shocking Oscar losers reaction
shocking Oscar losers’ reaction

Top 10 Shocking Oscar Losers Reaction

Hollywood has, in some years witnessed definite predictable winners of the ‘Golden Man’ and in other years, shocking unexpected ones. Every year an array of good actors end up doing great movies are pitted against each other. Their films are a treat for movie-goers but not so for the actors who look forward to grab the ‘Golden Man’. So as the old cliché goes, there’s only one winner. Here’s a list of 10 shocking Oscar losers reaction caught on camera:

The 10 Shocking Oscar Losers Reaction:

10. Minnie Driver

Her greatest recognizing role was opposite to Matt Damon in ‘Good Will Hunting’ in 1997. She was nominated in Best Supporting Actress for this role. But just when she was about to get up and collect her envious prize Kim Basinger’s name shook the hall and Minnie blew a big bear-like sarcastic “wow”.

When Kim’s name is announced, Minnie’s mouth does a gigantic curl of the lower lips which hints to all the sneer waiting to barf out. Her hands went flying high in an evident sardonic yet comical reaction to her loss.

10. Jack Nicholson & Nicolas Cage

Shock and dishevel flashes in the faces of the two actors. Nicholas Cage initially sucks in air, giving a cry of ‘oh!’ which he quickly transmutes into a ‘woooh’. And Jack Nicholson isn’t quiet able to pull himself together before the screen spans in to cover Adrien Brody’s Oscar win of 2002.

What Brody had managed to pull off was seemingly impossible. And everybody’s shock embodied into his, made him do what any man in his place would have done. He took the award presenter in his arms and planted a ‘passionate Hollywood kiss’ on her lips. This spontaneous act, at any rate garnered roar of approval even from Cage & Nicholson, who for a moment let their disappointment slip aside.

9. David O. Russell

Apparently, the seismic disturbance upon hearing “and the Oscar goes to Ang Lee” turned David O. Russell into Emmanuelle Riva.

Rather surprisingly, the old woman according to the cameraman was David. When Jane Fonda & Michael Douglas was about to announce the Oscar, the five cameramen had their five cameras on the four directors and one old woman i.e. Emmanuelle Riva mistakingly, while the viewer kept wondering when did David decide to become Riva.

8. Salma Hayek

It sort of seemed obvious that Salma won’t win because she didn’t win any precursor that year. But anyway, unable to lay her hands on the award after brushing so close to it should be disappointing. She managed a fake “Oh” reaction matching it with slow claps, as if Kidman wasn’t one of the two frontrunners that year. It’s clearly just her last moment to catch the attention.

7. Kathy Bates

She lost to Catherine Zeta-Jones in Best Supporting Oscar category back in 2003. She is so paralyzed at the announcement of Catherine’s win that she couldn’t even react. For two whole seconds she kept staring at the stage with a ‘what the hell?’ face. While the rest three actress were grinning and clapping Bates looked utterly confuse and edgy. Had the theme of ‘Chicago’ not been playing in the background, she would surely have contested that the name was ‘Kathy’ not ‘Catherine’.

6. Cate Blanchett

When in 2007 Marion Cotillard grabbed the ‘Golden Man’, Cate literally lost it for a split second. It show how much she’d though her reprisal as the virgin queen in ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ as a royal shoe-in. Cotillard was a wild card entry so Cate’s reaction was apprehensible. Her body jittered for a moment and her hands shot up in a classic shock display. Her mouth went a perfect ‘O’ with her eyes widened as if prompted by shock. The next moment she starts clapping vigorously with an expression bordered on ecstatic pleasure.
In short, she looked hilarious.

5. Samuel L. Jackson

Well Jackson dropped the‘s-bomb’ when he lost the Oscar to Martin Landau in 1994. He was nominated in the Best Supporting Role for the ‘Pulp Fiction’, a film that still defines his career. While listening to the nominations, he’d had his chin held high with a note of seriousness about his face and when proclaimed to have lost the ‘golden man’ he didn’t even try to mask his disappointment.

4. Bill Murray

Bill Murray had it all sorted out. He was going to win.

The little nods he gave when the nominations were being called expressed an arrogant ‘I’ve greater places to go’ look. But as soon as Sean Penn’s name was announced he looks utterly bored as if it didn’t matter at all. Later good ol’ Bill had admitted how saddened he was on losing the Oscar.

3. Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds was good in his role in the ‘Boogie Nights’ but Robin William was an overdue Oscar figure. He won the Best Supporting Role Oscar in 1997 beating four others including Burt Reynolds who’s bitter ‘to-hell-everyone’ clap didn’t escape the viewers. He seemed as if had been forewarned of the loss and had made up his mind to show his irritation with a sneering clap.

2. Lauren Bacall, Joan Allen, Barbara Hershey & Marianne Jean – Baptiste

Lauren Bacall the old Hollywood legend was overdue for an Oscar and had sweeped all the precursors away. It was pretty obvious that she’d win. But anything can happen at the Oscars. When Juliette Binoche’s name came up Juliette herself seemed to jump out of skin, so the other nominees’ ‘what’ reaction wasn’t any surprise. It probably was one of the biggest upsets in the history of this category (i.e. Best Supporting Actress) looking at the faces of the three other nominees.

1. Sally Kirkland

In the epitome of shocking looser faces Sally Kirkland emerges as the winner.

She displaying the worst poker face in recorded history upon losing to Cher for Moonstruck. Both Cher (who actually won the award) and Sally looked more nervous than a pig in a bacon factory. Meryl Streep (who was also nominated) was so happy that she jumped up and ushered claps to honour her friends win. But Sally with a nasty twitch of mouth quickly realizing she’s on camera give a fake smile. Even her die-hard fans can swear it was jaw-dropping hilarious.