Top 10 Coastal Trails

Top 10 Coastal Trails of the World

Have you ever planned a hiking vacation along the stretchy coastlines of the World? If no then it is high time you pack your bags and give beach treks a shot. Our mind’s eye imagines sleepy mountainous hamlets whenever the word ‘hiking’ is heard. Now try fitting in a picture of the vast expanse of blue water and intermittent appearance of green trees and yellow sands along a walking trail. Relax and walk on the shoreline and let the pleasant breeze caress you all along the journey. Here is a list of the top 10 coastal trails that every traveler ought to explore once in lifetime.

10. Fjord Coastal Walks, Norway

Top 10 Coastal Trails

A Fjord is a long narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs created by glacial erosion. The vast shorelines of the Fjords in the Arctic country of Norway provide some of the most adventurous coastal trails. Hike up to the dramatic cliffs along the Fjords lie on the edge of it and peep down to the sea! The stunning beauty will amaze you. Meet with the only occupant in the sea cliff of Store Batalden in Flora and learn from her the secrets of the Fjords.

9. California Coastal Trails, U.S.A

Coastal Trails California, USA

The vast elongated seacoast of California extending from Oregon in the north to Mexico in the south is a very well maintained waterfront with several hiking trails. All along the trail the Pacific Ocean borders the blooming flowers, mystical rainforests and lagoons. If you get tired walking try hugging a Sequoia Sempervire tree- the tallest trees of the planet! It will instantly wash away all your fatigue. While on this route you may get an opportunity to witness the ceremonial Yurok Bush Dance known as the ‘Healing Dance’.

8. Sydney, Australia

Hike along the Chinamans Beach to the Balmora beach

The plentiful coastline of Sydney offers a plethora of experiences. Want to understand the basics of bush walk? Want to watch migrating humpback whales? Take a walk through the Royal National Park. Do you like gazing at the white yachts peacefully sailing against the Prussian blue backdrop? Hike along the Chinamans Beach to the Balmora beach. How about climbing through underground tunnels along the edge of the coast? If this sounds interesting to you then stroll along the dazzling Pacific shore in the Sydney Harbour National Park.

7. The Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

Coastal Trails Hawaii

This hiking strip is any trekkers’ dream. The trek route encompasses extremely panoramic locales and poses challenge in every step. Fitness and presence of mind both are required to successfully complete the trial. The entire route is carved out of a cliff which is rugged and endowed with lush green forest cover. The journey needs a lot of strength and energy but the view that will meet the eye is bound to provide the adventurer with oodles of passion.

6. Kosi Bay Hiking Trail, South Africa

Kosi Bay Hiking Coastal Trails

Resting amidst the remote region in South Africa this trail will take you close to nature. The bay is formed by a network of four interconnected lakes and an estuary which opens into the Indian Ocean. The experience this coastal hike offers is quite enticing and enriching. Cross the huge sand dunes on foot, spend the night in a bush camp and if you are blessed enough you might even end up catching a glimpse of the mother turtle waddling ashore to lay eggs!

5. Anglesey Coastal Path, United Kingdom

Anglesey Coastal Trails, United Kingdom

Coastal trekking culture is quite popular in the United Kingdom. Anglesay Coastal Path partially encircles Caernarfon Bay an islet of the Irish Sea. This is a 200Km path which occasionally runs inland. One such inland route leads to the past sentinel of Prince Williams and Kate. The topology of the place is varied as it has the luxury of flaunting a royal blue horizon and a parallel running grassy meadow.

4. Gokarna Beach Trek, India

Gokarna Beach Trek, India

This beach trek will take you to some of the untraveled havens of India. Gokarna is a pilgrim town thriving by the Arabian Sea and it offers some exquisite virgin beaches of the country. The distance between its beaches are short and the variation of the geography is heart touching. The route encompasses enormous cover of sands which quickly change into wild thorny plantations. The vegetation abruptly seizes to exist and rocky structures jut out. The best part about this trail is the lack of crowd. Try meditating on one of these beaches!

3. Lycian Way, Turkey

Coastal Trails, Turkey

The unique appeal that Turkey possesses is hard to find in any other nation. Its transcontinental nature, the myths and truths around Istanbul, the fascinating history of Hagia Sophia and Turkey’s Ottoman rule have thrilled mankind through ages. However this walk deviates from the popular touristy routes and gives us a sneak peek of the Mediterranean Turkey. The trail runs from Fethiye to Antalya and covers a mighty 540Kms. Enjoy the Roman roads and mule trains with the blue Mediterranean as your companion.

2. Cinque Terre Coastal Walk, Italy

Cinque Terre Coastal Trails, Italy

‘Love at first sight’-this is the phrase that rightly describes Cinque Terre. It is the land of the five fishing villages where cars are banned. The five villages are in close proximity to each other and almost dangling off the cliff. ‘The Azure Trail’ is the most popular of the pathways and it connects all the five villages. Walk through the amazing maze and bite on a pizza cooked over wood fire. Let the charm of these five hamlets of Italy grasp all five of your senses.

1. GR34 Coastal Footpath, Brittany, France

GR34 Coastal Trails, Brittany, France

Prepare to get bowled over by Brittany’s versatility in this trail. The pink Granite Coast, the long sandy beaches, the unnerving water sports and the regular fishing villages all exist in perfect harmony. The track is a 360 mile path from Morlaix to Mont-Saint-Michele. It takes about a month to complete the stretch in one single trek. If you are running out of time split the trek and choose your own route. Checkout the ultimate guide to Brittany.

What are the three longest trails?

The three longest trails in the world are:
1. The Great Trail (Trans Canada Trail): Located in Canada, it is the longest recreational trail in the world, covering approximately 24,000 kilometers (14,900 miles).
2. The Appalachian Trail: Stretching across the eastern United States, the Appalachian Trail is approximately 3,500 kilometers (2,200 miles) long.
3. The Pacific Crest Trail: Running along the western United States, the Pacific Crest Trail extends for about 4,270 kilometers (2,650 miles).

What is the most popular hiking trail in the world?

The most popular hiking trail in the world is often considered to be the Inca Trail in Peru. This ancient trail leads to the world-famous Machu Picchu archaeological site and offers stunning views of the Andes Mountains and Inca ruins along the way. Due to its popularity, there are restrictions on the number of hikers allowed on the Inca Trail each day to preserve its natural and cultural heritage.

What is the purpose of the coastal path?

The purpose of a “coastal path” can vary depending on its location and local objectives. Generally, coastal paths are established to serve several purposes:
Recreation: Coastal paths provide opportunities for people to enjoy scenic walks, hikes, or bike rides along the coastline, allowing them to appreciate the natural beauty of the ocean or sea.
Conservation: Coastal paths often run through or near ecologically sensitive areas, and their development can help raise awareness about conservation efforts and protect fragile ecosystems.
Access: Coastal paths may improve public access to beaches, coves, and other coastal areas that might otherwise be difficult to reach.
Tourism: Many coastal paths attract tourists, benefiting local economies by promoting tourism-related activities and businesses.

What is the most beautiful thru hike in the world?

Some popular thru hikes that are often praised for their stunning scenery include:
The Milford Track in New Zealand: Known for its lush rainforests, waterfalls, and pristine lakes, the Milford Track is often regarded as one of the most beautiful hikes in the world.
The Tour du Mont Blanc: This hike takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps, offering panoramic views of iconic Mont Blanc.
The Torres del Paine Circuit in Chile: This hike features dramatic landscapes, including glaciers, turquoise lakes, and towering granite peaks in Patagonia.