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10 Outrageously Weird Things That People Do, And They Are Legal

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You must have done many wild things like playing a bad prank on your friends, sending a startling gift to your parent, or scaring your girlfriend’s wit away dressed in an eerie attire. However, you cannot even imagine that whatever you have done and what you believed to be weird is perfectly normal compared to the outrageously weird things that people do, and they are also completely legal, and we shall discover 10 such weird things right now.

10. Having too many children

Japanese billionaire, Mitsutoki Shigeta kids

The son of a Japanese billionaire, Mitsutoki Shigeta, once he turned 24, decided he wanted a big family with many children. Though this looks normal, instead of getting married or having babies with his girlfriend, he chose to hire many surrogate mothers in Thailand to bear his children.

In Thailand, surrogate mothers earn around $10,000 for every baby. In 2014, Mitsutoki Shigeta paid 10 surrogate mothers to carry his babies and in the end, had 16 babies in total. According to a witness he desired to make 10 to 15 babies each year throughout his life. In 2015, it became illegal in Thailand for foreigners to use Thai women as surrogates. Immediately after, Shigeta moved to Cambodia, where surrogacy was legal.

9. Fish shooting

Fishing is a common pastime that requires you to be patient and wait for long. Courtland Hunt, however, wanted to take fishing to a completely different level. He wanted to shoot fish using his Glock 9mm handgun. Now, if you are at an 8 miles distance from the Florida shorelines then it is completely legal to shoot fish. After all, when you can hunt on land legally, you might as well do so underwater. Courtland just shot Lionfish that is venomous and does not have any natural predators to keep their population under control.

8. Keep an amputated leg

You certainly cannot keep severed fresh human body parts in your home legally, unless they are yours. Kristi Loyall, had cancer in her toes which was diagnosed in 2011, and it had started to spread. There was no option but to amputate her foot and a part of her lower leg. Once the operation was complete, the doctors placed her amputated leg in a plastic bag. However, Kristi did not want to part with it and requested the doctors to allow her to take it home. Since it was her foot, and thus legal, the leg was preserved in formaldehyde, and then a company cleaned the flesh off the bone, and now she keeps the skeleton of her own leg.

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7. Changed Identity

Darth Vader

There are many crazy Star Wars fan that you must have heard about, but no one would go to this extent and change their identity completely only to match their favorite character. Eric Welch decided that he wanted to change his name legally to Darth Vader, and he actually got to do the same. His name in his driver’s license is Darth Vader and he also does cosplay.

Changing your name is completely legal as long as you are not doing so to avoid any debt or are running away from some crime. You can change your name to any number (it should read in letters), or even impersonate any famous person.

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6. Life insurance on your employees

outrageously weird things

This one is unsettling and immoral and only shows how the richer have strange plans to get richer. In the US, it is legal for big corporations to take out an insurance policy on the employees. If their employees would pass away the company would cash in even on that. In fact, banks like Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase have invested billions of dollars on insurance policies of their employees. What is sad is that this money will not go to the family of the deceased, but is only designed to help the company compensate for the loss that they may suffer from the death of their employees.

5. Taking your pig on a plane

Many people with physical disabilities take along a service animal that helps them navigate the world around them. If someone has a mental condition, they can attain permission to take with them their emotional support animals in public places. People usually choose a cat or a dog as their support animals. However, in 2014, a passenger took her pig along with her on the plane. As per a witness, the pig would keep on squealing and pooped all over the aisle. Though this is something completely legal, who chooses to fly with a pig?

4. Imitation in a big way

There are strict laws in the US to protect the brand image of a company. However, in China, there are hardly any such rules. An American travel blogger saw an Apple Store in Kunming, China, and soon realized it was not really an original one. In the store, everything was a total copy of the original, right from the uniforms of the employee to the décor. The iPods, phones, and computers that are all seemingly legitimate are actually fake. However, what they are doing is not illegal.

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3. Selling bones

Though the Facebook Marketplace is still a new medium to sell and buy online, they have already managed to corner a marketplace that was banned by eBay in 2016, that of selling human bones. The only bones that cannot be sold online legally are the remains of the Native American people. For other races, it is completely legal to trade in dry bones when it is for scientific reasons. Independent businesses like SkullsUnlimited.com also sell bones that are real and also re-creations.

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2. Gift poop

You always get excited when you get a gift in the mail. But how would it be if you open a package and get poop? Yes, mailing poop is outrageous but legal. On Black Friday 2014, bull poop boxes were created by Cards Against Humanity and 30,000 copies got sold. Customers excitedly opened the package only to receive dried pieces of bull excrement. There are also other senders like PoopSenders.com that specializes in sending gorilla, cow, and elephant poop.

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1. Drive topless

Last but surely not the least, it is legal in the United States to drive topless in your car. This law does change from state to state. In some states, you can be pulled over by the cops for doing anything like this but in cities like Nebraska, there are no laws to stop you if you plan to drive nude. In most states, people can go around topless, even the ladies.

Surely outrageous and shocking, yet each of them is true. Most of us would not even dream of doing most of the things in this list, but there are some people who do it and derive sheer fun.

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