Top 10 Bollywood heroine who played the Antagonist

Bollywood is noted for hero worshiping where heroines either play the stereotyped love interest. arm candy, adding mere glamour, singing and dancing around trees and gardens. And most yesteryear actresses stuck to the notion of essaying positive roles. With stories getting gritty and actresses opting to explore characters with layers and shades, bollywood has finally provided Women the opportunity to break away from these stereotypes and many actresses have come forward to play the negative lead. Here is a list of Bollywood Divas that went Dark and did it with finesse.

10. Vidya Balan in Ishqiya

Vidya Balan in Ishqiya movie

One of the most versatile actresses of Bollywood, Vidya Balan played the rustic widow Krishna, who uses others to reach her goal of avenging her dead husband. In a film starring great actors like Nasiruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi. Vidya Balan shines through and proves her metal.

9. Shabana Azmi in Makdee

Shabana Azmi portrays the con woman who fools the village as the witch of the haunted mansion. It was Azmi eating a chicken leg in the movie that instilled the elements of horror in this horror comedy of 2002.

8. Priyanka Chopra in Aitraaz

Priyanka Chopra in Aitraaz

The beautiful Miss World 2000 chose to essay the role of a psychotic  seductress Sonia who was ready to plot and go to any lengths to reach her goals. Choprra is one of India’s most successful as well as beautiful women.

She bagged the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role, 2004.

7. Isha Koppikar In Quyammat/Krishna Cottage

Isha Koppikar 2021

Her performance in both the films was very well received. She played the role of Disha, a girl who died 22 years ago and whose spirit has come to get her love back. Isha plays the character with such outright intensity that would leave you in chills.

6. Konkona Sen Sharma in Ek thi Daayan

Konkona Sen Sharma in Ek thi Daayan

Konkana Sen Sharma played the role of a witch from Indian myths, and she sure was bewitching and in the penultimate moments of the film with the revelation of her true identity it does get scary.

5. Preity Zinta in Armaan

Preity Zinta in Armaan

Known for her bubbly, vivacious and fun roles, Preity Zinta played the role of jealous, spoiled  Sonia Kapoor with such menace that even though the film didn’t fair well on the box office, it was Zinta’s role that remained memorable.

4. Katrina Kaif in Race

Katrina Kaif in Race

No one could imagine through the first half of the movie that the innocent harmless secretary could transform into the lover of the scheming younger brother who helped him in killing the elder brother for his property. But the charming Katrina Kaif did it oh so convincingly. An actress famous as the barbie doll of bollywood, Race helped her prove her versatility.

3. Kareena Kapoor Khan in Fida

Kareena Kapoor Khan in Fida

Kareena Kapoor played the negative role in Fida also starring Fardeen Khan and Shahid Kapoor. Where she lures a young man into the ruse of her love and then scapegoats him with the help of her partner into a criminal conspiracy. Kareena Kapoor Khan as Neha was beautiful and dangerous at the same time. A woman willing to destroy the life of an innocent boy to become rich.

2. Kajol in Gupt

Kajol in Gupt

Kajol was on peak of stardom playing the roles of the ideal daughter, love interest, girl next door etc.. But she showed a different shade and her acting prowess in Gupt as the manic lover who commits grave crimes. Kajol received the filmfare award for Best Performance in a negative role, 1997. See the list of Bollywood’s most iconic actresses.

1. Tabu in Andhadhun/ Maqbool

Tabu in Maqbool

Tabu is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses, she was unforgettable in the role of Nimmi in Maqbool a retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, where she brings to the fore the madness of Lady Macbeth with such innocent yet menacing charm. In Andhadhun, she is the plotting, betraying manic murderer yet it is her performance that stole the show.

Honourable Mention

  • Supriya Pathak in ‘Goliyon in Rasleela, Ramleela’: The ruthless lady Don in the rustic settings of Gujarat and the matriarch of the house, Supriya Pathak as Dankor Baa who would even chop off her daughter’s finger for the honour of the house. Though she goes through a change of heart in the finale, the performance got her many awards for Best actress in a supporting role.
  • Kangana Ranaut in Krrish 3: Playing the role of the shape shifting villain Kaya, in the sci- fi Superhero franchise Krrish, Kangana Ranaut played an important role in the narrative of the movie.

Article written by: Sneha Sharma