Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes

We have all heard about big names in the comics world such as spider-man, Superman and Batman. But there exists lesser known super heroes that not everyone have heard of them. Even though they’re as powerful and as important as any popular superhero, they do not get enough credit. In this list we bring you the Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes.

10. DarkHawk

Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes
Chris Powell was a normal teenager until he stumbled upon the darkhawk amulet in an abondoned amusement park. Using the darkhawk amulet, he could transfer his consciousness into a shadowy figure named Darkhawk. Also, he has worked alongside other heroes like Spider-Man and Iron Man.

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9. Booster Gold

Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes
Another lesser known fictional superhero is Booster Gold who first appeared in 1986. He is a time traveller superhero. Booster Gold uses technology that he stole from 25th century to fight crime. He was born to a man who was addicted to gambling who left the family in a huge gambling debt.
His mother fell ill from a debilitating disease and Booster Gold had to act to save her. He started gambling in order to earn money for the treatment for his mother, but after his mother was cured, he was thrown in jail for gambling.

He worked as a security officer for the Metropolis Space Museum after he was set free from jail. On his first mission, he saved the President of The United States.

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8. Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers Lesser Known Superheroes
Carol Danvers first appeared as a memeber of the United States Air Foce. She was born to a father who believed in the merits of hard work. However, her father only sent her brother to college as he could not afford sending her aswell despite her superiors grades.

She turned her back on her father and joined the Air Force. She rose to the top of her class. Many missions were accomplished by her alongside Wolverine, Black Widow and Colonel Nick Fury. She was also invited to join The Avengers. In addition, Carol Danvers has a superhuman strength. Also, he is able to absorb many types of energy to increase her physical strength.

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7. Cloak

Cloak Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes
Cloak is a fictional book superhero who first appeared in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spiderman in 1982. Born in a poor neighberhood, Tyrone Johnson struggled from a chronic stutter but always had the support from his best friend, Billy. One night, while the best friends were walking, they witnessed a robbery of a store and the mudering of the store’s clerk. The murderers ran away from the scene, and Tyrone and Billy decided to run away as well fearing that they might be wrongly held as suspects.

Billy was ordered to stop by a policeman. Tyrone attempted to defend and proclaim Billy’s innocence but due to his stutter, he was unable to do so. Billy was shot and killed, which made Tyrone feel responsible for his best friend’s death. He ran away to New York, and met Tandy Bowen. They soon became best friends. They both were forced to go to Simon Marshall, who’s a criminal chemist. Marshall tested a new synthetic heroin on them, and Tyrone found himself surrounded by darkness. He hid his shadowy appearance in a cloak, and declared war on drug crimes.

6. Dagger

Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes
Tany Bowen was a neglected 16 years old who ran away to New York City. She met Tyrone Johnson, who was another runaway at the time. They were offered shelter by Marshall who later forced them to test a new synethetic drug, which awakened super power in both of them. Tandy gained the ability to project light in the form of energy daggers. She used her power to protect the city from evil men like Marshall alongside Cloak.

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5. Aquaman

Aquaman Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes
Aquaman is the ruler of Atlantis who has the command of all sea life. He appeared firstly in More Fun comics in 1941. He was a founding member of Justice League of America. Known as Orin and Arthur Curry, Aquaman has several superhero abilities such as super strength, super speed and telepathy. At a young age, he started to manifest super strength and the ability to talk to fish.

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4. Sentry

Sentry Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes
Robert Reynolds, also known as Sentry, was a meth addict who broke into a laboratory of Professor Cornelius. He found a glowing serum, which he decided to consume. It gave him the power of a million exploding suns.

He debuted to the world after the laboratory could not contain him nor curb his desire to use his power for the greater good. When he fought the billy who had tormented him, he made his debut as a superhero. Also, he was one of the few superheroes before the appearance of Fantastic Four.

3. She Hulk

She Hulk Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes
Jennifer Walters, cousin of Bruce Banner (The Hulk), was a lawyer. She was shot and seriously injured and was in need of a blood transfusion. As no other blood donors were available, she received blood transfusion from her cousin, The Hulk. The radioactive blood caused a mutation and she transformed in the She Hulk. In addition, she joined the Avengers and had similar powers of her cousins.

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2. Moon Knight

Moon Knight Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes
Marc Spector was a heavyweight boxer who joined the CIA. After being fed up with the CIA, he decided to become mercenary and spent many years as a hired gun. During a mission in Sudan, he discovered an Egyptian Pharaoh tomb.

After he was defeated in an attack against Bushman, a terrorist, he was left to die. He dragged himself to the discovered tomb and he was placed at the foot of a statue of the moon God Khonshu where he was pronounced dead. He suddenly rose to live and believed that he was resorted by Khonshu to serve as the moon’s knight of vengeance. Also, he vowed to fight against crimes in Khonshu’s name.

1. Black Cat

Felicia Hardy Top 10 Lesser Known Superheroes

Felicia Hardy grew up idolizing her father and was a daddy’s little girl. When her mother informed her that he had died in a plane crash, when in reality he was incarcerated for his crimes. After several tragic events, she decided to follow his footsteps and became a burgular.

She met Spider-Man, and after flirtations attempts, she fell in love with him and vowed to stop her criminal activities. While Spiderman was away, she made a deal with the kingpin in order to gain superpowers, but she was jinxing spider man by just being close. She went to doctor Strange to remove her jinx and was given cat like abilities.

She joined forced with the group ‘Heroes for Hire’ to apprehend villains without the needs of bloodshed.

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