Cats and Dogs YouTube Compilation

Best Cats and Dogs YouTube Compilation Videos (Top 15)

It’s not secret cats and dogs are the most beloved pets worldwide. Their online photos and videos receive a huge traffic of views. It is not only their cuteness that attracts their attention, but also they can be man’s best friends especially when a person feels at his lowest ends.

To cut a long story short, the following are the best compilation YouTube videos of cats and dogs. I know you will have a good time since not only will you smile but also laugh. To this end, happy cats and dogs day!

15. Dogs and Cats Dancing

Are cats good at dancing? Well, not exactly when compared to dogs. This arises from the fact it’s hard to train a cat than it is to train a dog. Dogs learn quickly as opposed to cats, thereby they are excellent dancers.

14. Dogs and Cats Singing

Cats are not quite good at singing. They can differentiate sounds thus can distinguish one tune or beat from another one. When compared to cats, dogs can sing. Well, not really! As is the case with cats, dogs can differentiate the beats and tunes.

13. Cats and Dogs Playing

Who said cats and dogs cannot play together? It’s possible. It is a matter of training them to regard each other as friends, not enemies.

Kittens and puppies are very playful than adult cats and dogs. The adult cats lose interest in play as quickly as they engage in it. However, adult dogs do play a lot although not in the same capacity as puppies.

12. Cats and Dogs Not Wanting to Share Their Food

It’s rare to see any animal wanting to share its meal with immediate family members or colleagues. The only exception is the mother with her young ones. At times, the mother has to give up fighting in order to let her young ones eat it because of the vigorous competition among the young ones to have a large bite of the prized meat.

When you touch dogs and cats while they are eating, they groan. They’re warning you to back off or else…you know….

11. Cats and Dogs Don’t Want to Bath

Cats are famously known at avoiding water at all costs. They hate water and don’t like to be bathed. Their ancestral cats had devised a means of bathing – rubbing their bodies with their tongues.

Why don’t they like water? Animal behavior experts think it has to do with their fur. Cats have thick fur thereby when their fur is soaked in water, they feel heavy. Whether this is the case or not, we will never know why they hate water.

On the other hand, majority of dog breeds warm up to the idea of water. The Labrador is a good example of dog breed which likes water a lot. Why some dog breeds hate water is not yet known.

10. Cats Are Afraid of Cucumbers

Why cats are afraid of a harmless fruit called cucumber? Were there living cucumbers such that they did something that led to the ancestral cats to become terrified of them?

Well, animal behavior experts theorize it’s either cats mistake the cucumbers as snakes, or they were taken off-guard, that is, without their knowledge. Cats hate anything coming closer to them without them knowing. Those things might be predators.

Before they engage in an activity that requires their full concentration, they will ensure the surrounding is free of any predator. If you look at the video below you’ll notice the cucumbers were placed behind or besides them without their knowledge. Once they see the cucumbers, they jump and run away.

Of course, when you’re startled by someone you will freak out because it was unexpected. You were caught off-guard.

Well, I think we will never known why cats are afraid of cucumbers if any of the above two theories don’t offer a grain of truth.

9. Cats and Dogs Playing With Babies

It’s an interesting watch. It’s either the pets who want to play with the babies or the babies wanting to play with the pets. It is funny and I bet you’ll have some doses of medicine as you laugh your heart out.

8. Cats and Kittens Hate Kisses

Cats and kittens don’t like the idea of being kissed. They will block your gesture of affection by holding out their front legs.

They don’t like any form of affection, right? Not exactly! There are different tactics you can employ to show your affection towards them than kissing. They are affectionate creatures. It’s only that there are some kinds of affection they either don’t know what it means or feel threatened by misinterpreting the simple gesture of affection.

Furthermore, a cat’s acceptance of kiss as a form of affection depends with cats. Some cats warm up to such gestures of affection all the time. Additionally, you have to factor cats are moody. In the morning they will accept your gesture of affection while in the evening they’ll be opposed to it.

7. How Would Your Cat or Dog React If You Faked Your Death?

As the following videos show, dogs and cats react differently. While cats might leave the scene or find a place to lie down, dogs on the other hand will make a fuss.

Does it mean cats don’t care a bit when their owners disappear from their lives? Is it because they’re solitary animals the reason they don’t grieve when someone or a loved one dies? Not really!

Animals grieve in different ways. Some animals grieve in the same way as human beings while others in unique ways. Cats do grieve but not in a manner we expect.

Hills Pet note that despite no one knows whether a cat understands death or not, the fact is a cat knows with certainty its owner is missing. In terms of how a cat reacts after its owner disappears, Hills Pet state, “There is really no way to predict how a cat is likely to behave when a companion is lost. Some cats seem completely unaffected, and indeed, a few may even seem to be positively happy when their housemates disappear. Others may stop eating and lose interest in their surroundings, simply sitting and staring; they seem to become depressed. A few cats undergo personality or behavioral changes when a companion is lost.”

6. Dogs Praying

As was noted above, it is easy to train a dog some tricks than a cat. Humans have been able to train dogs how to fold their arms and bow their heads during prayers.

As is depicted in the following video, these dogs know before they eat they have to pray. Since they’re unable to pray, they have to rely on their owners to pray so that they can get done with eating their food.

What about cats? Yah, they too know can be trained but not in the same capacity as dogs. Well, the below video shows cats waiting for their owner to pray so they can eat.

5. Dogs vs. Cats: Who Is Afraid of the Other One?

Some people are of the opinion, and conviction, cats are afraid of dogs. This arises from incidences where dogs chase cats or a dog kills a cat. On the other side of the coin, there are incidences where a cat chases a dog or causes a stir if the dog appears to threaten it.

Well, I guess we will never know who is more afraid of the other one, if it’s not who is afraid of the other one.

4. Cats Playing With Their Prey

Cats have a tendency to play with their prey either before killing it, or after killing it. I have seen my family’s cat playing with a dead mouse and in another occasion playing with a live lizard. Funny thing is that it can play with a dead mouse and not eat it or play with a live lizard and not kill it.

3. Dogs and Cats Sleeping Together, With Their Owners, or Babies

It’s another interesting watch. Cats and dogs sleeping together! No way! Yah, it’s possible. As much as they’re perfect enemies, it’s possible to reverse this attitude. They can be friends. It’s a matter of training them to love each other.

Isn’t it sweet seeing a dog or cat sleeping with their owners or owners’ babies?

2. Cute Dogs and Cats

Don’t you think cats and dogs are cute?

Well, the following video shows cute dogs and cats. What you regard as cute is different from another person’s perspective. Nonetheless, they’re a quite sight to watch.

1. Cat Watching a Horror Movie

Ever wondered how a cat would react when it watches a horror movie? If you have been wondering how it reacts, this video will answer your question or concern.

The sound effects that are employed in horror movies usually elicit fear or apprehension. What will happen next? This is what happens to this cat. It does see characters but doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s the sound effects that make the cat to become frightened.

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