Top 10 Iconic Badass Movie Villains Ever

Iconic villains aren’t just bad men/women, they are in the position of elevating the movie to an extent that sometimes ever heroes can’t. One of the main draws of a villain is that they are relatable, in a twisted insane way they do make sense. In this list we have rounded up ten such badass movie villains we need to know about. Check them out:

Top 10 Iconic Badass Movie Villains Ever

10. Antony Chigurh

Badass Movie Villains

Film: No Country for Old Men (2007)
Played by: Javier Bardem

There is nothing more dangerous than a man who believes. Except maybe a man who believes that he can kill whenever he wants. Anthony Chigurh is a contract killer who smiles while he delivers the killer blow.

He really enjoys his job which is why it’s so much fun to watch him do what he does. He’s creative with his choice of weapons ranging from pistols to cattle bullet prods for silent kills but his favorite weapon is a shotgun with a silencer on it.

9. The Tire

Badass Movie Villains

Film: Rubber (2010)
Played by: The Tire

In this indie film developed for just over $500,000, a rubber tire gains psychic powers and picks itself up to find out what life is all about. It starts off its existence by rolling around the dessert around blowing animals and people to bits it falls in love with a woman.

It goes on to track her down and ends up blowing her head off; a metaphor on how we as people ultimately destroy everything that we love.

8. Krug

Badass Movie Villains

Film: The Last House on the Left (2009)
Played by: Garret Dillahunt

Krug one of the most badass movie villains and was on his way to prison when his crew busted him out by intercepting the transport. The underlined just how cruel they are by torturing the transport officers before taking off to enjoy their lives on the run. They took refuge in a motel where an unfortunate pair of girls crossed their path.

Krug decided to have some with them so he dragged them into woods and raped them. As if raping them wasn’t bad enough, he find shelter from a storm under the roof of the parents of one of the women that he raped, killed and left for dead in a shallow river.

7. The Joker

The Dark Knight (2008)

Film: The Dark Knight (2008)
Played by: Heath Ledger

Ledger’s death was a loss to everyone who loves movies. There isn’t a doubt that the Joker is one of the most badass movie villains ever. This was the last movie featuring Heath Ledger to hit the big screen before he died and it was arguably his best performance ever. The Dark Knight is the follow-up film to a rather moderate Batman Begins and nobody even talks about Christian Bale’s performance. The Joker stole the show.

His madness and simple love for chaos is what made this movie great. He’s been referred to as psychopathic, mass murdering and all kinds of crazy. You can’t help but wonder if Arkham Asylum is equipped enough to hold him.

6. Voldemort

Film: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)
Played by: Frank Dillane

This guy is so evil that the entire world is afraid to say his name. 15 years after he was supposed to have been killed they still only refer to him as ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’. The say a man is the average of those that he keeps around him what does it say about man who keeps a massive snake as a pet? Voldemort is ranked at number six position in the list of top ten badass movie villains ever.

5. Bellatrix Lestrange

Badass Movie Villains

Film: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)
Played by: Helena Bonham Carter

Crazy women like Bellatrix Lestrange are the perfect blend of unpredictable and sexy. Everything about her from her wild and curly hair to that non-pulsed look in her eyes just screams at you to walk away but you can’t. You want to see whether you can’t talk her into some alone time which will almost definitely end in her cursing your manhood off.

But she’s hot so it might just be worth it. She’s always been sadistic but she probably wasn’t always crazy. Her time spent in Azkaban prison after torturing the Longbottoms into insanity is what sent her over the edge.

4. Chucky

Badass Movie Villains

Film: Child’s Play (1988)
Voice of: Brad Dourif

Chucky, one of the most badass movie villains, is a doll with murderous intent. He started off as a serial killer whose spirit was transferred into a child’s doll thanks to a voodoo spell that he cast after he was mortally injured by a cop. Not even death could keep this evil from carrying on his gruesome work.

Of all the places to wind up, the cursed doll was placed in the hands of a 6 year child. He seemed to enjoy becoming a doll because he got the freedom to bludgeon or hammer whoever he wants then go back to playing the inanimate doll. Anybody who suspects that the sweet doll might be up to no good was called mad. Chucky just loved the irony.

3. Jigsaw

Badass Movie Villains

Film: Saw (2004)
Played by: Tobin Bell

John Kramer is a man with nothing to lose. He was given a death sentence and decided to use what little time that he had left making those that have the gift of life but don’t know how to use it give some serious thought to whether they want to live or not. Any madman can go on a killing spree but the truly scary ones are the ones who do it creatively.

Jigsaw never actually killed anyone. He just put them in situations where if they didn’t do something painful like jumping into a pit full of needles or cutting into their own eyeballs with a scalpel they’ll be killed by one of his deadly traps. The scene that kicked Jigsaw into the movie-villain hall of fame was the one where he made a guy cut off his own leg with a rusty saw or risk being tombed in an underground bathroom forever.

2. Freddy Kreuger

Film: Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Played by: Robert Englund

Freddy Kreuger was a serial killer who died but felt that his work on Earth was not done yet. He was among the most badass movie villains we’ve ever seen. He stayed on as a demon who kills by waiting for his victims to fall asleep then he hunts them down in their nightmares and slashes them down, killing in them real life as well.

Whilst in the dream world he is invulnerable to any physical harm so the only way to defeat him is to find him in the real world and kill him. But even in the real world he is to be a force to be reckoned with.

1. Darth Vader

Badass Movie Villains

Film: Star Wars (1977)
Played by: David Prowse
Voice of: James Earl Jones

This is probably the most well-known story of good-boy-gone-bad. In the Star Wars universe he started off training with the Jedi Knights and was touted as the one to save the universe from the Sith Lords. However he was seduced by the Dark Side and after his mentor left him for dead in a lava pit, he pulled himself out, donned the black robe, helmet and respirator and went on to become the fiercest foe that the Jedi Knights ever faced.