Friendliest Countries – Top 10 Places known for Hospitality

What are world’s famous places known for hospitality? Hospitality basically means the generous and friendly reception and entertainment of visitors, guests, and even strangers. It is the kind of relationship between a host and a guest. Many of us need to move to a different country because of education or work and how soon we settle in that country and how comfortable we feel depends largely on the people of that country, upon how friendly they are, how they welcome you, or in short upon the hospitality of that place.

There are many countries that will quickly make you feel at home, all thanks to their great hospitality. Here we are going to present you a list of the friendliest countries in the world. the list of top 10 places known for hospitality.

10. Thailand

Places known for Hospitality - Top 10 Friendliest Countries

Thailand is a famous tourist destination and this is something everyone knows. The service and hospitality of Thailand meet the demands of international travelers and this is why Thai tourism is rising day by day. On the basis of reviews, Thai people are said to be helpful and friendly. Thai people welcome each other by a salutation called ‘wai’ which is even a sign of gratitude and respect. Thailand is even known as the ‘Land of Smiles’ and not only do you find smiling local faces here even those who visit this country are always left smiling because of the great hospitality.

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9. Ireland

Hospitality of Ireland People

The Irish cities Cork, Galway, and Dublin have been said to be amongst the friendliest cities in the world. The great live music and perfect lively atmosphere here can easily get you addicted. Also, you are going to fall in love with the friendly and warm nature of the people here. Even if you go for a walk along the country road chances are bright that you will be saluted by the passing by drivers. Irish people always greet tourists they meet in their way and will help whenever you are in need. Also learn how to make an Irishman or woman like you.

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8. Portugal

Hospitality of Portugal People

Located in Europe, Portugal is a country that you might not have thought of paying a visit. But now we shall give some reasons that will want you to go there. Since the country has many English speakers communicating will not be a problem there. Furthermore, Portuguese people are easy going and nice. They will help make sure you feel at home, and you will realize this, even more, when you move towards the north. Portuguese love their drinks, the sun, and a nice conversation with friends. The nightlife of this country is also amazing.

7. India

Hospitality of Indian People

Anyone who has ever visited India surely knows about its rich cultural heritage and traditions, and their belief in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, meaning the guest is equivalent to God. Hospitality is something India is popularly known for. People here make sure you feel warm and at home and have an experience that just cannot be compared. When welcomed by hosts you will be greeted by folded hands and bowing down of head that shows respect, love, friendliness, and humility. Also, the Indian cuisine is so amazing that it will surely leave you wanting for more.

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6. Mexico

Hospitality of Mexican People

A country in North America, Mexico is home to courteous, polite, and charming people. Mexicans greet each other with respect and humility even in very casual encounters. People commonly refer to each other as señora or señor. Even with those who they do not know well, Mexicans are formal and polite. When in Mexico you want to greet someone you should do so not just by wishing but by making physical contact. They usually shake hands when meeting strangers and often treat people with courtesy and respect.

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5. Bhutan

Hospitality of Bhutan People

Bhutan, with its beautiful monasteries, lively people, and amazing culture will surely win your hearts. The people here are very happy and willing to share their joy with others around. This country is known to measure its success in terms of the happiness of the citizens. This method was invented by the king of Bhutan and started being called GNH (Gross National Happiness). The happiness that the people living here enjoy is contagious, and if you want a mood refreshing vacation, Bhutan will be your ideal destination.

4. Bosnia

Hospitality of Bosnia People

Situated in Southern Europe, Bosnia is one of those countries that are most frequently visited. It has the 3rd highest tourism growth rate since 1995. People here are generous and kind-hearted and forever willing to share things. Coffee is immensely important to them and you will find many colorful souvenir shops, coffee pots, and coffee making workshops. Bosnia offers great hospitality and welcomes people with open hearts.

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3. Scotland

Hospitality of Scottish people

Hospitality is king in Scotland – this is something a Scottish blogger mentioned while writing about the Scottish manner of welcoming tourists and making them feel comfortable. The Scottish people take hospitality seriously and ensure their guests do not face any kind of problem during their stay, and in case there is any mishap they will willingly even pay full refunds.

2. South Africa

Hospitality of South African People

People of South Africa are welcoming, friendly, and have smiles that directly come from their heart. The will welcome you to their country with an open heart and always smile back at you. It is pretty common for South Africans to begin random conversations with strangers after greeting each other. The landscape of South Africa is beautiful, and the food is great and reasonably priced.

1. New Zealand

Hospitality of New Zealand People

For New Zealand’s Maori, people hospitality is a tradition. This tradition known as Manaaktinga means “prestige to the guests”, and it is this tradition that makes New Zealand all the more unique. People here believe that taking care of visitors is really important. Hosts here are known to commonly treat their guests to local delicacies, particularly at significant and large occasions.

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If you want to enjoy a vacation where not only will you have a great fun time but will get to meet lovely, friendly people, and will get great help in times you need, the list above gives you the 10 most popular options.