Haunted Locations In The UK

Top 10 Spine-Chilling Haunted Locations in the UK

We have been listening to ghost stories since our childhood, and as an adult, we have seen lots of movies as well as television serials that have been labeled as spooky. It is our natural instinct to know about the supernatural, and the UK is not going to disappoint us thanks to the numerous haunted locations there. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will throw some light on the top 10 most haunted locations in the UK that should be enough to give us nightmares.

Below is the list of 10 most haunted places in the United Kingdom, and you can visit them.

10. Pendle Hill

Haunted Locations In The UK
Pendle Hill is known for its natural beauty but nevertheless, many atrocious crimes were committed there in the past. At present, this region is being visited by lots of pilgrims every year who like to commemorate the coven of the 10 witches who were executed in the year 1612 because of being found guilty of murdering many individuals. The pilgrims make an arduous journey by climbing the steep hill while visiting this location.

9. Arundel Castle, West Sussex

Haunted Locations In The UK
Arundel Castle, which was founded in 1067, has quite a few spooky activities associated with it. Among these, the most notable has been the appearance of a mysterious white owl, whose mere sighting has caused the death of the individuals residing in that particular building. Other than this, a white woman has also often been observed who had jumped from the tower. On many occasions, individuals have even seen a spooky boy working in the kitchen.

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8. Galleries of Justice

Haunted Locations In The UK
Many heinous crimes were committed here in the past and, consequently, it is considered to be amongst the most haunted locations in the UK. It turned into a prison in the year 1449 and was the only place in the area where one could be tried and also convicted. In fact, many brutal executions happened at the entrance of this location. Since then, many paranormal activities including slamming of doors and laughter can be heard here.

7. The Tower of London

Haunted Locations In The UK
The Tower of London is yet another ghostly location where Anne Boleyn, the evil wife of Henry VIII and also the two princes, namely, Edward (12 years old) and Richard (9 years old) were executed along with many other prisoners. In fact, all these individuals had been subjected to inhuman torture before meeting their doom. The headless figure of the ill-fated queen is often seen at her execution site. Even the two princes have been observed clutching each other in sheer intimidation before their tormentors.

6. Glasgow Necropolis, Scotland

Haunted Locations In The UK
It is quite natural for a cemetery to be haunted particularly if it belongs to the Victorian era, and the Glasgow Necropolis is no exception to this. Moreover, there has been a myth associated with this particular symmetry which involves a vampire with iron teeth. Also, on many occasions, the ghostly figure of a white lady has been witnessed moving across the cemetery. Apart from this, there have been reports of other types of paranormal activities, right here that will surely give you sleepless nights.

5. British Transport Police Station

Haunted Locations In The UK
This location in the UK has been said to be occupied by a male ghost. In fact, in the year 1977 one person heard a loud door slam in the British Transport Police Station. He discovered some footsteps that led to a toilet and when he followed it, to his dismay, he found none there. Three decades later, almost the same experience was encountered by another person in the same area.

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4. Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire

Haunted Locations In The UK
The fourth most haunted locations the UK is arguably Woodchester Mansion. Ii is situated in Gloucestershire, where individuals claim to have been assaulted by ghosts even physically. Although the structure might appear to be complete from outside, you will find many rooms that are not yet complete which are obviously perfect for an unnerving ambiance. Many paranormal activities have been cited here and among those, mention may be made of a spooky horseman as well as a ghost in the basement.

3. Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Haunted Locations In The UK
In case you happen to be in this dockyard, don’t be surprised if you find some sailors getting involved in a brawl while having a drink. It has been told that one criminal named Jack the Painter was responsible for an attempt to put this dockyard under fire. He was nabbed and eventually executed. And, his decomposed body was displayed to others as a warning. Even now, one can hear the sound of chains from time to time.

2. Borley Rectory, Essex

Haunted Locations In The UK
The next haunted location in this list is going to be Borley Rectory in Essex. It was completely destroyed by fire in the year 1939, and since then many paranormal activities had been reported by lots of witnesses. Moreover, these abnormal activities have been confirmed by the paranormal scientists who performed adequate research in this region. Footsteps are heard here after dark and there are also other instances of ghostly activities including; Two headless horsemen along with their carriage, the ghost of a nun and also many other such types of incidents. All these should be enough to assert that Borley Rectory is definitely a spooky place for anyone to visit.

1. Pluckley, Kent

Haunted Locations In The UK

This is debatably the most haunted village in the UK. Amongst the scariest activities that have been witnessed here, mention may be made of flickering lights in a local church, some frightening screams as well as the appearance of a tree on the highway with a man pinned to it by multiple swords. These are only a few of the hair-raising incidents in this ghostly village. And because of this, it has found the first position in this particular listing.

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