Top 10 Most Hated Person in the World (Updated)

Top 10 Most Hated Person in the world

Have a look at the world’s most hated people list.

10. Kim Davis

Most Hated People
To those like myself who oppose against homosexuality if it’s between two men, then this one is for you. See there’s nothing that kills True Warrior Spartan driven Masculinity than Gays (men on men). Personally because I’m a man, I fancy women, which ultimately means for me personally, I wouldn’t have a problem visualizing two females who are together, somebody else may have a different view and by all means is entitled to their opinions as I am to mine on this particular matter.

It’s psychologically proven in ‘normal’ men and women that opposite sexes attract each other. The world seemed to have signed petitions and have protested against legalizing same-sex marriages and the world seems to be accepting of it in certain countries.

Kim Davis, was one of many who didn’t actually have anything against gay marriages, but instead stood firmly even if it meant 5 years imprisonment, for what she strongly believed in. Kim has been hated by thousands of Americans, who were mostly made up of homosexuals due to her refusal of issuing marriage licenses to a gay couple that came in because it went against her Christian beliefs.

9. Ethan Couch (“Affluenza Teen”)

Most Hated People
The world would wonder, why is it that American and United Kingdom teens are amongst the most reckless, rowdy, disruptive, rebellious etc. This isn’t rocket science as the average American teen is either spoilt by wealthy parents, given the best of the best in terms of assets and inheritance and so they won’t appreciate the value of life in comparison to their material belongings.

Boys will be boys as the saying would go, and a young boy behind the wheels of a car, in his late teens would find this a cool way to impress his friends, especially under the intoxication of some alcohol and probably some strong home grown matured Marijuana which is the combination of devilish destruction to anybody who won’t be able to handle it. Ethan Couth, an unlucky teen who ended up 10 years of probation in a Juvenile court, has been captured in Mexico after being on the run and trying to escape authorities outside of the USA.

Ethan seems to be one generally dizzy looking teen, can you imagine his expressions and feelings while under intoxication? Sad sight to see. He has recklessly driven a car and killed four people in the process. He isn’t just hated by the families of the four who he man slaughtered but has also painted a big red target on his back by thousands of Americans. Guy didn’t learn from his lessons as he is known to rebel even on probation, seems like he wants to be in prison for the next 40 years of his life.

8. Sam Pepper

Most Hated People
Teenagers in general are known for their natural ability to wreak havoc on somewhat high magnitudes, either community wise or country wide too. When a teenager hits global scale however, that is a huge achievement I’d say. Sam Pepper on the other hand, has a dedicated and rather Popular YouTube Channel and online reputation as well as a famously strong presence on the internet.

Sam’s YouTube Channel has roughly 2 Million, 300 Thousand subscribers, now this is an extreme amount which can knock likes and popularity to great levels un-attainable by many who try to climb the “Online Ladder” as one outside the technological world would strive to climb the corporate ladder in the business world. Definitely this dude would have had Monetized his Channel too, which means with more than 2 Million subscribers, he would have been banking hard, life was good for him, until he became stupid.

This is where we see the ultimate downfall of his reputation online all by a simple prank that’s been broadcasted to more than 2 Million of his subscribers, who must have sent it each, individually to their people too, eventually reaching world-wide coverage. The video he made was a prank that disturbed more than 2 Million and many more after when it appeared that somebodies best friend was being killed in front of him.

A Petition has been on fire urging YouTube to take his channel down and has been validated by more than 130 000 signatures so far, that’s A LOT of angry people and Haters!

7. Mary Bale

Most Hated People
We have seen how people express their anger over the internet and social media and get rather explicitly creative of precisely how much of hatred they have exactly and why they hate so much for specific and particular reasons. If somebody had blown a rocket missile into your brand new Bugatti Veron, it would be a highly understandable and unquestionable reason to hate that person and to go viral in your ‘Hate Manifesto’ and to gain the support and team-up of other billionaires who can relate to you.

As far as Mary Bale’s case is concerned though, her ‘crime’ was throwing a cat, which she probably thought had nine lives, into a wheelie bin. No big deal, it didn’t die and she probably thought, it would be a nice place to leave the cat, so it could find food. She however has seen more hate than what people have expressed for Osama Bin Laden when he bombed the Twin Towers, killing thousands. I wouldn’t blame her though, I blame the people who hate her for being so vile in their hatred campaigns shown towards her for a reason that even the court won’t punish, so why would the people be so harsh?

Monkey see, monkey do, if you hate this person and I love you, I will hate them too, shame on You!! Haters of cat placed in a wheelie bin. If Mary had raped the cat, done heinous things to it, burnt it alive or killed the cat, I’d understand. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives.

6. Robin Thicke

Most Hated People
These aren’t “blurred lines”, seriously Robin Thicke is on the hated list. What you’re seeing is exactly as its written, Robin Thicke, singer of recent hit “Blurred lines” which starts as with a really funky beat that is a trademark of the song that differentiates it from other modern day tracks but is under the accusation of depicting a whole rape theme through the highly elaborate and engaging audience video created for the track and suggesting by critiques and people who were alarmed that Thicke has been trying to make it seem okay to abuse women sexually, through his video.

His rise to fame has been very influential and can be given an ultimate amount of credit thus far, since his gone from zero to Hero to some part of his music career but has seen the downfall of something that others see from his music and videos, which he may have not noticed. Now hated by many around the world and loosing fans like flies over a fire flame due to him being prominently associated with Rape Culture and Perversion through his music and the fact of his pathetic attempt to profit out of his break breakup with his wife.

5. Justin Bieber

Hate him or love him, the guy has had his fair share of lovers and haters but when placed on a world indexed scale, Haters take the cake for being Majority in disfavor of Justin Bieber for several bizarre reasons which makes him one of the most hated people in these modern times. Justin Bieber’s case is similar to that of Prince and Michael Jackson after he became ‘wacky’.

No doubt and with absolute no denial what so ever that these Musicians all have made some extremely popular hits around the world. All have been known for their excentric performances on a global scale, leave Michael Jackson out of this, Prince was a blatant homo, everybody would agree. The one thing that everybody has in common here though is their born gift and each possessing a ‘Male Organ’, yet None ever possessed anything Masculine to validate their manliness.

As for Prince, jeez, which MAN uses high heal stiletto’s all the time, even once in his life!!?? While on the topic of hated musicians, Justin Bieber, a newly hatched egg in the music industry, sang some pretty good songs overall, met with the famous, sang duets with the trendy artists that people all-time loved yet failed hopelessly in his attempt to be genuinely loved by the people of the world. It’s evident that some people in the world seem to have developed extreme hatred for the star, due to his voice sounding abit “girly”,I personally believe, he shouldn’t have started singing on a global scale before his voice broke.

Others may hate him for his Moppy hairstyle and for other unknown bizarre reasons. The internet however shows a clear representation of all his hater’s efforts to boo him out of the music industry. He is however stronger than most teens in the United States to have been withstanding so much of world hate blatantly shown towards him on almost every page on Facebook or the internet, and still hasn’t committed suicide.

4. Adrian Paterson (NFL star)

Most Hated People
Disciplining kids, the old way by using physical punishment or beating them in a torturous manner seems to be something of the Ancient Era, with all the laws, regulations and stump downs as well as community support for child abuse that we have established today in modern society.

If a child has been ill-treated in a small home in China, the story is said to spread world -wide and all of a sudden the SWAT team helicopters will be hovering over that building, Seal teams will bust through the door, it’s all over the news etc. Because nothing stays hidden anymore, even a stolen bicycle tire in Beijing will be reported to somebody in Mexico at how fast information travels these days.

So when the rage of an NFL star is passed onto his four year old son by ‘disciplining’ him by making use of a disciplinary measure that involves hitting the little guy with a tree branch happens, you can be sure, the whole of America and the world is to know about it, the second as its happening,Papparazzi’s are always over the place doting on these things to happen anyway.

This has spilled world outrage for Patterson, with more than a few billions of parents out there, infuriated by this act and in all hatred for Mr. Pat. Patterson didn’t ‘Pat’ his son to discipline, he Bat him with a tree branch. Huge difference, and out of all things to be used, why go to Tree branch extents on a defenseless four year old?

3. Jared Fogle

Most Hated People
“Up yours Jared” is a statement made publically in the aggressive infuriated and inflamed protests of many Anti -Fogle members of society expressing their deep hatred for him. Because Jared will be facing imprisonment, that may also be a pun on the statement. And no play on words here as its been directed as ‘painfully’ honest as its been spoken towards him as he will be a ‘marked’ man in prison due to his admission of guilt that he has purchased child pornography and has engaged in unlawful sex with minors and underage girls etc.

The most hated people in prison are ‘Rats’ who in The Mafia Underworld are assassinated by designated hit men in the most violent and gruesome grizzly way and sent back to whomever in either body pieces or other unspeakable forms as a message from the Mafia Crime boss to say that Rats will be found and killed. Society does NOT tolerate such perverts and has definitely been the shock to the world’s women who are of a decent nature as well as noble men out there, definitely a hated member of the extremist in terms of hate as Child pornography is much of the worst in sexual offenses that can be in the act of man.

I’m sure you would agree with me when I say, the rapist will surely now be raped in prison by inmates too. What goes around will always come around. It is in Jail where he would lose his manhood to another man who would ultimately make him his, or their (depending on how many), their ‘wifey’. Heinous crimes will be punished in Jared’s case up the ****, what rhymes with heinous.

2. Ted Bundy

Serial killers in general, have a certain way that’s specific and exclusive to them, it’s almost as though although each commit similar styled crimes with a specific tailor made way according to their victim. Each has a personal ‘trademark’ that defines them. In terms of Manhood, dominance in all fields are an essential must depending on such a guy’s masculine levels while some won’t mind being dominated by other men. Sexual domination however is most common and natural amongst a raging ravishing testosterone escalating man onto a female.

This is a natural occurrence and socially accepted if ONLY it is CONSENSUAL between both male and female etc. There are too many rape victims in the world to let one rape story go un-noticed.Ted Bundy has been a serial killer, rapist, pedophile and necrophilia (the act of enjoying the company of a dead corpse or probably doing sick things to it) since he probably realized his penis could be erect. Sick minded man has murdered over 36 Women which has been officially counted, their bodies were dumped in barren places, dismembered and somewhere seriously injured aswell.

He has been a regular amongst the Police as they kept catching him before he escaped several times. A man with this sick reputation is sure to be hated around the world and by mass numbers who would want to kill him themselves. Luckily, the justice system has done the honor of electrocuting him as part of his death penalty, which still won’t bring back the bodies his dropped or the lives of the young females his ruined.

1. Martin Shkreli

Now for the dubbed “Most Hated People in America” by BBC News. It generally takes an extremely and highly successful businessmen to establish a business and then to stay in business for as long as he possibly can. Martin Shkrel has committed more of a “White – Collar Crime”, one of the most common in the business world.

We here of businesses busting the corporate rules now and then, bending the regulations wherever it seems to be a clean slate escape into large profits at the cost of innocents and at the extreme overture expense of investors etc. Every business man or women who have been long enough dealing in their field of expertise are established and experienced enough to know the ultimate ins and outs of their businesses and precisely how they can make a few extra thousands from it, apart from their legalized style of doing it all the time.

Martin Shkreli on the other hand has done more than just make a few hundred thousand’s from “rip off” accumulated money. What Martin has achieved on the dark side of his business reputation has gained him some infamy that’s rather surprising and is similar to the style of Ponzi . The world couldn’t care less if somebody got ripped off trillions, as long as it wasn’t them who was victim to such crimes, they won’t bother.

HIV/AIDs members however are already frustrated that they might lose their lives at any moment without guarantee of waking up the next day or if they nap for an hour or two, life is inevitable like that and so the only reliance or ray of hope they may have is on their Pharmaceutical medication which is the cotton thread that AIDs people would hang on.

Martin Skhreli as evil as he is, has inflated the rate to gain profits bigger than what he wouldn’t last very long with by a staggering increase of $750 from the initial price of $13.50 per pill. Aids activists have been on extreme rage and rampage across the world and not just America, by the greed of Martin for money, without a conscience of each of those lives who are already deteriorating.

Martin Shkreli is more recent in his misendevors which makes him currently the most hated people more especially by AIDs patients, Aid’s activists and people world -wide who have hearts behind their chests.