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  • Creepiest Websites You'll Ever Come Across

    10 Creepiest Websites You’ll Ever Come Across

    The internet is a vast place. One who has access to the internet can easily built a community of people sharing similar interests. And you can be sure some people have really really weird interests. The 10 following websites were built out of such insane human interest and they are totally intriguing. Check out the […] More

  • Highest Paid Models 2017

    Top 15 Highest Paid Models in The World

    Modelling is a tough industry that keeps the people involved on their toes. But it can be highly rewarding too. If one is able to grab enough exposure and a few great deals, the industry will make you super rich. There are even rags to riches stories in this industry. Here, take a look at […] More

  • 10 Most Influential Teens of 2016

    10 Most Influential Teens of 2017

    Sometimes parents have eh tendency of not taking their teen kids seriously because they haven’t grown up yet. A teen’s life is as important as the life of any adult. And today we are going to look into 10 most influential teens of 2016: 10. Shawn Mendes, 17 Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is a Canadian singer who […] More

  • Famous People Whose Parents Were Murdered

    10 Famous People Whose Parents Were Murdered

    We generally have an idea of celebrities and other famous rich people living perfect lives. But just like any other human being their lives too are shrouded with all kinds of grieves. Today we are going to present a list of 10 famous people whose parents were murdered. You may also like to know ‘celebs who […] More

  • Most Badass Women on Television

    10 Most Badass Women on Television Right Now

    These days tons of television shows are being made. Many of them are pretty good. So with a sea of shows available which ones would you see first? If you are into watching shows with most badass women, this is the list for you. Check out the 10 current most badass women on television: 10 […] More

  • 10 Most Recognisable Dresses

    10 Most Recognisable Dresses of All Time

    Dressing up properly can change the way the world perceives you. Dresses are meant to be an extension of our personalities. It has an impact on the perceiver that can change the very course of your life, for instance take Elizabeth Hurley at number 3. Anyway, check out the 10 most recognisable dresses of all […] More

  • Greatest DC Comic Villains

    10 Greatest DC Comic Villains

    Since 1934, DC Comics has been producing great comics with incredible superheroes who are pitted against some of the toughest villains. Here we are going to list down the 10 greatest DC comic villains: 10. Great Evil Beast At number 10 position in the 10 greatest DC comic villains lies the Great Evil Beast. Also […] More

  • Greatest Mystery Writers

    10 Greatest Mystery Writers

    Nothing is more satisfying than curling by the fire with a mystery novel in hand. Mystery is one of the most popular genres of stories. A mystery explores the dark lives and unexplained secrets of the world. Something that makes the genre so irritable. So here are 10 greatest mystery writers: 10 Greatest Mystery Writers […] More

  • Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time

    Wrestling is perhaps the oldest form of combat. Cave paintings found in France made 15 thousand years ago has depicted people wrestling for sport. During the Middle Ages wrestling was one of the most popular sports in Japan and France and wrestlers had patronage from Royal families. Today although wrestling has changed from how it […] More

  • Greatest Marvel Comic Villains

    10 Greatest Marvel Comic Villains

    Marvel Comics have been churning out heroes and villains since it was first founded in 1939. It has got countless numbers of notable heroes who are time and again pitted against powerful villains who try to destroy the world. Here we are going to discuss 10 greatest marvel comic villains: 10. Ultron In number 10 […] More

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