Dropbox For Business

5 Reasons Your Company Needs Dropbox For Business

How Dropbox For Business Can Save You Time and Money:

Dropbox For Business

Dropbox for Business is a cloud-based storage service that provides companies a number of critical benefits. Here are five of the most important.

Jeff Rapp with ARCIS Technology Group shares insights into cloud-based storage and products like Dropbox for Business.

Dropbox for Business is a cloud-based storage solution that offers businesses of all sizes a great deal of value. It allows you to save and store files in one shared location that your employees can access on any device you deem appropriate. It’s a diverse service that offers a variety of incredible benefits. 

Here are Rapp’s five of the most intriguing:

1. Provides Ease of Mind

The cost of a data loss can run into the millions for large companies. For smaller companies, the cost in dollars might be less, but the impact is just as severe. If you’re just getting off the ground, it could cripple you entirely. Dropbox stores your critical files in the cloud and backs them up automatically so you don’t have to worry about losing them ever again. No matter what act of nature or human error befalls your mission-critical files, you’ll be able to quickly access a copy and hit the ground running once again.

2. Makes Collaboration Simple

One of the most useful features of Dropbox for Business is that you can instantly share files with anybody in your organization that has an account. You can even dive deeper and share files or entire folders with only specific people in the organization by protecting them with a password. All data is fully encrypted and a two-factor authentication is an option, too. This ensures that everybody only has access to the content that they need and nothing more than that.

3. Reduces Hardware Costs

Since everything in Dropbox is stored on the cloud, fewer files need to be accessed directly from your own computers and servers. This means you don’t necessarily have to splurge for large hard drives or storage servers. Since you won’t need to email files back and forth, you won’t need to pay for larger Outlook storage, either. This is especially critical if your company works with large design files or videos, which can chew storage limits up rapidly.

4. Eases the Burden of Access

People will no longer be tied to their work machines in order to access critical files and content. If somebody is traveling, they can access Dropbox on whatever device they happen to have handy (including a mobile device) and pull up a document for a quick review. Employees are starting to work remotely more and more often, whether it’s full-time or just once in a while. This makes their lives much easier.

5. Updates Everyone Automatically

Whenever a document is updated, the changes are automatically made for everybody who has access to that document. This means that nobody will ever have to work off of an updated file again. Gone will be the endless email chains with minor changes and suggestions. The company can collaborate together, ensuring maximum efficiency and clarity for all.

If you decide to leverage Dropbox for Business to enjoy the benefits listed above, you won’t be alone. Dropbox has over 500 million registered users, and there’s no reason not to join them today.