Top 10 Most Hated Person in the World (Updated)

Who is the most hated person in the world? In a world filled with diverse opinions and perspectives, it is not surprising to find individuals who evoke strong negative emotions. While hate is a strong word, there are certain figures who have managed to garner widespread disdain.

Here is a compilation of researched lists on the Internet of people who are dreaded by many with negative roving eyes that if could kill, the hated would be dead by now. The people listed below have done things to cause national or world outrage which resulted in an endless supply and still building network of haters targeted at them and their actions. Let’s delve into the top 10 most hated people in the world, exploring the reasons behind the intense animosity they provoke.

Top 10 Most Hated Person in the World 2024 (Update)

1. 6ix9ine (Daniel Hernandez)

who is the most hated person in the world

Reason for Hate: 6ix9ine, the controversial rapper, has faced immense backlash for his involvement in gang activities, his promotion of violence, and his flamboyant persona. Many criticize his lack of authenticity, as he was revealed to have cooperated with law enforcement to reduce his own prison sentence, tarnishing his credibility.

2. Nawaz Sharif

who is the most hated person in the world

Reason for Hate: Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, is polarizing due to allegations of corruption and mismanagement during his political career. Many see him as a symbol of political elitism, economic disparity, and a failure to address the needs of the common people. Shareef family ranked top on most corrupt people in the world.

3. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin most handsome politicians

Reason for Hate: Russian President Vladimir Putin is a controversial figure on the global stage. Criticism arises from his consolidation of power, alleged human rights abuses, suppression of political opposition, and his aggressive foreign policy actions, particularly concerning Ukraine. Putin ranked among the most handsome politicians in the world.

4. Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Reason for Hate: Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, faces criticism from various factions. Detractors argue that his policies are detrimental to certain industries, that he lacks transparency, and that he has not fulfilled campaign promises to a satisfactory degree.

5. Kim Jong Un

North Korea Bans Sarcasm

Reason for Hate: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is widely reviled for his oppressive regime, human rights violations, and nuclear ambitions. His rule has resulted in severe repression, famine, and an isolationist stance that has drawn international condemnation.

6. Martin Shkreli

Most Hated People

Reason for Hate: Martin Shkreli, a former pharmaceutical executive, gained infamy for dramatically increasing the price of a life-saving drug. His actions were seen as prioritizing profits over people’s well-being, exemplifying greed and corporate callousness.

7. Justin Bieber

Most Hated People

Reason for Hate: Justin Bieber, the pop sensation, has faced intense backlash throughout his career. Critics accuse him of arrogance, immaturity, and indulgent behavior. His early success, coupled with publicized personal controversies, have contributed to a negative public perception.

8. Ted Bundy

Most Hated People

Reason for Hate: Ted Bundy, a notorious American serial killer, instilled fear and disgust due to his heinous crimes. The public’s disdain stems from the brutal nature of his acts, which claimed the lives of numerous innocent victims.

9. Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate

Reason for Hate: Andrew Tate, a controversial internet personality, has drawn ire for his sexist and misogynistic remarks. His views on women, relationships, and masculinity have been widely criticized as outdated and harmful. He is one of the most hated persons in the world. See also: Andrew Tate Net Worth 2024.

10. Xi Jinping

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Reason for Hate: Chinese President Xi Jinping has attracted international condemnation for human rights abuses, including the persecution of Uighur Muslims, censorship, and authoritarian control. His government’s policies, both domestically and internationally, have sparked significant backlash.


Hate is a complex and deeply personal emotion that can be shaped by various factors, including personal experiences, cultural contexts, and media influence. The figures on this list have all managed to generate significant levels of animosity due to their actions, policies, or public personas.

It is important to note that public opinion can evolve, and perceptions may differ among individuals. As the world continues to evolve, it is essential to engage in constructive dialogue and critical thinking to foster understanding and empathy.