweth

Superstitious Performers of Hollywood
Kristin, whose talent comes across in the form of acting and singing in films, television and musical theatres, might be a fearless performer on the stage, and may never show any sign of stage fright, but before she steps out onto the stage, she makes sure to say her prayers, so that she can keep the stage lights from falling upon her. Apart from this, she also believes in the superstition of not walking under a ladder. It seems that Kristin has a fear of things falling on her.

3. James McAvoy

James McAvoy with Wife
Scottish actor James McAvoy is too scared to mess around when he is dealing with superstitions. Especially when it comes to the ones that he has learnt from his grandmother, he makes sure that he sticks to them. For instance, on the first of every month, he has to say ‘White Rabbit’ to the person he sees first. He believes that in doing so, he ensures that good luck ensues. It was his grandmother who taught him this, and he strictly follows.

2. Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey and wife Jill Fink
We all know him as – and find him – McDreamy. He has stolen hearts with his handsome and gentle brain surgeon, Derek Shepherd, in Grey’s Anatomy. What many do not know about Dempsey is that in his personal life, he is quite an adventurous fellow, and has a passion for auto racing. He has a pair of red Puma racing shoes, and he is absolutely in love with them. But, it is more than just love. He considers the pair his lucky charm, and hence, takes them everywhere.

1. Christian Bale

Christian Bale Dashing Pic

Christian’s superstitions are rebellious and defiant. He tries to break all traditional rules in an attempt to tempt fate. For instance, if there is a ladder, he will deliberately choose to walk beneath it. He believes that he can provoke superstitions in this way. Well, it might be working for him, since he is a much loved actor and his works in movies have received several nominations for awards, and he has also won many accolades, including the Academy Award for The Fighter in 2011.

There are many others who are quite superstitious. Some go with the age-old beliefs, while others have rather weird superstitions. Even the most intelligent and educated performers, like Natalie Portman who refused to do anything related to the birth of her baby until its birth, are often seen to have such beliefs.