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  • Top 10 Bizarre Sports

    Top 10 Most Bizarre Sports That Actually Exist

    The wonderful world of sports is mostly limited to the best known, watched or played ones. But taking a closer look at some of the lesser known, yet true, sports of the world will either leave you saying, “Unbelievable” or “I don’t believe it”. The sports mentioned here are some of the unusual, weirdest, and […] More

  • 10 Bizarre Alcoholic Drinks

    10 Bizarre Alcoholic Drinks With Terrifying Implications

    Alcohol has been our faithful companion since 10.000 B.C. Because humanity has always been a bunch of drunk people trying to find meaning to life. The Egyptians had 17 types of beer and 24 varieties of wine; Pretty much what I consume on weekends. So, alcohol has been part of many great cultures and, today, […] More

  • Niagara Falls comes to a halt AGAIN

    10 Mind Blowing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

    It is said there is nothing new under the sun and you might also argue what you don’t know will never kill you but still little knowledge is dangerous and might do more harm than good. There is so much we don’t know about this world, but here is a list of 10 mind blowing […] More

  • Guy the Gorilla

    Top 10 Strangest Things Ever Preserved in a Museum

    Museums are a way for people to conserve and protect national treasures, artifacts and other objects and showcase them to the world. People and tourists from around the world visit museums and exhibitions for entertaining and educational purposes. The following is a list of top 10 strangest things ever preserved in a museum. #10. The […] More

  • Most Insane Things Happening Right Now

    10 Most Insane Things Happening Right Now

    You can’t be expected to keep up with every headline that is happening and still maintain your sanity. Sex and crime are the two most newsworthy elements and they are also the ones that make you most sick. We have taken upon ourselves to provide you with a summary of what is happening around the […] More

  • Winston Kemp

    10 People who were struck by lightning and survived

    Somewhere in the foldings of the clouds, lightening is forming. There are about 40 to 50 lightning strikes around the world every second making the annual hitting over 1 billion times. Every 1 in 12,000 people is likely to get struck by lightning and out of the 500 people who do, 90% survive. There are […] More

  • Elderly Man's Dentures Deflect Bullet

    10 Unexpected Objects that Actually Saved a Life

    Have you ever seen a movie where an everyday item spared somebody from death? We mostly assume that this incident only happened according to the movie’s plot and nearly impossible to happen in real life. But some people really beat the odds at Grim Reaper’s death game and survived deadly situations with the help of […] More

  • Children Who Were Raised By Animals

    Feral Children – 10 Kids Who Were Raised By Animals

    The idea of kids being raised by animals sounds like something that might just happen in fictional stories like The Jungle Book or Tarzan, but did you know that Feral children or kids actually raised by animals do exist in real life. Here are some astonishing stories of the children who were left or lost […] More

  • Story of Resurrection Mary

    Top 10 Bone-Chilling Female Ghost Stories

    Ghosts are known to be seen in places that were once important to them in life. Ghosts might be responsible for many strange occurrences in our lives. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, ghost stories can send shivers down your spine. In this list, we bring you top 10 bone chilling female ghost […] More

  • Tallest paperclip sculpture

    10 Huge Sculptures Made From Unusual Base Material

    Art knows no boundaries. Time after time, artists have shown how a single form of art can be performed in a variety of ways. All it takes is a creative mind, a distinct imagination and the endurance to follow one’s passion. In this section we will see how modern day artists gave a twist to […] More

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