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  • woman being tortured

    Top 10 Astonishing and Unusual Photographs

    There is a lot of unusual things happened every year that left many people wanting more excitement. Here, below is the list of  Top 10 Astonishing and Unusual Photographs of the year. Watch all these cool photographs and I’m sure you’ll really enjoy! Take a Cool look at the Top 10 Astonishing and Unusual Photographs: 1. A Woman Being […] More

  • Costly Cuddling

    Top 10 Weird Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

    People do weird things for money. There are many working people with odd jobs from smelling paper towels to snuggling with someone. Not only are these jobs unbelievably weird but the workers get paid a ton! Here are 10 weird jobs people get paid a lot of money to do. 10. Professional Snuggler Even though […] More

  • Stephen King’s Novel Clown

    Top 10 Clowns That Could Be Your Nightmare

    Clown sightings in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Ohio have left people shaken. Though clowns have been known to entertain kids and elders alike, there’s still something creepy about them. No one knows who is actually behind the grin. Anything, literally anything could happen when someone doesn’t disclose their identities. This reminds […] More

  • Top 10 Heaviest Babies Ever Born - Biggest Newborn Babies

    Top 10 Heaviest Babies Ever Born – Biggest Newborn Babies

    It is normal for babies to be born between the range of 5.5 pounds to 10 pounds. Admittedly, most of the babies born each year are born between the normal weight range, while a very small percentage are either very small or very large. There is research that shows how or why children may be […] More

  • Most Commonly Used Internet Slang

    Most Commonly Used Internet Slang – Top 12

    The internet has come such a long way since the 90s. And with great change comes a lot of slang that sometimes make it almost impossible for one to communicate effectively with others that are well versed in the internet slang field. Internet slang have become such a huge part of our daily lives that […] More

  • 10 Weirdest Trophies

    Top 10 Weirdest Trophies You May Not Know

    ‘There is no trophy for the team that sails the most.’ James Spit Hill was wrong. In fact, trophies are there for everybody. You don’t need to be the best in your field to get rewarded. Isn’t Zlatan Ibrahimović the best there ever is? Did he ever get the most coveted European prize-the Ballon d’Or […] More

  • Weirdest Psychiatric Diseases

    10 Weirdest Psychiatric Diseases You’ve Never Heard of

    We must have heard about famous psychiatric diseases all over the world, like Anxiety, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and obsessive addiction etc.. But there are some other strange and weird illnesses that have funny symptoms. Overwhelmingly, life pressures and various social and familial problems may be the most prominent factors for mental disorders. Moreover, hair pulling, grass-eating, obsessive books collecting… may be some foreign actions for normal people, […] More

  • Bizarre Eating Addictions

    10 Unbelievably Bizarre Eating Addictions

    Addiction is not limited to drinking and smoking. Eating can be addiction too. Things go bizarre when someone falls into addiction of eating something that no one should eat! Here we have listed down some of the most bizarre eating addictions: 10. Addicted to Eating mud, rocks and BRICKS Pakkirappa Hunagundi has been eating the brick, […] More

  • Top 10 Mythical Creatures Fairies

    Top 10 Mythical Creatures that May have Actually Existed

    Mythical creatures have always been part of our history books. Some are even thought to exist at present, lurking in the shadows and trying to be discreet as it exists together with humans. Some are believed to be fictional, some a relative of an extinct species. No matter how we view these creatures, the truth […] More

  • 10 Paranormal Legends That Can Rattle The Bravest

    Ever had an experience where the dogs outside start barking at 00:00 AM on the dot, yet when you wake in a shock and look out the window, there’s nobody there? Ever wake up and feel a cold chill around you on the hottest day and when you run to switch the lights on, another […] More

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