embarrassing celebrity moments

Top 10 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments! Let’s face it guys our lives would be quite boring if not for these celebrities. Not only do they make movies, shows and sing songs, they also entertain just by being famous and glamorous, all things that we’re not. We mortals get excited by the pictures these celebrities share, the latest snoop on their lives and the latest hookups and breakups. For me, all I need is good food, an Instagram account that shares lots of celebrity pictures and latest news and I’m good to go. Its okay go ahead and judge me. My life my rules okay.

Being a celebrity means you’re always in the limelight. It is very hard for celebrities to keep their personal lives private and away from the prying eyes of paparazzi. No matter how hard they try cameras tend to find them one way or the others. Most pictures snapped of celebrities on the streets show them covering their faces trying to hide themselves. Having so much fame is both good and bad.

It is good in the sense well who are we kidding its great being famous. However the downside of it is that you have peoples’ eyes on you at all times even when you’re not having a good day. Celebrities have been often caught in moments where they weren’t so celebrity like and these pictures go viral like wildfire. It’s okay you can admit you sometimes feel happy when these pictures pop up because they, make the celebrities look more human.

Today we’re going to look at the top 10 most embarrassing celebrity moments, so get ready to cringe out of your mind.

Jennifer Lawrence – The Queen of Tripping

embarrassing celebrity moments

We all love and admire Jennifer Lawrence for her acting, humor and values. She always looks beautiful and powerful. However Jennifer Lawrence is famous for more than just that. She’s the queen of tripping. First at the Oscars when she walked up the stairs to receive her award and second at a movie premier. Ouch, that has gotta be embarrassing.

Fergie peed herself on stage

Fergie peed herself on stage

When the nature calls, you better answer. Fergie however did not respond to it and ended up embarrassing herself in front of the whole crowd. In 205 while onstage Fergie peed herself and the wet spot was quite visible on her light colored trousers.  Well, what can we say a little more self-control maybe?

Demi Lovato and Mugs

Demi Lovato embarrassing celebrity moments

It’s not what you think it is. This is a slightly different case of being ‘mugged’. Demi Lovato was asked about her favorite dish in an interview to which she replied it was a mug. Uhm, Demi you sure? She explained that she liked mugs because they kept things warm and have nice handles. This interview was just painful to watch.

Taylor and her not so beloved fan

Taylor swift embarrassing moments

You’d think we’re talking about a real life fan but we’re not. We’re literally talking about the fan the object. Taylor Swift while being on stage got a little too close to one of the fans when whoosh! It made her skirt fly up and gave a good view of her back. Although Taylor was wearing skin colored underwear, to was still pretty embarrassing. Not much of  a fan is she. (Get it?)

Lip Sync Battle – Ashlee Simpson

embarrassing celebrity moments

Ashlee Simpson has been forgotten by most and here’s what put a major hit to her career. Simpson was about to perform on SNL when some technical problems occurred and her vice got played first. The timing of the whole thing was off and it became obvious she was lip syncing. Guess lip sync won that battle.

Nosing around – Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie ODonnell picks her nose and eats it

Rosie O’Donnell is known for doing things her own way. She doesn’t shy away from anything and will do whatever she pleases in public. But somebody forgot to tell her where to draw the line. Things got a little too far when she was seen picking her nose at a public event in New York. Wonder who she shook hands with next?

When Tan gone wrong – Christina Aguilera

embarrassing celebrity moments

Christina Aguilera performed at the Etta James funeral and her performance was heartfelt and beautiful .However her voice was not the center of attention that night. Her legs took the trophy that day because all eyes were there. Christina was probably in a hurry because her tan hadn’t dried yet and the liquid was trickling down her legs. Honey next time take a few extra minutes.

Edna Mode said NO CAPES

embarrassing celebrity moments

Edna Mode, in The Incredibles said she hated capes and rightfully so. Madonna’s power packed performance on ‘Living for Love’ had larger than life props and crazy dancers. Madonna was wearing a cape which one of the dancers was supposed to pull in one fluid motion, however things went south when he pulled it and she went tumbling down. All performers should take note and avoid capes!

Did someone say rip?

embarrassing celebrity moments

Sofia Vergara is someone we all love. She’s funny, beautiful and incredibly sexy. Oh and she has a hunk of a husband. However poor Sofia also had her share of an embarrassing moment when at the 2012 Emmy Award show, her dress ripped down her back, revealing her back to the whole world. Some would say it was a blessing 😉

Protection first

embarrassing celebrity moments

Zac Efron is a sexy human being. Like a little too sexy and we have no doubt he has sexy times with women quite frequently. This was proven wen at the premier of the movie The Lorax, Efron put his hand in his pocket and a condom fell out on the floor. Well as embarrassing as it is, kudos to Efron for taking protection at all times.