Top 10 Stunning And Mysterious Cloud Formations

Do you recall the day you looked in the sky and saw a face hidden amongst the clouds or a creepy figure of unidentified behemoth? Well, you are alone. The pages of history are littered with strange tales of gallantry men who saw and documented mysterious cloud formations. Unfortunately, these sighting took place in the pre-camera era and what exactly they saw is lost to time and up for debate.

Fast-forward into 21 Century, the globe is littered with millions of camera and bored souls up for some spine tingling adventure and these spectacular photos are a sure fire sign of tricks the clouds can play.

10. The Man In The Cloud

The Man In The Cloud

In Sci-Fi movies, robots are known to make apocalyptic jump to the inner recess of the universe to square it off with the ‘’not so friendly Aliens’’ or comet hurtling towards the earth. Unfortunately, such feats are impossible and the and remain strictly in the realms of sci. However, Nick O’Donoghue got a rare glimpse of the super man while on a trans-continent journey.

Early in 2016, the software support team manager became a house hold name after snapping an iconic photo of a man walking at 30,000 fts with no fear of plummeting to death. Immediately he uploaded his creepy snap, he received hundreds of calls from excited viewers who claimed the loner had a strikingly similar looks to the movie icon ‘’The Iron Man’’. Though several theories were put in place to explain the creepy find, what exactly he saw is up for debate.

9. The Mysterious Face Of A Man

The Mysterious Face Of A Man
In 2011, Denis Farmer had all the reason to be worried; the sky was dark bearing all the marks of an imminent storm. With minutes before deluge, he caught a ghostly sight of a human head complete with face, nose, and eye sockets and to top up with a smiling mouth.

Determined to share his new find, he quickly grabbed a camera and snapped the photo moments before it dissipated into other clouds. After going public with the photo, he received tones of feedback with some clearly pointing out it was a roman god showing off and even a confession of a business man cum evangelist who swore God had paid Canada a courtesy call. What do you think?

8. A Man Running In The Clouds

A Man Running In The Clouds
Clouds are mischievous. They are so tricky that they’ll form an apparition of love moments before you propose only to be turned down. It’s also a common knowledge a small cloud in the middle of picnic can transform into a deluge within minutes sending all and sundry dashing for cover while fumbling with car keys. When not scaring people for cover, she can form awe and inspiring formation moments before big events in a coincidental fashion and the residents of John O Groats got this impressive memo.

Moments before the start of a racing completion, nature had a head start when apparition of a man hot on his heels was visible for a couple of seconds prior to the competition. Immediately the snap was upload to the internet, it caused a huge sensation that was eventually declared the ‘’photo of the summer’’.

7. The Apocalyptic Horses Of Doom

Stunning And Mysterious Cloud Formations
Christians know bible makes several prophesies of the future including apocalyptic horsemen who are said to signal imminent ‘’strife and key events’’ in the history of the world. So when mysterious cloud apparitions appeared over the skies of Malaysia on 2009, it raised healthy doses of debate, headlines and rumors as well. Though the cloud did form a number of horses, its religious aspect is up for debate. You can watch here.

6. The Mysterious Cloud Of 1963

The Mysterious Cloud Of 1963
In the closing hours of Feb 1963, the residents of Arizona are reported to have seen a mysterious cloud formations that in scientific term ‘’defied all rational explanation’’. The cloud was reported to be 48 km (30 miles) across and 41 km (26miles) high in a bright dark cloudless sky. According to witness, the cloud suddenly appeared to have been drawn by an unseen entity and was visible for several minutes.

Curious citizens immediately flooded the University of Arizona Institute of Atmospheric Physics for answers but the scientists were amateurs as well. Unsurprisingly, a televangelist called and confessed to have been visited by 7 angels who made the cloud as they flew back to their heavenly abode.

5. The Mysterious Cloud Of Costa Rica

Mysterious Cloud Of Costa Rica
In another eerie photo snapped in Costa Rica, a rainbow is seen atop a saucer like cloud with the sun rays in the middle. According to the residents, the formation coincided with the Independence Day and more often than not attributed to the ‘’sign of God’’ but the scientists immediately jumped onto the band wagon and quickly dispelled all the rumor claiming it was nothing more than a ‘’cloud irridence’’

4. The Beam Of 2015

The Beam Of 2015
In wonderslist, we have covered several lists on iconic photos for our readers. Surprisingly, after perusing all the lists, I realized this iconic snap is relatively missing. Without much ado, I opted to add it here.

On 2015, a mysterious beam of dancing flare was photographed over Greenwood, Indiana. The light, which was visible for several seconds, caused a scare of alien invasion or onset of an apocalyptical event. The video shows a bright flame of light appearing and later vanishing among the cloud as mysterious as it started. Though the scientists were quick to explain it away, to the uneducated eyes…

3. The Flashy Mysterious Cloud City

The Flashy Mysterious Cloud City
By now, we know how treacherous the sky is. From phantom iron man to mysterious dancing lights, the sky has all the tricks up her sleeves. It’s safe to note a shadowy figure seen by individual in the sky may be passed off as hallucination. Suppose an entire city of thousands jam packed your phone with calls of a mysterious city floating in the sky? It definitely calls for concern. Though it sounds farfetched, terrified residents of China are reported to have seen a mysterious city floating in the clouds with frighteningly clear proof in photos and high HD videos.

Immediately, the news made headlines internationally with rumor mills having it that ‘’a parallel universe’’ had finally opened up.

2. The Mystery Of Falling Clouds

The Mystery Of Falling Clouds
Whenever clouds are mentioned, all eyes gaze up and for good reasons. Well, clouds are only found in the sky, right? Am afraid you are wrong. Suppose you woke up one and to your shock realized a cloud had fallen and filled the entire backyard? Chances are you’ll call the police. Though it sounds strange for a cloud to crash for no good reason, it’s a frightening reality all over the world.

Tales of clouds plummeting from the sky down to the driveways are not new. Morocco has had its fare of the bizarre phenomena with majority pointing fingers at the government for underhand weather manipulation tactics.

To deflect the fear, an irrational explanation of sea foam is often pointed as the culprit though it’s a common knowledge foam contains a large percentage of water as opposed to these mysterious cloud said to be web-like in nature.

1. The Roll Cloud

The Roll Cloud

Ever woke up one morning and saw a huge cylindrical cloud spanning the entire length of the sky? Don’t be alarmed, we all know the clouds are one bunch of a spooky mass that loves to through puzzle around and remind us who is in charge. These spooky cloud formations have been documented to reach more than 620 miles long (1000 km) and up to 100-200 meters high. So next time you see one, remember this list.

Author; Moses Onyango is a Laboratory student at Gussi Institute Of Technology and has written several lists for wonderslist.

Top 10 Stunning And Mysterious Cloud Formations

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