Top 10 Female Artists that Don’t Fit into a Box

Let’s take a look at top 10 female artists that don’t fit into a box.

Miley Cyrus

Top 10 Female Artists Miley Cyrus
Who would have thought that the Hannah Montana star would evolve gloriously into so many forms of a rockstar over the years? Since becoming a household name in 2006, Cyrus has slowly broken away from mainstream expectations, morphing through unconventional style changes and portraying an attitude of confidence that keeps the media buzzing. Thought her image has calmed in 2017, Miley is an artist that is always one step ahead of her fans and critics alike.

Tove Lo

Top 10 Female Artists Tove Lo
Sweedish songwriter and artist Tove Lo knows a thing or two about the music industry and it’s behind the scenes happenings. However, that doesn’t stop this worldwide hitmaker from writing some of music’s most unique dark pop hits. Dubbed as “Sweeden’s Darkest Pop Export” by Rolling Stone; Tove Lo pens candid lyrics and carries a sound that is uniquely her own.


Lorde_Top 10 Female Artists
Was Lorde the true heroine in a music industry drowning in a sea of cookie cutter pop stars? Her debut album was a viral sensation, bringing minimalism to the music mainstream while she portrayed a demure attitude and old soul, yet hip sense of lyricism. At only 20 years old, she has many years of out of the box evolution ahead of her.

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Betty Moon

Top 10 Female Artists Betty Moon
This Toronto export has been making waves in the music world with multiple albums while always intriguing fans with her creative shifts in style, sound and genre. Though the changes may not be predictable, it’s always undeniably Betty Moon with her confident rock n’ roll influence with that “on trend” sensibility. Her music, videos and album artwork always capture the imagination and have kept her success consistent over 8 albums released worldwide.

Dua Lipa

Top 10 Female Artists Dua Lipa
In a category similar to Lorde, this young and quick to rise star is shining for all the right reasons. Though she has only been on the scene for a couple years, her worldwide presence and “dark pop” sensibility has her standing out from her industry peers. Lipa has the right mix of media praise, pop hits and an image and music style that is very difficult to duplicate or pin down.


Top 10 Female Artists
Over a nearly four-decade career, Björk has continued to be the essential tastemaker in experimental pop and indie music culture. When music fans think of iconic experimental and interesting artists, they may think of Radiohead, but surely Björk immediately comes to mind as well. While much of the industry is influenced by her look, sound and music style, she continues to remain unpredictable and on the cusp of technology trends and unique collaborations that blow minds.

Cindi Lauper

Top 10 Female Artists
Being the soundtrack to the 80’s is kind of a big deal, and that’s just the icing on the cake for this 30 year + veteran of the pop world. Her style and unique brand rivaled that of Madonna, yet she has managed to transcend through decades and trend changes to stay as popular worldwide as ever. Her wild hairstyle, music videos and passion for LGBT rights puts her in a category of her own. An amazing one to be specific.

Florence Welch

Top 10 Female Artists
The soulful, romantic voice of Florence Welch (AKA Florence and The Machine) is instantly recognizable. As one of the world’s most unique voices and faces, Welch has had an impressive career that started with humble roots in London. Her admitted fashion influences are far from typical, pulling from classic American and European time periods. She reached the top of the charts with her debut 2009 album ‘Lungs’ and hasn’t looked back since.

Yolandi Visser (Die Antwoord)

Top 10 Female Artists
One look at Yolandi of South Africa duo Die Antwoord and multiple thoughts and wonder enter your mind. With a style and attitude unlike any other, her vocal and fashion statements are not for the faint of heart. The duo’s dark, edgy blend of pop & hip-hop has sparked controversy and earned them legions of die-hard fans. Her unique brand has earned Yolandi spots in successful movies such as Chappie, and over a billion views on Youtube via her infectious yet sometimes disturbing music videos.

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Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes)

Top 10 Female Artists

Rock N’ Roll isn’t dead, and Teri of the popular group Le Butcherettes proves that point in 2017. With the backing of notable artists like At The Drive In, Iggy Pop and The Melvins, her voice stands alone and also works well paired with incredible collaborations with other music icons. Her wild stage presence and semi-innocent persona clash violently live and can be heard via the music she puts into the world.

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Written By; Bob Bradley