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  • The worship of Mammon

    10 Ridiculous Demons From Around The World

    Just like other mythological creatures, demons were created by our ancestors with the primary purpose of blaming them for our misfortunes. Demons were blamed for illnesses and diseases as well as the committal of sins. They also served as a warning and were useful figures for the purpose of scaring children into obedience. And while […] More

  • Mutunus Tutunus

    Top 10 Crazy gods and Deities From Around The World

    Nowadays, when most of us think of the word God, what springs to mind is a sensible humane God or spirit worshiped by the devotees of one of the major religions. However, if you delve a little deeper into anthropology or history, you are bound to find a great number of highly unusual gods that […] More

  • 10 Most Bizarre Beauty Treatments

    Top 10 Most Bizarre Beauty Treatments

    People will go to whatever lengths to look beautiful and young. This includes the most dangerous, disgusting and degrading practices that people can think off. And if you thought the procedures are weird, you find out that your favorite celebrity is doing it. On the bright side, most procedures have been proven to work. This […] More

  • Strangest Medical Conditions

    Top 10 of the Strangest Medical Conditions

    The science of medicine is far more advanced nowadays than it was even ten years ago. Yet, there are many diseases that do not have a cure. Billions of dollars are spent every day for researches, experimental treatments and various tests. Even so, there are some conditions that are extremely rare and the researchers cannot […] More

  • GloZell's Banana and Sprite Challenge

    10 Ridiculous Food Challenges You Probably Don’t Want to Try

    In attempt to gain more followers, raise funds or create awareness, people across the world have engaged in very disturbing, disgusting and dangerous challenges. Some do it for fun, but there is no excitement when you eat things that are guaranteed to make you throw up. Most of these challenges test how long one will […] More

  • Bullsbrook Fire Angel

    10 Creepy But Inspiring Pareidolia Images in Burning Objects

    Seeing a resemblance of a celebrity’s face in rocks, clouds or even food, may make us think we are either going crazy or overly obsessed with a person who will never know we exist. This tendency of seeing faces in objects is just a normal psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia, which causes us to see a […] More

  • 10 Most Tragic Deaths In History

    Top 10 Most Tragic Deaths in History

    ‘’Life is pleasant, death is peaceful, it’s the transition that’s troublesome’’– Isaac Asimov Since the dawn of time, death has been extensively documented. The thought of dying elicits fear and dread among the mighty and the lowly. Death, an inevitable extinction, shared by the rich and the poor is the ultimate price of mortality. Though […] More

  • Mandela Effects

    Top 10 Examples of The Mandela Effect

    Mandela Effect is a term wherein a group of people or a certain population all have the same memories of a certain phenomenon like events, names and details but differs from the real thing. It’s an interesting theory that some of the paranormal experts tend to mixed with parallel universe and the likes. While some […] More

  • Women With largest Breasts

    Top 10 Women You Won’t Believe Are Real

    Most of us want ourselves to be the center of attention anywhere we go. But few people on this planet take it to one step further, and become personalities you can’t ignore no matter how hard you try. We have conducted a list 10 Women popular on the internet for their unique physical features. The […] More

  • Dancing Plague

    10 Most Bizarre Deaths in History

    We all have to face our final moment, sooner or later. Things we do during our lifetime are those we’ll be remembered by after we’re gone. Some people, though, will be remembered by the way they died. Here is a list with 10 most bizarre deaths in history. 10. Aeschylus Known as one of the […] More

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