10 Marvel’s Characters Inspired From DC

Marvel always tried create the characters similar to characters from DC comics. For example, Spiderman’s blue-red costume seems to be inspired from Superman’s costume and same goes to Thor a red cape wearing heavy hitter god.

I did a little research to find out how many characters are actually out there in marvel comics that is inspired from their rival and i came across with some unbelievable results.There are dozens of characters and concepts proves that marvel took direct inspiration from DC comics. DC also took inspiration from marvel comics but that is negligible.

Here is a list of ten most popular marvel characters that are so similar to DC characters that they go beyond to any kind of inspiration and some of them forced me to call them clones.

Top 10 Marvel’s Characters Inspired From DC:

10. Thanos (1973) and Darkseid (1970)

thanos and darkseid

Here they are the two extremely powerful super villain demigods who can wipe out whole galaxies with just one splash. DC Darkseid first appeared in 1970 three years before the Marvel’s power goblet wearing Thanos. Both are the owner of the power that can make destruction on galactic level that they use to achieve their goals. Clearly marvel took the direct inspiration from DC’s darkseid.

9. Sandman (1963) and Clayface (1940)

sand man & clayface

DC and marvel both share the shape shifter made out of dirt. Arriving in 1940 DC’s clayface only gained ability of shape shifting in 1971 before sandman arrived 2 years later. Both can mold and manipulate sand particles to shape shift and alter their size, shape and density.

8. Iron Man (1963) and Batman (1939)

iron man & batman

If you don’t see the connection then how about thefact that both heroes are multi billionaire Playboys with no real superpowers. They use their best resources to design their own suits, weaponry and gadgets. Batman arrived 24 years before the tony stark. Tony stark takes a plus only because he doesn’t try to hide his true identity.

7. Hawkeye (1964) and Green arrow (1941)

hawkeye & green arrow

DC’s green arrow arrived in 1941 before Marvel’s answer Hawkeye in 1964. Both are heroic members of the superhero teams from their respective universes. Both lost their parent at young age and forced to adept bow in order to survive. Green arrow was in relationship with black canary while Hawkeye on the other hand was in love with black widow. Strangely, both were also killed off and brought back to life

6. Black widow (1964) and Black canary (1947)

black widow & black canary

Black canary and black window both are female superheroes with considerably no real superpowers. However, black canary later developed high pitch scream. They both are highly trained martial artists and wear almost similar black outfit. Both are also the part of superhero teams in their universes.

5. Quicksilver (1964) and The flash (1940)

quick silver & the flash

While DC’s flash was the product of a lab accident that allowed him to zip around with unmatchable speed. Marvel’s son of magneto arrived with eminently similar traits as a mutant in X-Men comics. Flash is the original speedster in the world of comic books and marvel clearly copied the concept.

4. Ant Man (1962) and The Atom (1961)

antman & the atom

Both Atom and Ant man gained the ability to manipulate their size from normal to gigantic or microscopic. Amazingly, both are doctors and are regarded as scientific geniuses in their respective universes. DC’s atom takes the cake as the original character arriving one year before the Marvel’s ant man.

3. Deadpool (1991) and Deathstoke (1980)

deadpool & deathstroke

Both are villains or we can say Anti-heroes. DC’s deathstroke the terminater arrived first in 1980 as a soldier in jacket with swords and guns. When deadpool came along 11 years later he equipped with so many similarities with deathstoke that writers decided to acknowledged that fact and make him a sort of parody. Both are experimented on by the army which gave them extraordinary abilities such as healing. Both use guns and explosives but prefer to use their dual blades. If this is not enough then deathstroke is called Slade Wilson while deadpool is called Wade Wilson.

2. Wolverine (1974) and Timber wolf (1964)

Marvel's Characters Inspired From DC

Timber wolf and wolverine gained abilities by the result of an experiment on them and share almost identical power sets. Both have superhuman reflexes, strength and senses including smell and ability to heal. Only one thing that differentiate them from each other that Timber wolf has claws while wolverine has blades instead.

1. The hulk (1962) and Solomon Grundy (1944)

Marvel's Characters Inspired From DC

The hulk is undoubtedly one of the most liked character in marvel comic universe. He is virtually indestructible, has a rage that can’t be stopped by any force of nature and Uncontrollable aggression all things combined makes him hulk that is more of an animal than human.

Bruce banner struggle to retain his true identity that is lost because of his another juggernaut personality. well, DC’s Solomon Grundy is exactly the same and appeared 18 years before the Marvel’s hulk.