Top 10 Examples of The Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect is a term wherein a group of people or a certain population all have the same memories of a certain phenomenon like events, names and details but differs from the real thing. It’s an interesting theory that some of the paranormal experts tend to mixed with parallel universe and the likes.

While some studies shows that the Mandela Effect is just based on the Psychological Effect called Confabulation. Wherein it’s defined as production of fabricated or misinterpreted memories about the world or oneself without noticing that it isn’t really real. Some can say that the Mandela Effect is just a false memory of an individual.

There was even a test about the Mandela Effect showing that some of the people think that the Mandela Effect is just a product of bad memory. But, it’s too early to say if it’s just bad memory. Because a lot of people have experienced it, for now let’s enjoy reading about the famous Mandela effects currently happening in the world. This list showcases the 10 of the many Mandela Effect’s that has happened throughout the years.

Top 10 Examples of The Mandela Effect

10. The Berenstain Bears

The Berenstain Bears

Yes, you read that title right! It’s called Berenstain with –ain, instead of the usual –ein we know today based on the figment of our memories. Most people remember this good ol’ cartoon title as Berenstein. But infact, it was and still is Berenstain with the –ain in the end.

Although some have provided proof that it was called Berenstein in the past. Where it shows the VHS tape wherein it was spelled Berenstein on the side of the tape. But in the front it shows Berenstain.

That proof was nothing but a certain typographical error based on the interview with the Son of The Series Creator. In the interview, the son of the series creator said that at some point, it was changed to berenstein by Dr. Seuss, Ted Geisel.

Although Berenstein sounds a lot more fitting, the creator still prefers to call it Berenstain because that’s their family name.

9. Kellogg’s Froot Loops

Kellogg’s Froot Loops

Again, you read it right, it’s spelled Froot with the double O’s, not Fruit. It was spelled that way according to Kellogg’s because of the 4 different colored loops in the cereal. So the name was made to showcase the 4 colored loops by putting it as the O’s in the Froot and Loops. Based on Kellogg’s description, it was four colored loops that provide different flavor for each color, even though they all tastes the same.

Although most of the people tend to remember it as Fruit Loops. In reality, it was spelled Froot from way before til the present day.

8. The Phrase “Luke, I am your father”

The phrase “Luke, I am your father” came from a movie franchise we all know and loved, Star Wars. Although we remember it as Darth Vader saying his child’s name before revealing the true identity of his father. In reality, Darth Vader said “No, I am your father”. Yeah, I was surprised as well considering how I really love Star Wars. Yet I can’t even remember the most famous line of the movie correctly.

7. KitKat

KitKat Mandela Effects

Have you ever took a break, and ate a KitKat. Then wondered when did they remove the Dash in between the Kit and the Kat? Turns out, there wasn’t any dash in between the syllables to begin with. It was just KitKat from the very beginning.

It’s just our mind remembering stuffs again based on the figment of our memories. Which turns out to be a product of Mandela Effect.

6. Looney Tunes

As a child, one would be playing outside then comes home to watch some of their favorite cartoons, like the Looney Toons Show. Oh wait! It’s called Looney Tunes! When did that happen? Apparently, it was called Looney Tunes since the show began. A good reason for the false memories is that as a child, the sound of Tunes sounds a lot like Toons. Thus giving the young audience an impression of it being the latter.

5. Monopoly Man having a monocle

Monopoly Man having a monocle

Back in the days! Playing the Monopoly game with friends, we’re quite sure we see Rich Uncle Pennybags wearing a monocle. But based on the image of Uncle Pennybags in the front of the monopoly game box, he didn’t have a monocle at all. Perhaps our mind was confusing uncle pennybag to the peanut man in the Planter’s signage? Or just another result of the Mandela Effect in our memories.

4. Pikachu doesn’t have a black tip tail

Pikachu doesn’t have a black tip tail

We remember Pikachu having a black mark on the tip of its tail. But the images and games about Pikachu shows that its tail is just brown and yellow. How can most of the Pokemon fanatics remember Pikachu having a black mark on its tail? Although all the sources prove otherwise?

The old generation games, namely Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow shows Pikachu without having any black marks on the tip of its tail. But due to the technology present during the time the game was made, the graphics wasn’t really refined to the way it is now.

So the players thought of Pikachu having a black mark on the tip of its tail. It is just a client sided glitch. Wherein we thought that the black mark was a feature of Pikachu’s tail. While in reality it’s just a glitch because of the technology engine used in creating the graphics of the game.

3. The show is called Sex and the City

The show is called Sex and the City

Most of the people remembers this movie as Sex in the City. Although the posters and advertisement shows Sex and the City. Although many people insisted it was “in” at some point. Even posted old photos that shows “in” instead of “and”. the truth is, it was Sex and the City from the very beginning. So the old photos that was posted were just supporting false memories.

2. The universal Blood type is O

The universal Blood type is O

Many of us thought that when we have the blood type O, we can donate to any person that needed it. But thanks to the Mandela Effect, it looks like our memories isn’t really remembering the real deal. The studies today shows that Blood type O negative is the universal blood type. But, the blood type O positive isn’t universal. So better double check our blood type again before we donate. Or else we will be the cause of another’s demise.

1. Nelson Mandela’s Death

Mandela Effects

Here’s where it all started, Nelson Mandela’s death gave birth to the Mandela Effect, thus the name. A lot of people remember Nelson Mandela’s death during the early 80’s. Most of the people remember it quite clearly, the funeral snippets on TV, an Oprah episode about his death and etc.

But was shocked when Nelson Mandela was elected as the president of South Africa. Nelson Mandela’s real death was on December 5, 2013. Although the fabricated memories of the people remembering Nelson Mandela’s death during his time in prison. Have no proof! It’s still a mystery where did they get those memories and why do they remember it very clearly. It’s too early to say that they made it all up since a lot of people remember the events very clearly.

Author – Kurt Rivas