Laguna Beach CA

The 5 Best Vacation Destinations on The West Coast

The Holiday Season is upon us and while most people would be spending time indoors and roasting chestnuts over an open fire (as if it’s still a thing), you might be thinking of going somewhere else on your Christmas vacation.

Sure enough, the best places to escape to are found along the Pacific Coast. With impressive beaches and excitement at every corner, the West really does offer a lot to make the most out of your vacation time. 

Be sure to spend much of it in the best destinations the West Coast has to offer: 

Laguna Beach, CA

Best Vacation Destinations On The West Coast

Head over to Orange County, CA and you will definitely find a few great spots to spend the holidays. One of these is Laguna Beach, a trendy beach front that has been a prime destination for Hollywood celebrities. It features a boardwalk lined with several attractions like Heisler Park and numerous tide pools and coves you can dip your toes in. You can also get a tan and play beach volleyball along Victoria Beach and cap things off by visiting the Laguna Wilderness Park which is a perfect getaway for families.

Lake Union, WA

Lake Union, WA

Traveling up north, you will find yourself smack dab in the middle of Seattle which leads you to the serene waters of Lake Union where you’ll find great yacht harbors like Emerald Landing. The lake might freeze during the Holidays, but you can still drop by the South Lake Union Winter Market to buy cool stuff and eat to your heart’s content.

Napa Valley, CA

Best Vacation Destinations On The West Coast

If you are looking for somewhere warm, you can drive south again to San Francisco where you can visit the Napa Valley and taste the best wines from the best vineyards along with the best rural sceneries this side of the country. Be sure to have a hearty meal at the Napa Valley Wine Train, a cozy place to be eating good food with family and friends. If you want to be in touch with nature, then Lake Berryessa has to be your top choice for camping and other cool nature activities.

Malibu, CA

Best Vacation Destinations On The West Coast

California is definitely the only choice you have for getting a good deal of sun in the Pacific West Coast. The place is known for being a top surfing destination considering spots like Zuma Beach and El Matador. You can also get your own fill of adventure when you visit Point Dume and watch the exquisite landscape from there. 

Portland, OR

Portland, OR
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To finish off your visit to the West Coast, you can relax and replenish in the eco-friendly environs of Portland, a city commended for its cleanliness and commitment to environmental best practices. A good reason for that is the Portland Japanese Garden, which boasts of serene landscaping that’s sure to bring you to a state of Zen.

Are you excited to make your escape to the West Coast for the Holidays? You should be able to plan ahead and know which places you might want to consider for your getaway.

There are definitely a lot more that the area can offer, so it’s always best to keep your options open.