Note-Taking Apps

Top 10 Note-Taking Apps of All Times

If you are a writer or student, note-taking is probably something you do daily. As you research, ideas keep flowing and you have to write them down before you forget. The simplest way is to take pen and paper and record your ideas and information but it’s too easy to lose them. 

The safest way is to use an app to take notes, organize them into priorities, save, and share with anyone. The greatest challenge is finding the most relevant note-taking apps and that’s why we have researched, reviewed, and organized the best 10 for you.

Note-Taking Apps

Top 10 Note-Taking Apps of All Times:

Google Keep

Google Keep was developed by Google for use on smartphones. As an extra mile, cool apps to try are also note sharing apps that you can use to organize your notes and share them with your team or colleagues for comments or ideas. 

Google Keep allows you to type texts, add photos, or record your voice and the app transcribes it automatically. You organize your notes as sticky notes that can be assigned different colors. 


Simplenote is a free app used for capturing notes. It is compatiblRoam Research is one of the best tools for researchers. It allows users to take notes, organize them, link them, and create more details. The browser-only application has a default daily note page for recording the current events. 

You can easily connect with your notes taken on different days because of its link feature. Its graph overview displays notes according to how they are interconnected and arranges them according to importance or date modified. 


Applications for taking notes are a new way for writers and students to record information from their research and lectures. They help users take notes, organize them, save, share, add images, and other types of content. The best app for taking notes is one with multiple features that give the best user experience. e with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and can also be used on the web. It is best used to take long-form notes and organize them. 

If you install it on your smartphone, it becomes a good tool for noting ideas as they flow. You can then categorize them using tags to help you organize your ideas and retrieve them with ease. 

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a highly-rated application for taking notes on both Android and iOS. It is best for users who are familiar with Microsoft products. The free app is an incredible app that comes with almost every feature desirable for taking notes. 

Use it to take notes, organize them, add clips, tags, and save your notes. Use the app to categorize your notes, record voice, type, or take videos. If you run out of space, you can upgrade and get an extra 5 GB. 

One Note

One Note is another best option for writers and students looking for an app that can be integrated with MS Office. You easily use it by either typing or dictating your notes using voice. Use the same app to add images, PDF documents and send emails to recipients. Your notes can be synced to the cloud so that you access them from any place globally. 


ProofHub is a multipurpose application that can be used to take notes, manage projects, and enhance team collaboration. Its feature for taking notes can be used to jot any kind of information related to different projects. Keep records for meetings, save ideas, and share them. 


Evernote is an impressive application with both free and premium packages. Its free service is limited to the features you can access but the premium package has some of the most advanced features. Some of its features are powerful search capabilities, easy access to notes, and note-taking and syncing features.

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Bear is compatible with Apple devices and has a free and paid version. Its free version has powerful features for taking notes and organizing content. It saves your notes and syncs to the cloud, although it requires a subscription to sync content. The application was created by Apple and thus, it can only work with iOS. 


Notion is an app used for taking notes and for collaboration. It can run on the Web, Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS. Its main features are the note-taking feature, reference wiki, and project manager. It uses pages and blocks to sync everything into one app. Take notes on the page and add other tasks and content on the block. This includes your checklists, images, videos, bookmarks, audio, etc. 

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool that can run on both mobile phones and PC. It is a full suite cloud-based application used both for taking notes and collaboration. It’s full power because it’s an entire Microsoft Office package with all the applications such as word, excel, and PowerPoint. Its cloud feature allows you to take your notes and share them with your team. Your team can also make comments and report progress.