Top Myanmar Cafes to Try Authentic and Delicious Burmese Food

Cafes in Myanmar are great if you want to have good food, meet new and interesting people and learn about the mysterious Burmese culture. While the street food of the land is purely Asian as you will find a collection of Indian, Chines, Thai and Indonesian dishes sold in tea shops and on stalls, the cafes serve good coffee and snacks.

Yangon is sufficiently filled with cafes and restaurants that work to satisfy your savory and sweet tooth as you will get everything from cakes, cookies, bread loaves, pies and buns that you can have at any time of the day.

Top Myanmar Cafes Delicious Burmese Food

Top Myanmar Cafes to Try Burmese and Western Food

There are a large number of cafes in Yangon that is known for their good food and ambiance so, which ones to visit? We have compiled a list of the top Burmese cafes that are known for their food, environment and good staff.

Browse below to know about some of the best cafes and bakeries in Yangon:

1. Secret Recipe Cakes and Cafe

The cafe is found in the year 1997 and  now one of the few culinary businesses and cafe chains that has more than 300 outlets now. The cafe presents a subtle and peaceful surrounding, with modern day and lively interior that is ideal to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends. The food menu is generous with soups, pasta, brownies, cakes, Asian food, burgers, western dishes and delicious chicken and pie collection. The place is a high-end construction as it has quality embedded in their interior, setting and food.

2. Shwe Pu Zun Bakery and Cafeteria

Shwe Pu Zun Cafeteria and Bakery House is located in Yangon and currently operates 3 shops with the same name and is one of the most popular and noteworthy bakery shops and cafe in Yangon. It has a large and lip-smacking collection of cakes, cookies, coffees and pastry items like croissants, puff pastries and pies that taste great and the place is excellently clean and hygienic. Some of our favorite products are lady finger cookies, fa lu da, chocolate swiss roll, pudding cake, vanhouten and freshly made chocolate éclair. The staff is trained and they know how to deal with their guests and satisfy them.

3. Fuji Coffee House

Fuji Coffee House is located on University Avenue Road, Yangon, and it is an ideal place to hang out, grab a cup of coffee or hold a meeting. It has some good range of private rooms that makes it a good venue for official meetings and business activities while its beautiful and spacious garden serves as a great place for relaxation. Fuji Coffee House is a place that will provide you a quiet and pleasing environment that is fit for work and for great food too. It is a good place for Western and Asian cuisine, Thai cuisine, midday snacks and coffee with neat environment and free WiFi.

4. Santino Cafe & Bakery

Santino Cafe and Bakery is located in Dagon Township, Yangon, and serves western food, great coffee and a pleasant patio, to see people going about their business and enjoying your coffee. It is cafe, bakery and restaurant all in one and is known for its American style breakfasts, burgers, club sandwiches and pizzas. Besides these usual western style food, they also have a significant and tasty Burmese, Japanese, Thai and Chinese food. Interestingly, Santino Cafe and Bakery is considered as one of the best bakeries in Yangon, which makes it a best and must visit cafes in Myanmar.

5. Kosan Cafe

The cafe is located in the most animated and lively places of Yangon, Chinatown, which is also known for its ancient market and shopping place. It has both Kosan Cafe and Kosan bar, the cafe is an awesome  mix of western and local Burmese environment as the staff is friendly and skilled at serving delicious and appetizing local and western cuisine. The best things that make this place a must visit in Yangon is the excellent combination of quality food, good environment, reasonable prices and fresh drinks it offers. Some of its specialties include pepper-vanilla ice cream, honey and banana toast and  pancakes that are served with the ice cream.

6. Daw Yee Myanmar Cafe

Now this cafe is not in Myanmar but it is in America and is counted amongst the most renowned Burmese eating places in the US. The cafe is very famous among the Burmese community there and among the people of other civilizations also. Some of its well known dishes include tea leaf salad, Shan noodles, Thoke and other noodle dishes, noodle soups, platha, mohinga and other Burmese classic and hybrid dishes. The cafe is also a good place to have different types of lemonades with crazy and unique flavors.

Have you visited some other cafes in Yangon? Please let us know about them.