Dog Movies – Top 10 Dog Movies for a Great Weekend

Looking for a great dog movie to watch with your dog? Dogs are not only the superstars of our lives, they are movie superstars also. There are a number of movies that are dedicated to our canine buddies, and they are great for any family or friends movie night.


Here are 10 great dog movies.

1. Marley & Me

Marley is a Labrador that has always been independent and unruly. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are the couple who eventually adopt him in Marley & Me, an enjoyable movie with plenty of events to give you new doggie goals. The film’s heartwarming moments will make it great for both of you; this should be your next family-friendly flick night out.

2. A Dog’s Purpose

The storyline of the movie is based on a book by W. Bruce Cameron and revolves around events that take place after the re-birth of an old dog, who serves his purpose four times before understanding it himself. The film will make you weepy for sure but in general, can be considered emotional and fulfilling to watch.

3. The Secret Life of Pets

Pets are known for being loyal and loving. But what do they do when you’re not around? How does their day look like? The Secret Life of Pets is the answer to these questions. This movie reveals everything your pets might be doing while we’re miles away at work or school, whether it’s sleeping in a cozy bed all day long or having an epic adventure with other animals! If you want something that will make you laugh out loud then this film is perfect for you – just don’t tell our furry friends about it until after watching so as not to spoil any surprises.

4. 101 Dalmatians

This is one of the most famous movies in recent history. It’s a classic story of dalmatian puppies escaping from Cruella De Vil and having to go on an adventure before they are found again- but unlike almost every other Disney film out there it has no magic spells, singing princesses nor does it involve any romance with princes. What makes this so great though? You can watch it both as cartoons and movie.

5. Dog Days

If you are a pet owner and wondering how your pet and especially a dog is making your life better then this movie is for you. Watch as these dog owners learn more about themselves through caring for their furry friends and come closer to each other in the process. The film shows that our pets bring us closer together with other people in both unexpected and amazing ways.

6. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

When the family goes on vacation, they leave their pets behind at a relative’s house. The two dogs and one cat are devastated by this thought of abandonment so much that they undertake an epic journey to find their loved ones. During the adventure, there is plenty of laughter as well as emotional moments along it. This story has something for everyone.

7. Beethoven

Beethoven has a reputation for being one of the most well-known and popular movies about dogs. It follows a Saint Bernard who is full of limitless energy, as he causes some damage to his owners’ house while also making it an adventure worth remembering in this whimsical film. By the end, they learn that even though their family now includes these large canines with questionable table manners–they are wonderful friends.

8. Air Bud

If you’re looking to motivate your dog and teach him how to stay active, this movie is just the thing for it. You’ll be able to see what a golden retriever does when he’s at his best during games and has plenty of winning streaks. In addition, while watching this film, you will also get some insight into which games you could play with your dog.

9. Bolt

Bolt is a great movie for the entire family to watch. The story follows Bolt, an adorable dog who plays the role of a dog with superpowers. The story begins when he gets lost and thinks that his owner has abandoned him, and he still is the super dog. In the process of finding his owner, he meets and befriends a black cat who has been abandoned by her owners and lives on the streets.

10. Lassie

The powerful movie demonstrates how love can overcome all odds, with a boy who refuses to give up on his dog no matter what. It has a powerful message about the power of love. The boy refused to give up on Lassie even though he was told that they could no longer afford him and it is clear from watching how much the dog loves his owner, which allows them to overcome any obstacles together.

All of these movies are great and show how dogs could make our lives better and more worth living. And they make great movies for weekends.

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